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Thread: Comparative College Essay. This is Water and Year of You

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    Comparative College Essay. This is Water and Year of You

    This is an essay I was required to publish somewhere for English

    This is Water and Year of You Comparison
    This is Water and Year of You are two videos that both address the way that the individual perceives themselves or life. The Year of You aims to draw the attention of viewers in by having them take a step back and look at their life in a way that displays the accomplishments of the past year. This is Water has a different more complex purpose of trying to teach people something that took me years to understand. This is Water aims to display the egotistical way of thinking that humankind tends to have and attempts to show another perspective, it tries to show just how much is going on around us and how everyone has their own battle with the mundane going on inside their own mind and just how little we really know.
    Im going to start by trying to show the similarities of both videos. Both videos appeal to the pathos rhetoric tool. Both videos utilize the idea of the self, the you. The Year of You talks about, you, it broadly flaunts general accomplishments as a way to make the viewer feel good about themselves. This is Water tries to take the selfish way of thinking that centers around the idea of you, and shows the perspectives of us, or them. This as well as the narration and theme of the self, is one of the only real similarities that these two videos share. The audio and visuals of the video themselves stripped of their messages, are very similar. They both have light imaging that contains people doing mundane things, and minimalistic simple audio consisting of mostly a piano.
    Despite similarities on the surface, the message of both videos are almost opposing. The Year of You has its audience look inwards in a positive manner that makes them feel accomplished and good about themselves. However, This is Water has more of a self help feel. Its purpose is for people to realize that the automatic instinctual way of thinking is unhealthy and selfish. It aims to show people that everyone around us has the similar problem of dealing with the mundane and to assume anything about them is just wrong. Year of You is basic it only serves to make us feel good about ourselves so that advertising for Turbotax has a positive feel. This is Water tries to teach us that we all make the decision to see things in a certain way. A quote Im going to use here is meant for a much deeper meaning but can be used here, I Think Therefore I Am Descartes, a French philosopher said this and it can be used to show that if we see things in a more optimistic way we will be happier. This is what David Wallace, author of This is Water discusses in his speech, if we perceive the things around us in a mundane boring way were gonna feel that way but if we take the mundane the boring and look at it in a different way, it can put hope, wonder, and magic into our everyday life.

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    Lightbulb Nice post

    As an essay writer I would admire that this is a good post related to writing. Thanks for sharing.

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