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Thread: Statement of a Zenius Employee(Pt1, Addams vs Zenius)

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    Statement of a Zenius Employee(Pt1, Addams vs Zenius)

    This is written by me and I hope you all like it, here we go(also in rough draft form):

    Statement of a Zenius Employee Part 1
    By: Athena-The-Real

    It all started as a job, just to support myself. I was a scientist for the Zenius operation. I was never sure why we gave harm against the demi-humans or the shape shifters, it was just my job. I was employed on 10/8/1789. We worked a small location near the east bay of Spain. Anyway, there were only three times working there that I can honestly say stood above the rest: The day they enhanced my lifespan, the day Pollés came to life and escaped, and the day that my co-worker and best friend Edward went into insanity and went missing. But for this statement I'd like to only focus on Pollés. We had over five hundred prisoners from around Europe and at least a hundred and fifty from the tribes of Africa at our disposal, treated and tested on like our own lab rats. But only a few shape shifters were recoverable from the bloodbath that was the British invasion of the Nepřátelskémúzemí; the only ones we could recovery were already dead or barely usable.

    We had dissected all but one of them to better understand the world they lived in and give the military a sense on how to destroy them. In our minds at the time we were good. But we made a mistake of nature. We rounded up the actual humans we had into chambers and cages; attached them to wires by their spines and into they skulls. Then we got the last shape shifters body and attached it to the receiving end. At the order of the chairmen, we began the experiment. The screams of pain that the men, the actual humans I mean, have me a sensation of abnormality that I still remember and feel today. The body was given both the electrical charge of the machine to begin it's heart and the consciousness of those men. It broke into seizures everyday and eventually we thought it a lost cause and tried to put it down, but at that point it was able to kill everyone in the room and escape, I watched the event take place from behind shock resistant glass alongside my subordinates. And I've never felt greater fear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Claire Bryant View Post
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    This isn't an essay lol

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