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Thread: My Grandad.

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    My Grandad.

    Ive been lurking for a bit and the main thing that strikes me is how short the short stories are. I suppose upon reflection that most of my short ones are a little long and most of my long ones a little short. But anyway, by way of introduction, possibly my shortest story -

    This is a tale my dad related to me, I cant vouch for its veracity as everyone involved is now dead, but I knew my granddad and it certainly sounds like him.

    One day my Dad and Granddad were sitting in the British Legion playing dominos. It was a quiet evening and they were pretty much all alone until one of the regulars walked in. Granddad did not like this guy. But Granddad's Granddad so rather than ignore him he nodded politely at the gentleman and carried on playing dominos. This man then sat down with them and at this point they noticed he looked miserable, but as Granddad later pointed out to Dad this was not unusual and in fact was the reason Granddad normally avoided him.

    As he sat there he began sighing theatrically and looking even more miserable but Granddad resisted the temptation to ask why and instead invited him into the game. This did not cheer him up and he continued to sigh and grunt and generally act like someone with a weight on their mind that they wanted to lighten. Granddad was having none of it so instead he sent dad to the bar to get a round in and bought him a pint.

    So now he had company, he had a game to play And he had a pint. But still he laid on the misery with a spoon until eventually Granddad could take no more.

    ‘Ok then, whats the problem?’ This brought on yet more sighing and a mournful tale.

    ‘I just got back from the doctors and hes given me six months to live.’ Granddad considered this for a moment.

    ‘Well don’t worry’ he said ‘Ittl soon pass’

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    Funny. My grandad was a wisecracker himself but not so morbid. Pretty short.

    "I will get right on that soon as I am the emporer of the solar system."

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