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    hello. In reply to your question about Catherine, i think she could be admired for her independence and confidence, something which was lacking in most women in the 19th century. <br> She is quite ruthless and knows exactly what she wants and will use those around her to get it. This is not to be admired as she takes advantage of those who are weaker then she is. <br> She could also be admired because she has a social intelligence that could be considered rare in someone who lives in a very small community. <br> I don't believe she is cruel because she seems mostly unaware of how her actions negatively affect others. She is quite simply a powerful woman who is so used to getting her way that when things don't go to plan she goes to pieces. <br> This is just my personal opinion anyway, i had to give it because Catherine is one of my favourite characters in any book.

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    I had to read this for school and im writing an essay on it right now and i have to base it one the question "is there anything to admire in catherines character, considering the ways in which she treats people around her?" i simply wondered what other peoples views/answers on this subject are? im sorted for how she treats heathcliff, but i dont really know if she should be admired for the way in which she treats edgar and the people around her as a child and what excuses she gives for treating them like this? i enjoyed reading the book but doing essays and analysing fine pieces of work like this takes all the enjoyment out of it!!

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