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    The VampWolf of DxB

    Once upon a time, there was a wonderful couple who lives in an admirable city, a city of one of the best and famous countries in the world, which is Dubai. The couple were so happy living and sharing their moments and happiness together. However, one day they decided to have a baby. It was a good idea to have a lovely baby to get responsible of and to share their happy memories together. So, after two months the mother got pregnant. She was so happy and enthusiast waiting for her first baby. Also, the father was glad and excited waiting for his first baby, and he couldn't believe that he's finally going to be a father of a child. On 12th of August 1995, the mother delivered an amazing and beautiful baby boy. The mother and the father were so excited and happy, but the doctors felt something weird toward the baby. The baby's heartbeat was so fast, his blood pressure was high, and his way of movement was unnatural, but whenever the mother fed him some milk or hugged him everything turns normal. The doctors were wondering if that was a normal thing or not, because there were no symptoms showed that the baby had a disease or illness. Therefore, they decided to ignore the thing, but they warned the parents if something dangerous happened or if they noticed something then they must bring the baby back to the hospital. The parents went back home and all the family was happy and excited about the baby, and they were looking for a name to name their child. So, the father decided to name his child Adnan.

    Furthermore, as Adnan was growing up, his power and abilities were growing and increasing too. Adnan's parents were surprised and amazed at his strange abilities. They felt something weird and unnatural toward their child development, but they didn't notice anything bad toward his health. Therefore, they were accustomed to his cleverness, movements, and abilities. They knew that their child was acting differently from others, but they were proud of him because they thought that he was unique. Moreover, when Adnan became twenty years old everything became clear and noticeable. The parents noticed that their son was acting very strangely and he was eccentric, but they didn't realize that their son was acting like a wolf. Adnan's temperature was usually higher than the normal humans. He was allergic to silver in a very horrible way. He possessed very powerful senses than others, especially in smelling. He was supernaturally strong and fast; therefore, he liked to release his power through exercising in the gym and being a bodybuilder, so no one can reveal his secret. In addition to that, Adnan had the ability to be healed abnormally quick, whenever he got injured by someone or something the injury would totally disappear. Also, he becomes agitated sometimes when the full moon approaches, but he knew how to control it. However, the big secret about Adnan that no one knew about even his parent that he was a werewolf.

    One day in the morning, Adnan was going to the college as his usual routine. It was the last day of the course, and he had a final exam. As he was driving to the college he remembered that it was his girlfriend's Birthday. So, he decided to call her and congratulate her. He called her more than one time, but unfortunately, she didn't answer him back. Adnan definitely felt that something had happened to her, his heartbeat started to get faster. He was so worried, therefore, he decided to change his way to her home. When he finally reached her home, he leaped seeking to her room window. He found her laying on the bed and her body was shaking a lot. Adnan quickly jumped into her room. He was listening to her heart beats, and putting his hand on her forehead checking her temperature, but suddenly Reem opened her eyes. At first, she felt scared, but when Adnan kissed her cheek and wished her a happy birthday she felt safe and comfortable.

    -Reem: "How you knew about my sickness?, How you entered my room?, Why you are not in college?!".

    As usual, he didn't answer her, he was just meditating into her eyes and holding her hand.

    -Adnan: "Let me take you to the hospital Reem, you are not feeling well".
    -Reem: "Don't worry about me Adnan, just go to your college and do the exam".
    -Adnan: "Am not crazy to leave you like that Reem!".
    -Reem: "I said don't worry Adnan, how many times I have to repeat that, am fine, just go to the college now".
    -Adnan: "Ok, if that what you want, but please call me when you are not feeling well".
    -Reem: "Ok, but use the door instead of the window next time, because my parents are not here, they traveled to Italy".
    -Adnan kissed her hand: "Ok babe, see you later, and love you".
    -Reem: "Love you too".

    In addition, Reem was looking at him while he was getting out from her room and she was disappointed because she felt that Adnan was hiding a secret behind her back. She knew that Adnan was different from others in many things such as his personality, style, movements, cleverness, and abilities. Also, she felt that he was weird sometimes, but she got used to all of that and tried to endure it because she loved him. Furthermore, Adnan reached the college and did the exam, but unluckily he felt that something was going to happen. He never felt that horrible feeling before, and it was the first time since he was born. While Adnan was going to the college parking he found his friend Ahmed incidentally.

    -Ahmed: "Hey bro, how are you doing?".
    -Adnan laughed: "Long time I didn't see you, n***a, am fine, what about you ****wit?".
    -Ahmed: "shut your dick hole".
    -Adnan laughed: "Just kidding".
    -Ahmed: "Are you coming tonight?".
    -Adnan: "Where?!".
    -Ahmed: "To the party, we're going to have fun believe me".
    -Adnan: "I don't think so, sorry my friend".
    -Ahmed: "Don't tell me that you are dating someone!".
    -Adnan smiled: "Love you when you read my mind bro".
    -Ahmed punched him: "F**k you, and have fun".

    Moreover, every full moon night Adnan was used to staying home alone, not because he had no control, he was born as a true alpha, but that was his style.

    Adnan had decided to stay the whole night with Reem. It was the first time that Adnan will spend his time out of the house while it was full moon night. However, on the full moon night, Adnan was preparing himself to go to Reem's house. He decided to take her to the JBR. He thought it was a good idea to celebrate her birthday in that place, because Reem loved that place so much, and it was the best place to change the atmosphere. He knew that she was sick, so he thought it was going to be a fantastic idea to let her feel better. When Adnan arrived at Reem's house, he called her to tell her to get ready, but unfortunately, she didn't answer him back again. So, he went running inside the house searching for her, regrettably, he didn't found her. Although he found a letter written by Reem's blood, he could smell it very well. Moreover, Adnan knew it was a threatening letter, therefore, he started to get out of his temper. He went so fastly searching for her by using his supernatural sensation. When he had reached the place, he found himself in the middle of Palm Jumeirah, near to Oceana Hotel. He was wondering what Reem was doing in that place, he was so confused.

    On the other hand, Adnan had got agitated, he didn't know what to do exactly. Suddenly, he saw a beautiful girl walking across the street. He felt a strange feeling towards her, she was like an angel coming from the sky. When he saw her he started continuously thinking about her rather than thinking about Reem.

    -Adnan ran towards the girl: "Excuse me, can I talk to you for a sec.".
    -Allison smiled: "Sure, why not".
    -Adnan: "Can you tell me your name please?".
    -Allison: "Do you think it's a good time to talk about this while your girlfriend is missing?!".
    -Adnan got shocked: "How did you know that?!".
    -Allison: "Long story my friend, there is a huge problem and we need to solve it".
    -Adnan: "What do you mean by WE!!, and what huge problem you're talking about?".
    -Allison: "We need to go now, there is no time to answer these questions".
    -Adnan: "My girlfriend is near this place, I will go searching for her".
    -Allison: "Are you crazy?!, you can't go there alone they will easily kill you".
    -Adnan got confused: "What the hell are you talking about?!, how do you know about all of that?!".
    -Allison: "Get into your car and follow me, so I can tell you about everything".
    -Adnan: "What about my girlfriend?".
    -Allison shouted: "Just follow me now you dummy before they find us".
    -Adnan: "At least tell me your name".
    -Allison: "Allison Arturo".

    Adnan had followed Allison to the place that she was heading to, but he was wondering about Allison and how she knew about everything.

    -Adnan: "Is that your house?!, do you live in Dubai or you just traveled here?".
    -Allison: "None of your business, let us think about the problem now".
    -Adnan: "Why you are so mean to me, you didn't even ask me about my name".
    -Allison laughed: "Cause I know everything about you, but you don't know anything about me, Adnan".
    -Adnan got shocked: "Youíre so weird, how do you know everything about me?!, are you spying on me or what?!".
    -Allison laughed: "You can call me spy girl if you want, but can we get into the topic now".
    -Adnan had got closer to her face: "I can easily read your heart beats, so tell me the truth, who are you and what you want from me?!".
    -Allison smiled and pushed him back: "You look so cute when you get angry, but if you can read my heart beats I can easily read your crazy mind".
    -Adnan felt nervous: "Then tell me who you are?!, because I feel like am in a middle of a maze".
    -Allison: "Do not hurry, let me tell you everything from the beginning".
    -Adnan: "Am listening carefully to you weirdo".
    -Allison laughed: "Am not weird, let me introduce you to myself first, my name is
    Allison Arturo, am 19 years old, I was born in Italy, but am half Italian and half American. My mom and dad got divorced when I was young. So, I used to live with my mom in America, but when I finished high school I decided to study at The University of Milan in Italy. When my mom and dad got divorced, my dad decided to live here in Dubai, this is his house and that's my room. Although I used to come here every summer vacation".
    -Adnan: "Then where is your dad now?!".
    -Allison: "My dad is a general surgeon, he is in the hospital now".
    -Adnan: "What about you?!".
    -Allison: "ME?!".
    -Adnan: "Ya you weirdo, who spy's on people".
    -Allison: "Stop calling me weirdo you cretino".
    -Adnan laughed: "Is that a bad word in Italian or what?!".
    -Allison got mad: "Stop laughing".
    -Adnan got closer to her body and his head was near her head: "You also look hot when you get angry".

    Adnan started kissing her lips deeply, and he worked at releasing her shirt. In addition to that, he slowly moved further down her body, his tongue and hands tracing a path down her stomach, he can feel that Allison was feeling comfortable and she was fine with what he was doing with her. When he reached her pants he slowly began to unfasten the buttons of her jeans, she felt him stop and she knew that he was looking up at her, awaiting permission to continue, but she stopped him.

    -Allison felt nervous: "Sorry, but I can't get closer to you more than that".
    -Adnan: "No, don't worry, I have to say sorry for all of that, but I totally felt crazy and lusted when I saw you getting mad at me".
    -Allison: "You must not betray your girlfriend and do all of that behind her back Adnan".
    -Adnan: "What if I tell you that my heart is getting closer to you now".
    -Allison laughed: "I don't think you would like having sex with a vampire one day".
    -Adnan: "A vampire!!".
    -Allison: "Sorry for not telling you that from the beginning, but yes, am a vampire".
    -Adnan laughed: "Are you kidding me?!, there is no such a thing called a vampire".
    -Allison laughed loudly: "What about werewolves, is that not real too?!".
    -Adnan got shocked: "You also knew about that?!!".
    -Allison: "Yes, I know everything about you, because you're the only person who born as a werewolf in this whole life, and no one knows about that except me".
    -Adnan: "Can you tell me how?!".
    -Allison: "I was doing a research about existence of werewolves in life, and reading a lot of myths related to the same subject for my high school project, it was hard for me and for anyone to believe that, and all of my school teachers rejected my research, they thought it's just a waste of time, but I was hoping that what I was searching for is true and I didn't lose hope, am a vampire, therefore, I thought if vampires exist then there is a chance that werewolves exist too".
    -Adnan: "But how did you find me?!".
    -Allison: "When I was 16 years old, I was begging my mom to see my dad, and she finally agreed. We traveled here for one week, and during the week my mom decided to take me to Dubai Mall. There I found you skating with your friends, and using my sensation, I knew you were different from others, so from that day I started observing and watching you every time when I come here, I couldn't believe that my research would finally come true".
    -Adnan: "Why did you chose werewolves to be the topic of your research?!".
    -Allison laughed: "I know it's funny to say that, but I was reading a lot of myths and stories related to fantasy when I was young especially about werewolves, I was addicted to it. When I was reading these myths I felt like I was living inside it".
    -Adnan laughed loudly: "WTF!!, don't get angry when I say that, but you're totally weirdo".
    -Allison got mad: "Don't let me suck out your blood".
    -Adnan laughed: "Wow, the hot vampire will bite my neck, what a romantic and sexy feeling".
    -Allison: "Shut up".
    -Adnan: "Sorry, it's really something weird, but you didn't tell me your story about being a vampire".
    -Allison: "I will tell you later, let me tell you the main story first".
    -Adnan: "No, tell me everything now please, I want to get out from the maze".
    -Allison: "Unfortunately, vampires are everywhere not like you, you're the only werewolf, and the only person I think will help me to solve the problem. I was born to be a vampire".
    -Adnan: "And what does that mean?!".
    -Allison laughed: "My family is vampires, and my dad was the leader of the pack".
    -Adnan got confused: "But you told me that your father is a general surgeon!!".
    -Allison: "Ya he is, but he still a vampire, but of course no one knows about him. Before my mom and dad got divorced, my mom used to be one of my dad's pack, but one day my mom decided to have her own pack, my dad disagreed because he didn't want her to be in danger, but she totally refused. Therefore, they got divorced. The things that I don't like about my mom is that she's selfish, lofty, and spooky".
    -Adnan: "Then in which pack you are in now?!".
    -Allison laughed: "Am in between, both in my dad's pack and in my momís pack too".
    -Adnan: "Am totally confused".
    -Allison: "Never mind, let me talk about the main part now, about the evil guy who wants to control your country and after that the whole world".
    -Adnan laughed: "I think the fantasy stories that you were reading are affecting your brain Ms. Vampire".
    -Allison: "Oh really!!, then do you know Hamad?!, the ex-boyfriend of Reem?!, do you know him?!".
    -Adnan: "I don't know anything and I don't want to know anything about him, thank you so much".
    -Allison: "You didn't ask Reem why they broke up?! And what was the reason?!".
    -Adnan: "I asked her and she told me there is no reason, he just changed suddenly and started to act so weird and awkward with her".
    -Allison: "You didn't ask yourself why?! Why he changed?!".
    -Adnan got mad: "Why I need to care about that, please change the subject or else I will leave".
    -Allison: "Let me tell you something stupid, if you want to find your girlfriend, then you need to find him also, because he is the crazy guy who want to convert every human in the country to a vampire starting from here, from Dubai, you need to listen to me carefully if you want Reem back and your country to be safe".
    -Adnan: "Why I have to be the one who saves the world, why?!".
    -Allison: "Cause you are the only werewolf here, we need you Adnan, we totally need you, please stop asking questions and try to help us".
    -Adnan: "What you want me to do Allison, believe me am completely confused".
    -Allison: "Don't worry am with you, and I will stay with you until the end of this war".
    -Adnan laughed: "What a great terminology you are using, THE END OF THIS WAR, I felt like am in real world war or something".
    -Allison: "Stop laughing, and let us talk about the plan now".
    -Adnan: "Am listening to you weirdo".
    -Allison: "Don't let me kick your a*s".
    -Adnan: "Ok, what you want me to do".
    -Allison: "You have to make your own pack first".
    -Adnan: "Why I should do that?!".
    -Allison: "Being a true alpha is not enough, you need to have a pack to feel stronger".
    -Adnan: "Am not crazy to change innocent people to werewolves, I don't want them to feel and live the way am living".
    -Allison: "But you have abilities and power that normal human do not have".
    -Adnan: "Even you Allison you have abilities and power, but do you feel comfortable?!, all the people including my family they call me weird and eccentric, also they think sometimes that am crazy or something, they don't know that am controlling my horrible power".
    -Allison: "But youíre doing this to help your country and the innocent people too, I know what you are feeling, but we need your strong power now".
    -Adnan: "I can take the power from you, sweetie".
    -Allison: "From ME?!!".
    -Adnan: "Ya with your magic bite Ms. Vampire".
    -Allison got nervous: "You want my bite?!, but you are a werewolf did you forget that?!".
    -Adnan: "I can be both a werewolf and a vampire".
    -Allison: "But maybe it will not work with you".
    -Adnan: "Why not?!, let us try".

    Allison started to get closer to Adnan, her hand clasped his hand, his eyes started gently to glow like a fire. She sighed and moved more closely to him, she slipped her arm around him, her strong fingers closing around his shoulder. She looked up into his red eyes and quickly she started biting his neck and sucking out his blood until he felt lost, after that she sighed, resting her head against his shoulder. Using her senses she knew he loved her but was his love that of a friend or something more, she didn't know and wasn't sure if she was ready to find out.

    -Allison talked softly while holding Adnan's hand: "Are you ok Adnan?!".
    -Adnan: "I feel like my power is starting to increase abnormally quick, and my heart beats are getting fast".
    -Allison: "Sorry for doing this to you, but are you feeling well?!, do you feel any pain?!".
    -Adnan: "Don't worry I can control it, am totally fine with a lot of energy too, tell me your second plan".
    -Allison: "I need to talk to my dad today, and tomorrow we are going to meet them because my mom is coming from America tonight with her pack too, you can go back to your house, but don't ever try to think of finding your girlfriend alone".
    -Adnan laughed while getting closer to her cheek and tried to kiss her: "Don't worry as long as you are with me".
    -Allison pushed him back: "F**k off stupid werewolf or else I will suck out your whole blood, I can read your mind idiot".
    -Adnan laughed loudly: "Am not a werewolf now, and I can feel that your heart is trying to get closer to me, don't disclaim that".
    -Allison: "Wow, if you're not a werewolf then what?!, and stop bothering me".
    -Adnan: "You can call me VampWolf from now on".
    -Allison laughed: "Vamp for vampire and wolf for a werewolf, together it's a VampWolf, cool and unique expression, I will try to use it".
    -Adnan: "Am going now, I think you know my number too, call me if you want something, see you tomorrow spy girl".
    -Allison laughed: "Goodbye VampWolf".

    Next day on the morning, Allison called Adnan to tell him to be ready for the mission tonight.

    -Adnan: "Are you crazy?!, why you are calling now?!, it's six AM".
    -Allison: "Wake up now you lazy VampWolf, we don't have time, my dad want to talk to you".
    -Adnan yawned: "Am coming, let me sleep for five minutes".
    -Allison shouted: "Just wake up now!!".
    -Adnan: "Ok Ok, Stop shouting".

    When Adnan reached Allison's house, he found red diamonds scattered next to the door. They were very bright and shiny.

    -Allison: "What are you looking at?!".
    -Adnan holding one of the diamonds: "I found these red diamonds next to the door, it looks like they are so expensive".
    -Allison: "Just throw them away and come inside".
    -Adnan: "Why I have to throw them?!, they are too expensive, you can take them or sell them if you want".
    -Allison: "These diamonds can kill us, vampires are allergic to them".
    -Adnan amazed: "Wow, but how?!".
    -Allison: "It can burn our skin and make us blind ".
    -Adnan: "Then what they're doing next to your house door?!".
    -Allison: "I don't know, just come inside now".
    -Adnan went inside the house: "Where is your dad?!".
    -Arturo: "Am here in the living room".
    -Adnan reached the living room: "Hi Dr. Arturo".
    -Arturo: "Nice to meet you, my friend".
    -Adnan: "Nice to meet you too Doctor".
    -Allison: "What about we start now and leave this chat later".
    -Adnan whispered to Allison: "Why you are so hasty?!".
    -Allison: "There is no time dummy".
    -Arturo: "Adnan I think you know very well what we are going to do tonight and why".
    -Adnan: "Ya, Allison told me yesterday".
    -Arturo: "Your girlfriend with her ex-boyfriend now, they are in Burj AL Arab".
    -Adnan: "WTF he wants from her?!".
    -Arturo laughed: "He wants you not her".
    -Adnan got mad: "If he wants me, then why he kidnapped her?!".
    -Arturo: "He knows that you will search for your girlfriend that was his plan to kill you".
    -Adnan: "Why he wants to kill me?!, what I have done to him?!".
    -Allison: "Did you forget that he's in your college too, of course, it will be easy for him to find out that you are a werewolf, therefore, he wants to kill you so no one can stand in his way".
    -Adnan: "He's so f*****g selfish".
    -Arturo: "That's why we need to stop him".
    -Adnan felt agitated: "Whatís the plan?!, I can't wait more".
    -Arturo: "Tonight we will go to Burj AL Arab, I know that they are waiting for us there, we will fight in the helipad, what I want both of you to do is to ...".

    The doctor began to explain everything to Adnan. They planned and prepared for everything. Moreover, Adnan was asking a lot of questions to the doctor, so he can understand all the story and everything can be clear to him.

    -Adnan: "What about your mom Allison?!, she's not coming or what?!".
    -Allison felt sad: "Yesterday she called me, and I don't know what happened to her, suddenly she got angry without a reason, I don't think she's coming".
    -Arturo: "Don't worry sweetie, your dad will not leave you alone".
    -Allison: "But we need her dad, the more we have in our pack, the more we get stronger".
    -Adnan: "Your hero is here so don't worry".
    -Allison laughed: "Wow, lot of confidence!!".
    -Adnan: "Are you underestimating my abilities Ms. Vampire?!".
    -Arturo: "Both of you are heroes, now both of you go and get ready".
    -Adnan: "Am going to the gym now, see you later".
    -Allison laughed: "Warm up before the mission".
    -Adnan: "My game".

    At midnight, Adnan came back to Allison's house. He was so nervous and overstrung because it was the first time for him to get into a serious fight like that. Moreover, they started getting ready, and after that, they went to Burj AL Arab. When they reached there, they directly went to the helipad. Unfortunately, they found Hamad there waiting for them impatiently and Reem was strapped.

    -Hamad laughed loudly: "Oh, the losers finally reached here".
    -Reem shouted: "Adnan just run away, he is trying to kill you, run away now".
    -Hamad pulled Reem's hair: "Shut up b***h, you don't know anything about your f*****g boyfriend".
    -Adnan got mad: "She was your girlfriend, why you are so mean to her".
    -Hamad: "I don't care and I will never care".
    -Adnan: "Then leave her and come to me a*s hole".
    -Allison: "Be careful Adnan, I will help you".
    -Adnan: "Don't worry, leave him to me, you can help your dad and the others in the pack".
    -Hamad laughed loudly: "The f*****g werewolf is getting mad, what a sad thing".
    -Adnan's eyes got red and his heart beats started to get faster, he ran towards Hamad: "The werewolf that youíre talking about is now a VampWolf".

    The war finally started, Arturo's pack against Hamad's pack, and the VampWolf was against the evil vampire. It was a fight full of enthusiasm. They were showing their own power and trying their best to win. It was the first time that Adnan involved in a fight like that. However, suddenly while they were fighting, the sky got very dark and soon it began to rain heavily. It was difficult for them to fight in that horrible weather, but they kept fighting and they never stopped. Furthermore, the rain had stopped, but after that, the lunar eclipse occurred. Unfortunately, Adnan started losing his power, because during an eclipse the restoration of full humanity occurs unexpectedly. So, Hamad took this opportunity by trying to kill him.

    -Hamad pushed Adnan on the ground: "A f*****g loser like you can do nothing".
    -Reem cried: "Please Hamad don't kill him, please please!!".
    -Allison shouted: "That because of the lunar eclipse, but it's my turn to stop you".
    -Adnan shouted and tried to stand up: "No Allison no!!".

    Allison started fighting with Hamad, she was so agitated and compelled. However, while they were fighting, Hamad scratched her hand and pushed her strongly. Allison fell on the ground and she was bleeding a lot. When Adnan saw all of that happening front of him, he couldn't endure it. In addition, Allison's mom arrived at the same time and she began fighting with her pack.

    -Adnan got agitated: "I told you before that am a VampWolf, that means am both a werewolf and a vampire, and if I lose my power as a werewolf, there is a chance I can turn to a vampire now and rip your neck off".
    -Hamad laughed loudly: "Show me what you can do a*s bag".
    -Reem shouted: "Be careful Adnan, you are bleeding too".

    Adnan lost his control and started fighting with him again robustly. He became very strong and his muscle grew all at once. Hamad felt scared when he saw Adnan in other appearance. He felt nervous, therefore, Adnan got the chance to scratch his body and hit him badly.

    -Hamad smiled: "Hit me the way you want, am healing so fastly".
    -Adnan got out the red diamond from his pocket and placed it in his wound: "Tell me what you feel now b***h".
    -Elizabeth amazed: "Who gave him the idea about the red diamond, it's awesome".

    Hamad began shouting and screaming so loudly. His body started to burn abnormally quick. Moreover, when the pack saw that their leader was burning, they tried to run away, but the police arrived right on time.

    -Adnan ran quickly to Allison: "Allison are you listening to me, please wake up, Allison I need you, please don't go".
    -Reem got jealous: "Adnan am here, please help me to get rid of the rope".
    -Adnan: "The others will help you, just wait, sorry I have to take Allison to the hospital".
    -Arturo: "Don't worry Adnan, take her to the hospital, I will take over the police and your girlfriend too".
    -Adnan: "Thanks, doctor".

    When Adnan carried Allison to take her to the hospital, suddenly, a silver bullet had got directly into his shoulder. It was done by the evil vampire, he wanted to revenge.

    -Hamad spoke hardly: "Sorry my friend, but I have to do it, I like to keep the surprises at the end".

    In addition to that, Adnan tried to endure the pain, but regrettably, he couldn't. He fainted and fell on the ground. However, when he opened his eyes, he found himself in the hospital laying on the bed.

    -Adnan: "What am doing here?!".
    -Reem holding Adnan's hand: "Thank god, you finally woke up, you had done a great job, my hero".
    -Adnan: "Thanks, but what happened to me?!".
    -Reem: "Hamad shot you on your shoulder, and you had been taken to the emergency room immediately, the operation was done by Dr. Arturo".
    -Adnan: "What about Allison?!, where is she?!".
    -Reem changed the subject: "Why you didn't tell me about all of that Adnan?!, why you were keeping secrets behind my back?!".
    -Adnan tried to get rid of the nutritious injection and he moved away from the bed: "Where is Allison?!".
    -Reem got mad: "Am asking you, and you're just thinking of Allison!!".
    -Adnan: "I want to check if she's fine or not".
    -Reem: "But am with you now, are you going to leave me?!, you didn't even ask about me, is she more important than me?!".
    -Adnan: "Sorry for saying that, but yes, she is important to me now".
    -Reem cried: "Are you betraying me Adnan?!, are you going to break up with me?!".
    -Adnan: "My heart is with her now, I love her, she is the one that I love now, can you understand that?!".
    -Reem: "Then why did you saved me?!".
    -Adnan laughed: "Is that what you're thinking of?!, am sorry but I had other intentions".
    -Reem: "What are these intentions?!".
    -Adnan: "My new lover Allison who had encouraged me to save my country and the whole world, so my intentions now Allison and the world".
    -Reem slapped Adnan's face: "I hate you, and I will hate you forever".
    -Adnan looked deeply into Reem's eyes: "Thank you for that, I wish you a happy life, goodbye".
    -Reem caught Adnan's hand while he was going out from the room: "Don't leave my hand, I know you love me".

    Unfortunately, Adnan left her hand slowly and went out of the room searching for Allison. He found Allison's mom and dad outside near the operation room.

    -Arturo: "Are you crazy?!, what are you doing here?!, you need to get some rest".
    -Adnan: "Don't worry, my body started to heal alone now".
    -Arturo pointed to Allison's mom: "She is Elizabeth, Allison's mother".
    -Adnan: "Am Adnan Nice to meet you".
    -Elizabeth: "Thanks, nice to meet you too, you were so fantastic, I was amazed of your abilities and cleverness".
    -Adnan felt embarrassed: "Thank you, you were amazing too, I thought you would not attend, but you had done a great job".
    -Elizabeth: "I felt something will happen, therefore, I tried my best to come here as fast as possible".
    -Adnan: "Where is Allison?!".
    -Arturo: "She is resting inside the room, her body stopped healing, but after the operation, she is regaining her power now".
    -Adnan: "Can I go inside to see her".
    -Elizabeth: "Go ahead and take your time".

    As Adnan heading to Allison's room Arturo and Elizabeth followed him too. He entered the room quietly and he went to take a look at her. Where then he bent over and kissed her forehead, Allison had gradually opened her eyes and found Adnan standing in front of her.

    -Adnan: "How do you feel?!, do you feel any pain?!".
    -Allison: "Am fine, everything is getting better now, but why are you not with your girlfriend?!".
    -Adnan: "Well right now am with her!!".

    Allison got confused she never thought that he would easily break up with Reem despite their long relationship.

    -Allison: "Seriously, are you talking serious".
    -Adnan: "Ya, am not kidding!".
    -Allison: "But we just knew each other in a short time!!".
    -Adnan: "It all started from the first time I saw you, and my feelings started to get deeper when you bit me".
    -Elizabeth: "So, finally my young daughter will get in love".
    -Allison got embarrassed: "Mom!!".

    Everyone started laughing, and Allison was embarrassed so she tried to change the subject.

    -Allison: "What happened to Hamad?!".
    -Arturo: "Well, the police took him directly to the jail, and they told me that they observed everything through the cameras that were available in the building. They were thankful for saving the country and the whole world. They told us that we will be recognized as the bravest heroes. They also told us that they would publish lots of articles that includes a great description of us. However, I have told them that they should not include our names nor our pictures."
    -Elizabeth: "Thatís great! Itís better for us to be unknown heroes. But the true hero is Adnan, he had the ability to stop Hamad".
    -Adnan: "Thanks, but the person that encouraged me to fight against him is Allison!".

    On the next day, Allison left the hospital and she went back home. Adnan went to her house carrying with him a bouquet wishing her a good health. When he entered her room, he pulled her closer to him, to finally show some measure of his feelings towards her. Moreover, he felt her head come to rest on his shoulder and he automatically leaned down and kissed the top of her head, he was surprised when she leaned into him. Her eyes clearly stated that she wanted him, she wanted him in every way. Pressing her body to his she kissed him, at first the kiss was tentative, and both wanting to make sure that they were not making a mistake in their actions. But quickly the kiss deepened, their long-held passion taking over until finally both were kissing and touching each other with no sign of fear. His hot tongue caressed the nape of her neck, she pressed herself closer and she wanted more. She wanted all of him and she wanted him now.

    -Adnan whispered into her ears: "Let us continue this somewhere a little more private".

    At the end, the new beautiful couples would hopefully stay along together, working and always aiming to save the world from the evils. Adnan would also remain the unknown bravest hero. He promised that no matter what happens evilness would no longer exist. He also said that he would sacrifice for those he love, not only that, he would also sacrifice for the whole world.

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    Hope you would enjoy reading the story. It would also be my pleasure to read your feedbacks about my short story.

    Thank you,

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    Interesting story. It had both werewolves and vampires. Maybe they go together. I don't know. Some of the lines did not sound the way I would have spoken English, but that could be revised later. So what happened to Hamad with the red diamond? Nice fight between Reem and Adnan.

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    Thank you so much for the feedback, it gave me the idea to add a little bit more details on my other short stories. Hope to read more feedbacks, Enjoy and Thank you ALL!
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    One problem with this is the tags. Many are unneeded. The dialogue is written but not easy flowing. I suspect English is not your first language. Also, when writing dialogue, give each speaker their own paragraph, it will help keep them straight for the reader. You have line after line of dialogue which seem to trail on forever. I'd break these up with descriptions. Sorry I didn't get to this sooner!

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