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Thread: Frankenstein and Family

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    Frankenstein and Family

    Do you believe that if the monster had a family that loved him and cared for him it would have prevented tragedy from occuring? Also, should Frankenstein have taken more responsibility for the monster since he is the creator?

    Let me know your thoughts!

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    Maybe, but then we would not have had a Frankenstein novel, at least not this one. I guess
    the crimes of the creature are a punishment of Vitor for playing the creator without being able to control his creature.
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    I believe that all anyone in the novel wanted was companionship. Victor created the creature as a companion, and all the creature wanted was a female companion. Also, overtime a love one would died someone would get sick. So if the novel was changed and the monster had a love one or Frankenstein cared for the monster, that might of prevented the monster from killing. The monster knew he was a monster, and maybe if Victor told him that he was not a monster and he cared about him that, that could of changed how things turned out.

    Also, I also do think Victor should of taken more responsibility for the creation.

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    I agree with jigiesler, all of the characters wanted companionship and company. Which was why the monster was created in the first place. Victor was lonely and locked himself up until he created a friend for himself. I do agree that Victor should have taken more responsibility over the monster to prevent such tragedy from occurring.

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