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Thread: Looking for a short story by Hesse about Jure Grando, a vampire

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    Looking for a short story by Hesse about Jure Grando, a vampire

    I'm doing some research, and a couple of articles make reference to a story by Hesse (or possibly a story in an anthology edited by Hesse). The story concerns Jure Grando, a vampire from (what is now) Croatia. The story was based on a "real" folklore vampire, and was first recorded by Baron Valvasor in his 15-tome work, The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola. From here, it was included in The Rhone's Antiquarian (?) - any information about this would be welcome, as I can't find anything about it in English.

    This was where Hesse picked up the story, and either re-wrote it or included it in an anthology. This looks like the best candidate:

    Is it in here? Any other information? Any English translations?


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    I found very little about it in German.
    Spuk- und Hexengeschichten aus dem »Rheinischen
    Antiquarius, edited by Hermann Hesse is available in German at several antiquarians but I didn´t find any content description.
    It also wasn´t included in the two short biographies of Hesse I consulted.
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