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Thread: the time traveller

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    Navin Abraham

    book Conversations

    The beginning was the best part! The time traveling was too abstract for my tastes. Through the whole time traveling phase i was waiting for the conversation again.

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    No Subject

    This child needs to learn to be more educated in the response placed in public view.

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    the time traveller

    i have only recently read this book and i am 14 yrs old i feel that it was very captivating yet it did bore me slightly at the beginning i also feel the most recent movie was very disapointing and well wat the hell was going on with samantha mumba,i have also seen the first film made about the time machine and that disapointed me a bit to it kind of shattered my illusions of the eloi and morlocks and the land ,i would recomend the book to any one and i would certainly read it again !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I only saw the movie which is sort of cheating but I enjoyed it. Whoever said 'This child needs to learn to be more educated in the response placed in public view' sounded like a textbook and needs to broaden their mind rather than target people and insult them. Grow up!

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