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Thread: Dark tainted poetry

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    Dark tainted poetry

    Hello fellow readers,

    Please share your selfmade dark poetry/short stories here.
    I'll start with one I recently wrote:

    And then she spoke to me:
    “Let me ease your pain,
    Let me swallow your burden.”

    She took my hand and led me.
    She led me to a path seldom walked by men.
    A path abandoned by God.

    As the moon cries and the stars weep.
    O’ blessed one, turn me.

    A venture through the shadows.
    Yet so bright.
    O’ almighty, smite me down.

    Light fades before my eyes.
    Who will remember me.
    Who shall cry.


    Thus there I am.
    A bodiless soul.

    My body to ashes.
    Ashes to dust.
    Dust to oblivion.

    Innocence or guilt.
    The illusion of righteousness.
    The path to the gallows.

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    very nice

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