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Thread: Shackleton's Speech

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    Shackleton's Speech

    I say to you

    The future is lost without Hope.

    Without Belief we are stranded

    At this place

    At the end of the world,

    An Elephant Island

    Where there is no mercy,

    No relief

    From Nature’s forces

    That carelessly hurl their wrath

    Across this vast horizon

    As deserted as this empty page.

    I say to you

    Trust these invisible allies.

    Venture into a mad ocean,

    As unforgiving as Life itself,

    Even though we possess nothing

    Except a thimble full of luck.

    Make for a refuge

    Close as memory

    Yet distant as Georgia Island

    Even if we locate a safe harbor

    This is but temporary.

    We must press on

    For there is no time to linger

    Like emperor penguins.

    Those that wait

    Depend upon us.

    We must place

    One foot in front of the other

    One word in front of the other

    I say to you

    If we make it

    Across this hostile landscape

    Know Hope and Belief

    Were always there without judgment,

    Even though we could not see them,

    Along this journey that will define us

    Towards the outpost that will give us rescue

    And the Endurance that will give us reason.

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    This poem tells a lot between the lines.

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