Carlos paced towards Aaliyah and then he held her by the waist. He pushed her forcefully into the counter; she smiled. A few drops of her drink spilled as he brought himself closer to her, so she extended her left arm outwards as Carlos began to run his lips through her neck. She smiled passionately as she tried to find a moment to take another sip of her beverage as he busied himself. When he was finished, he immediately ran his hands down her waist and over her hips. From there, he held her even more firmly then before as he lifted her onto the counter. The cup-boards sprang open as her back fell into them -pots and pans, among various other assortments, fell out. But she didn't care. What was materialistic was easily replaceable, but not this, not the passing moment. She spilled her cup into the sink and tossed it aside, as she then wrapped her legs around his waist and forcibly pulled him close. Carlos continued going at her neck while she made way to his -but in a different manner. She began to bite his neck, and the moment she did so, he pulled his mouth off her neck as the pain slowly began to build. The longer they held each other there, the harder she bit, until she finally heard Carlos groaned with pain. She pulled herself back and looked at him with a flirtatious smirk.