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Thread: Mother's Day Poem 2016

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    Mother's Day Poem 2016

    The lake moves in all directions.
    You can see nature at work here. Every day.
    Every hour. It never stops moving. Runs itself
    into itself. Waves into waves. If you stare into it,
    you see more than just trees. More than just
    the sunís sprawling glass. You see yourself.
    A mirror handcrafted from the ice age. The self
    crashes into the self. Distorted. Broken.
    Split. Reformed.

    Rebirthed. Stitched back together
    and pulled apart. Man and nature
    dissolves into a palette of color.
    A dynamic painting of all existence.
    Skin and leaves shimmer against
    one another. Veins connecting
    to xylem. Boundaries crashing.
    Man becomes tree. Sky becomes man.
    Water becomes air. Connection
    through disconnection. Form
    through deformation. We

    used to be glaciers. Giant statues
    of ocean, until Mother Nature
    took a chisel and made an image
    of herself. Ice became woman
    became ocean became skin
    became sun became son.
    A thousand of them. They refract
    into each other here. This body
    of water. Waves into waves. Mother
    into child. Distorted. Rebirthed.
    Every mother is twice
    born. Every wave is twice
    formed. Everything is blended
    in liquid form. If you listen

    to the rain
    into the lake, you
    can hear the quiet
    my children. my children.

    If you watch the thousand
    tiny circles popping
    on the surface, you can see
    a child dipping
    their toes in the water,

    before returning
    to the womb.
    "Iíve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." ~Maya Angelou

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    I liked the idea, "Each mother is twice born," and the idea of Mother Nature making an image of herself.

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