I don't know is this allowed... But i want to tell you something before you can proceed to the story. I'm from Finland, so my english writing is not very good... Also i have never read whole book in my life. I have so many stories in my head, and it's hard to bring them into the daylight when i lack certain skills. But, i hope you will enjoy my ''little'' story.

Long long time ago, there lived a witch. Deep in the woods witch lived with her wicked ways... She waved her hands in the sky, while making the darkest of the signs... Curses poured out of her mouth, while green saliva was dripping on the ground. On the mound there was no sound... There was no light but only blight. Who dares to witness the wicked ways of the witch? By the witchess call, four shadow rised on the wall... Entities of land unknown. The end.