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    The Fool

    The scribe is a fool to think that he,
    By scribbling alone in his sacrary,
    By scraping his reams with a blunted quill—
    The sum of his efforts amounting to nil—
    Could hope to be heard or ever seen
    Beyond this scrim, this cloister-screen.
    He's locked in a sunlit tomb for life,
    So free of fear, resentment, and strife;
    Independent, yes, but uncoupled, untied,
    And fraying like fringe disunified
    From its parent weave; and furthermore:
    There's a lock on his absent prison door.
    Only social beasts can gnaw
    Through their hempen bonds, and lay a paw
    On the bars of their zoo—a pale existence
    Within a cage's narrow distance;
    But that's more liberty, I swear, I swear,
    Than to cringe out of sight in a hermit-lair.
    For a human such as the fool you see—
    A perfect monk trapped in a fallacy—
    He cannot budge from his leaden throne
    To cavort in a far-off laurel-zone,
    Forever in bloom with a heady odor
    That makes him abandon his role of foreboder,
    To never return to that sorry, sad cell
    Where the cheeriest sound is the vesper-bell.

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    I liked the meter. Some people get used to whatever cell they are in even if it is in an airplane with a computer clicking out words.

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