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    I'm Anthony. I'm intrigued about TLN, but the colors are messing with my eyes. I am curious about a few things after browsing LitNet. You have a large community, but many dead threads. There are also abandoned groups here as well. The age range of our members can play an important role with member activity. I can understand school can detour members off the grid for some time. I graduated from the University of Connecticut with a B.A. in Political Science. I've been working in retail and education. I became a Bilingual Tutor at East Hartford High School assisting ESL students after working with a temp agency as a substitute teacher. I am looking forward to meeting everyone (active) here.



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    Welcome, Prinze Charming! What is the second language you have? I agree there are many dead threads. Except what is a dead thread? Threads can't be continued forever. My astronomy thread could go on for a long time, but only if there is sufficient interest in the topic to last beyond the present interest of myself and perhaps YesNo. My Yugoslavia thread was going to close but with the trial of the Bosnian Radovan Karadžić it could go on for longer, and some of the component member states of Yugoslavia might join the EU.

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    Welcome! Threads come and go. New ones replace the old ones.

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