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    time machine

    The Time Machine was good, but too short to get that much into it. I liked the movie a lot better. If the name of the time traveller was given, it would have been on a more personal level, and easier to get into and enjoy more.

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    Arrow not personal enough?

    If you want more of the Time Traveller (including his name) a decent sequel was written by Stephen Baxter, called The Time Ships.

    Whenever I re-read (in whole or part) the Time Machine, I find it very involving. Wells uses the narrative of the Traveller to not only focus the story but also make it very personal for the reader--we are meant to feel as if we were hearing the story from the fire-lit parlor with the other guests.

    I couldn't even bring myself to see the movie when I heard of the unendurable plot altercations. (unless you saw the older movie which looks like a classic "B" movie but I can't comment on beyond that)

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