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Thread: Genesis to Deuteronomy, a weekly study

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    What is the deeper meaning of the 10 Commandments EX 18:1-20:26

    PARASHA: “Yitro” (Jethro)

    EXODUS 18:1-20:26..................ISAIAH 6:1-7:6; 9:5-6...............MATT 27:1-28:20

    …..We see in this parasha, a lot of wisdom on the part of Moshe and Yitro, his father-in-law. First, we learn that Moshe had send his wife and children back to stay with father and grandfather. I believe for safe-keeping, When one sees danger, it is wise to care for one's family, as Moshe did, His wife and children might have been in danger, the Egyptians might have retaliated, might have kidnapped his wife and children, or killed them, so Moshe took precaution, which is a good thing.
    …...The second piece of wisdom comes from Yitro, He is a man of experience, so he says; “Moshe, what are you doing to this people?” hey, you are only one man, and a few million of them? Come on dude, get wise-er, this isn't a one-man deal here, no such things as “lone-rangers” in ministry, even the “Lone-Ranger” was not alone, he had “Tonto” Ministry is to be shared with other believers, that is why the Ruach Ha Kodesh has given the Spiritual gifts, to be shared, to minister to others, by many, not just one. The rabbi can not do it alone, neither can the pastor. The rabbi needs his co-workers, and so does the pastor, if not, they are going to run themselves ragged. This is called “pastor/rabbi Burn-out”
    …..This is the parasha of the “Ten Mitzvoth” the “Ten Commandments” but before the giving of these, YHVH presents the deal to the people, kind of like when the bride-groom presents himself to the bride, these are beautiful words;
    …..”Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles' wings, and brought you unto myself, therefore IF you harken unto my voice and keep my covenant, THEN ye shall be my own treasure from among all peoples; for all the earth is mine, and you shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation”
    …..It is all conditional, like all contracts, covenants, we see the “IF” and “THEN” He says that He bore Israel on eagles' wings. An eagle will carry her young on her wings to protect them from harm. So did YHVH, He brought Israel through the Sea on dry land, and brought them nigh unto Har Sinai, now, they have to decide, will they accept YHVH as their one and only God? And obey HIS words? It is like asking the bride to accept the groom as her only husband, provider, and loving ruler, (not tyrant) BUT..even though Israel broke the covenant many times, YHVH has remained faithful and we are HIS HOLY PEOPLE, his ELECT, whether we were born and raised in Israel or from the nations, doesn't matter, we are HIS because we have accepted HIS sacrifice in YESHUA our “goel” Redeemer, and we choose the follow his Torah, his LIVING Torah. The HE lays out the first 10 of the 613 commandments, which generalize, one can say “all” of the Torah:
    …..”ANOCHI YHVH ELOHEIHA” ( I AM ADONAI YOUR GOD) with the I AM emphasized, one can say “Ani” (I) or Anochi (I really AM) He is saying, I am who I have claimed to be, the God who took you out of Egypt and brought you here, I am ready to be your God, so if that is the case, there can only be ONE God in your life, that is ME, I don't want statues of me, that what the Egyptians did, so, don't do as they did, (It took one day to take Israel out of Egypt, but 40 years to take Egypt out of Israel, if you get the meaning). Don't bow down and worship other gods, that will NOT be accepted.
    …..Yet we see today, even though we don't make or bow down to silver, gold, wooden statues that symbolize who God is, or TRY to symbolize who he is, sorry guys, they didn't have cameras back then to take pictures, many bow down and consider more important things like; football, soccer, money, sex, TV, fast cars, work, you name it, if these come before our worship and service to our God YHVH, then those things ARE OUR gods!!
    put them in their proper places, least YHVH take them from us by force!!
    …..THOU SHALT NOT TAKE THE NAME OF YHVH IN VAIN.... What is being said here? When many take oathes, promises, many times the name of GOD is used; like “I swear to God I'll pay you back next week”
    Well, if next week roles around and you pay back what you owe, you will have HONORED the NAME of GOD, yet if you don't, you will have taken the NAME of God in vain! It is better not to make promises and use God's name, we can always say “I'll do my best to pay you back as soon as I am able” and leave it at that. One can take the name of the LORD thy GOD in vain without words, our mere actions and comportment speak of God and who He is, if we behave unlike born-again believers, if we behave like a lost person, using foul language in front of others, getting upset and throwing temper fits, we are TAKING HIS NAME IN VAIN. And using those ugly 4 letter words, And other sorts of ugly language...well.. that is not swearing , that is being just plain vulgar.
    …..REMEMBER THE SABBATH DAY TO KEEP IT HOLY....The sabbath is and always will be Saturday, it was never changed to Sunday, nothing wrong with going to church on Sunday, to me, it is a “double blessing” to worship Adonai two days straight. Yes, the early believers met on the first day of the week (Sunday) to break bread and have fellowship, this was “Havdalah” this was the close of the Sabbath and the welcome of the new week. This was a “custom” that they did, and we still do, it was not a CHANGE of sabbaths. Yeshua resurrected on the first day of the week, Baruch HaShem!! great! And we also can worship on Sundays at local churches, but it was NEVER a change of sabbaths. We should dedicate the sabbath day to be in the Synagogue or at church, to worship, learn from his word through God's chosen ministers, Sunday school teachers, Torah teachers. Go home and rest, or take the family out to lunch, give the wife a break from the kitchen, or eat lunch at the synagogue (Oneg) leave the material things and worldly things to the next day. Rest means rest! I have read in rabbinical commentaries that when “The World keeps the Sabbath perfectly...THEN..Messiah will return!” well, He still has never returned, does that mean that the world has not kept Shabbos perfectly? Guess so. Shabbat is HaSatan's perfect and favorite time to stir up trouble and tempers, so that we will NOT have a restful shabbat. Be aware of that.
    …..HONOR THY FATHER AND THY MOTHER...This really needs no explanation, it is common sense to honor our parents and respect them because of WHO they are, and what they have done for us. My mom and dad used to say to me; “We went without many times to give you the things that you have today” Our parents give us love, raise us, hopefully, to love God, ( I can't speak for all of you readers, since everyone is different) But, if our parents gave us love and taught us about God and Yeshua/Jesus, then, we ought to do the same for our kids. Honoring father and mother does not mean sticking them in a rest home when they are old and going off and forgetting about them, doesn't work like that. Were your parents rotten to you? Did they mistreat you? Well, love them any way! It is what Yeshua taught.
    …..THOU SHALT NOT MURDER, THOU SHALT NOT COMMIT ADULTERY, THOU SHALT NOT STEAL.....ever wonder why those three commandments are together? If one commits adultery, sleeps with another man's wife or husband, one is “murdering” a marital relationship, and “stealing” what does not belong to you, being another person's spouse. Yeshua explains it even better, He said if you only “think” of sleeping, having sex with another person's wife or husband, that person has already committed adultery in his or her mind, it gets pretty intense if you look at it that way. “Murder” does NOT include going to war and fighting for your nation, you are DEFENDING your family and homeland. “Stealing?” that can be a two or three page explanation, If you come back late from lunch, you are “stealing” time from your employer, if you do not do your very best, then you are “stealing” from your employer, your own ability and usefulness. Can a man rob God? Malachi says, “Yes” God speaking through his prophet, “You have ROBBED me of your tithes and offerings” One can rob from God when we do not utilize our spiritual gifts, or waste them on worldly things.
    …..DO NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS....this is another lengthy subject, but with simple words, always tell the truth, and do not hide the truth from others. To know that some thieves are planning to rob your neighbor, and you remain silent and do not alert your neighbor, it is if you opened your neighbor's door for the thieves, you are be false. To tell a half-truth, is to be false. Yes, the truth at times can be costly, and painful, but being false can be worse.
    …..DO NOT COVET.... Be satisfied with what you have, the job you have, the bank account you have, with the car you have, with the wife or husband you have...Coveting can lead to worse crimes, Look at Achen, who coveted the Babylonian tunic and gold from Jericho, it cost him his life, and his family's lives too. If you want more than you have already, take it to the LORD in prayer, if the LORD sees that there is nothing wrong with giving you a little more, HE will give it to you in HIS perfect time. You never know, people with “more things” usually have “more headaches” or “more” to worry about. I remember what the TV preacher Rex Humbard said once, “God may give you what you want, but you're not going to want what you get!” So, give thanks for what you already have, when we go to heaven, we will leave it ALL BEHIND.

    ISAIAH 6:1-7:6

    …..”KADOSH, KADOSH, KADOSH, ADONAI TZEVA'OT”.... Holy, Holy, Holy, is YHVH of hosts” When the Torah mentions the “Holiness” of God, the word is KADOSH, the “O” is there, (the letter “vav” in Hebrew) but when “holiness” is mentioned referring to mankind, the “O” is missing, and we have KAD_SH, this “missing “vav” symbolizes our “incompleteness of our holiness, because of our inborn “sin nature”
    …..Yeshayahu (Isaiah) is being asked by God, “Whom shall I send, who will go for US?” (Elohim) The Prophet answers, “Here am I, send me!” and God responds, “Go, and tell the people!” That should be our attitude as well, we have those orders too from God, to “tell the people” about Yeshua, to teach those who will listen, his WORD, even though many will not understand at the beginning, or will refuse, we have to try, WE (all believers) are responsible for taking the “Good News” to others who will listen, and with the modern technology, the internet, this has become possible, what used to be almost impossible, now is possible, with fingers going across the keyboard and with the click of the mouse, the word is sent out.
    …..Isaiah must be saying right now, “Oh how I wish I had a laptop back then!”

    MATTHEW 27:1-28:20

    …..This relates the age old story of Yeshua's trial, execution, and resurrection, this story we know well, He did it to pay the price of our sins, past, present, and future, His one time only sacrifice was good for ever, and still IS good for ever. But many people still reject this sacrifice, reject this free gift of salvation, for a short lived world of pleasure, for an eternity of suffering and pain.
    …..Pilate wrote these words on the cross, YESHUA OF NAZARETH, KING OF THE JEWS, in Hebrew it would have been 'YESHUA HA NOTZRI, V'HA MELECH Y'HUDIM. Within this title are the letters YHVH, which explain who Yeshua is really, God on earth, made flesh and blood, whose blood was shed to set us free.

    Shabbat Shalom..............rabbi Ben Avraham

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    "Mishpatim" (judegments) Understanding some difficult commandments EX 21:1-24:18

    PARASHA: “Mishpatim” (Judgements) “bringing to light the meaning of some difficult mitzvoth” (commandments)

    EXODUS 21:1-24:18....................JEREMIAH 34:8-22, 33:25-26.................MARK 1:1-2:28

    …..This parasha involves the giving of a variety of commandments, that Elohim gave to Moshe to give/write down, and teach to “b'nei Israel” the first has to do with slaves, and the treatment of slaves. The system of slavery in Israel back in Biblical times was very much different than the cruel slavery of Africans here in the United States, starting from the 1600s, into colonial days, up until the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863.
    …..Unfortunately, the slave owners used the bible as a “reason” to own slaves, as they said, “The Bible permits slavery!” Yes, but only in extreme circumstances when one could not pay one's debts. And the person was only a slave for 7 years, in year 7, the master had to release the slave, give the slave gifts of oil, wine, wheat, so he or she could start a life over again. The slave could not be abused, like slaves were whipped and abused under American slavery. But if the slave wished to remain with the master, the master could make a hole in the slave's ear and put in a ring, indicating that the slave was slave for life, (being the choice of the slave) but “life” was up to 50 years, until the year of “Jubilee” if the slave chose to be with his or her master for “life” and the year, let's say was “40” then, “Life” was 10 years more, and then the slave would be released.
    …..If the slave was hurt in any way, say the master hit the slave and knocked a tooth out, or put an eye out, the slave was to be released immediately, and with compensation. Not so in America during the years of slavery.
    Rav Shaul/Paul the Apostle, talks about being “bond slaves” to Messiah Yeshua, and that is our state. Would we want to be “released” from following HIM? Would we want to be under a “different master?” There are only two that claim our lives; Yeshua or HaSatan? We were “bought with a price” the price of blood, and we were released from Satan's bondage, to follow and subject ourselves to a new master, “Adonai” which means; “my master” We are “servants” to the Most High God. The Hebrew word for “Slave” and “servant” is the same in Hebrew; “Eved” slaves/servants were not considered “objects of purchase” or “property” they were considered “human beings” just like we are considered in the eyes of YHVH his “servants” “children” “adopted sons and daughters”. Do not sons and daughters serve their parents?
    …..”An eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe; (21:24....) if you read on, we see that it doesn't mean, “if you knock out my tooth, I have a right to knock your tooth out too” or “if you blind me in on eye, I have the right to put out your eye” or in modern terminology, “If you break my stereo, I have the right to go into your house and smash your stereo” how, I ask you, does that solve the problem? It doesn't, it just creates more problems. If we look at this situation in light of scripture, it is saying in other words; “just compensation for hurt or damage received”
    How would that work? If I broke your arm accidentally or on purpose, I would be responsible for taking you to the doctor and paying the medical bill, and even, paying you “lost wages” if you couldn't work. It doesn't mean that the other guy could break “my arm too”. If you broke my stereo, then I would expect you to either pay to have it fixed, or buy me another one of equal value, (arm for arm, stereo for stereo, etc)
    …..We continue to read about many rules, commandments, judgments, that make very good sense, even today, yet many of these judgments are not practiced today, everyone is off to the lawyers for a lawsuit. My opinion is that if the legal system today, was set up to reflect the Biblical standards of criminal justice in accordance to God's Word, there would be a lot less crime. The criminals would think twice before committing crimes. An example would be the following; A man goes to prison for stealing a car, he sells it, spends the money, so the prisoner has to work in prison and the money he would make would be sent to the victim to compensate the loss. His sentence would end only when the sum is completed. Or...the court system would pay the victim the money lost in the theft, and the thief would have to work to pay back the court. This type of punishment would reflect more the Torah standard of criminal justice.
    …..We come now to Exodus 23:19. “You shall bring the first-fruits of thy land unto the House of YHVH, Thou shalt not seethe a kid in his mother's milk” One commandment does not even reflect the other. It would be like saying, “turn out the lights when you leave the house, hey, don't forget to check the mailbox for mail”. What has one got to do with the other? G-d is saying is saying here to bring your tithe to the House of YHVH but then goes on to a different subject. Would this; “seething a kid in its mother's milk” be taken literally? In order to break this commandment, one would have to take a kid goat, butcher it, cut up the meat, then take the mother goat, milk her, then boil the meat in the mother's milk. Who would go to the trouble to do all that? Today, when people make stew, the meat is usually boiled/seethed in water with condiments, not in milk. But if we look at this commandment in a derashic sense, (the moral and spiritual sense) we could get this understanding;
    …..It may be all about the separation of life and death, of the clean from unclean (tamei from tahor) good from bad. In “Basar v'chalav” (meat and milk) we can see that the word “Chalav”(milk) spelled in Hebrew is “Chet, Lamed, Beit (ch+l+v) yet the word “fat” is also spelled (ch+l+v) yet pronounced “Chelev” They are related, “milk” is a form of “fat”, and the fat of an animal was offered up on the altar to YHVH, as a “sweet savor” a “pleasant smell” unto YHVH, this was part of the worship service. We worship G-d with our full “heart” and the word “Ch+l+v” contains the letters “lamed” and “beit” (l+v) (Lev) which means “heart” Milk symbolizes “life” a baby is nurtured by its mother's milk to live, to have life. Yet the flesh (Basar) symbolizes death, as a believer, to be in the “flesh” is the opposite to being “in the spirit, full of life”. Once the animal is cut up, if not used, the flesh sits and rots, flies come around, and it becomes “tamei” (unclean) when we are in the “flesh” we are in a way of speaking, “unclean” spiritually, until we confess our sins, and become as “milk” (full of life) again, walking in the spirit, and, like the fat of a clean animal, being a “sweet savor unto YHVH” .
    This just one way one can look at this prohibition of boiling a kid in its mother's milk, from a Derashic (moral and spiritual) standpoint. (watch “Basar v' Chalav/Meat and Milk” on YouTube “Kehilah Melech Yisrael”)
    …..”if you meet an enemy's ox or his *** going astray, you will bring it back to him again” (Ex 23:4) This is one way to make your enemy, your friend, make peace with him. Would not this be for today as well, of course it would! “Do not oppress the stranger, seeing you were strangers in the land of Egypt” other bibles say “foreigner” the USA used to welcome all immigrants, now many are being oppressed, being deported, being cheated in wages, we must turn this around and start helping those who come to this country to seek a better life, thus turning a curse into a blessing. If you read from chap 21 to 24, look carefully at the commandments/judgments, you will see that most make perfect sense even unto our modern days. God's Word is right on the money!

    JEREMIAH 34:8-22, 33:25-26

    …..Jeremiah is known as the “weeping prophet” because Israel had returned to idolatry, and corruption, YHVH sends him with a message to Israel, “Repent” and “turn from your sins”, one of the sins was to go back on their word. Jeremiah told them that God had said, “release your slaves” since they had no released them after 7 years, they did that, but afterwards, they “re-captured” their slaves and returned them to captivity, This is to be “double-minded” for “appearance sake” they released the slaves/servants, but when they thought that “the prophet wasn't looking” they went back on their word. Result? Babylon came and captured Israel! And king Zedekiah was taken to Babylon as a slave.
    …..How well do we as believers respond when someone calls our attention? When we are in the wrong, do we really repent, and turn from our sins? or....when we think no one is looking, go back to our sins? Our old attitudes, our old “issues?” A thief looks ahead, in back, to the left, to the right, to make sure that no one is looking, but the thief never looks “up”! Yes, our Heavenly Father who is on high is looking down on us all, and observes ALL our actions, even in private, so, we really are NEVER alone! Someone is always watching us.
    …..God, his holy angels, Satan and his demons, all that are in the spirit realm are always watching our every move. So, make sure our lives are holy, unto God on high.

    MARK 1:1-2:28

    …..The talmid/disciple Mark writes about John the baptist, his ministry to prepare the people for the coming of his cousin, Yeshua, preparing hearts, minds. Baptism was important in Jewish life, it symbolized who was once unclean, is now clean, from “tamei” to “Tahor”, from “death to life”.
    …..When a born again believer is baptized, the believer identifies himself or herself with Yeshua in death and life, death, burial, and resurrection. But John was just “preparing” the way for He who is THE WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE.
    …..Yeshua is the WAY to eternal life, He is the TRUTH, which is the opposite of lies and deception, and He is LIFE eternal, to those who embrace Him as Savior and LORD.
    …..Yeshua went walking along the Sea of Galilee, and there he invited Kefa and Andrew to come with him, and later, at K'Far Nachum (Capernaum) went to the synagogue there and began to teach the people. I thank God that I visited that same syangogue back in 2015 when I went to Israel to serve the IDF with the reserve units. My friend Alon and I went by car to Capernaum, walk around, and visited the part of the lake that served as a dock for the fishing boats, that is probably where Yeshua met Kefa and Andrew.
    …..We are all called by Yeshua through his spirit, to follow him, do we follow Him? we expect HIM to follow US? He teaches us through HIS word, are we listening?

    Shabbat Shalom...................rabbi Ben Avraham

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    Parasha "T'ruma" (offerings) EX 25:1-27:19 The importance of tithes and offerings

    Parasha: “T'ruma” (offering)

    EXODUS 25:1-27:19...........................1 KINGS 5:12-6:13........................MARK 3:1-4:41

    …..Gut shabos, in this Parasha, we see that a request is made for a “free-will offering” so that the tabernacle can be built and the articles of furnishings for the same. As we remember, when the Israelites left Egypt, they left with quite a treasure which the Egyptians gave them so that they would leave. We could consider this, “back pay” for all the work they had done for four-hundred years.
    …..Egypt had quite a wealth in gold, silver, gems, fine fabrics, etc, and now, Egypt remained poor and in ruins while “B'nei Yisrael” left with the “spoils of war” a war which YHVH fought against the gods of Egypt, and won. So, in a battle, the spoils of war belong to the victor. So, while the Israelites were protected, G-d fought against the demonic entities, in guise of the “gods of Egypt” Pharaoh included. So, rightly, the riches and spoils of Egypt belong to YHVH, being carried by HIS people.
    …..So, where in the desert are the people going to spend it all? Any where? No where!, they are just carrying it around, a lot of extra weight and burden, might as well put it to good use. The plan is to build a place where YHVH can come down and live with his chosen people. It isn't that YHVH can only live in one place, He is eternal, everywhere, yet He will “rest” with His people, minister to His people right there, visible by a cloud by day and fire by night. The “invisible God” will be “visible” in those two ways.
    …..In “Yitro” The Torah was given to Israel, the marriage “Ketuba” was given in the form of the Ten Commandments, written in stone, In “Mishpatim” “justice” was given, some more commandments explained by YHVH through Moshe, and now, YHVH is saying “Take ME into your life, make ME a place to dwell among you” I mean, there is an awful lot of hardware laying around, put it to good use, that is why you brought it out of Egypt. SO, we can say that the Egyptians have financed the building project. For 4 hundred years, Israel worked for a hard task master, “Pharaoh and Company” building edifices dedicated to false gods, now, Israel has a new master, The Creator of the Universe, the Maker of Man, the future “Yeshua Ha Mashiach” A place will be built for HIM to minister to his people, and every piece of furniture will reflect who HE IS.
    …..Gold, silver, precious stones, fabric, and wood. Now there is a question, where did the wood come from? Is there any ****im and Acacia trees in the desert? If one looks at the desert of Saudi Arabia today, even through “google maps” or “google earth” one can see almost no trees, just bare mountains. But we are talking about a desert almost 4000 years ago, it was probably very different, it had to be, remember that the Israelites brought wih them cattle, sheep, what are they going to eat? Sand? NO, there had to have been vegetation, trees. They could have cut the trees down in the desert and fashioned them into boards for the “Mishkan” (tabernacle) or they might have brought them out of Egypt, already cut and fashioned, perhaps some of the Egyptian lumber yards just gave them all that, since not all of the Egyptians were rich in gold and silver (just an idea)
    …..This is a “free-will offering” Moshe states, “of every man whose heart maketh him willing”. So it was not forced, it was “of free will”. We know that the people gladly gave, so much that later on, Moshe has to say,
    “Stop giving already, we have enough”. Can you imagine a pastor or rabbi from a church or synagogue that would say that to his congregation, “OK brothers and sisters, we have enough money for all of our needs, you can stop giving..” I don't think that will ever happen, When one gives of his or her time, talent, and treasure, God gives back many times over. Money is like a conduit, it should flow like water through a pipe, to be spread out, no “back logged”
    …..There are many who hoard money like a squirrel hoards nuts in a tree, no amount in the bank seems to be enough. One rich man was asked, “how much is enough?' he said , “only one dollar more...” and it never ends.
    Adonai has promised us that He would provide for ALL of our needs, through his abundance in grace, both in spiritual ways, physical, and material ways, if we will only trust Him.
    …..So, the building project is started, with “tent of meeting” (The tabernacle/Mishkan) with its wooden boards, bars, clamps, and curtains of linen, the furniture that would go inside; The brazen Altar, the brazen Laver, the Menorah, the table of shew-bread, the incense altar, and finally, the Ark of the Covenant, (Aron Ha Kodesh. Each and every one of these pieces reflect who Yeshua is and his finished work on Calvary's cross.
    …..The Ark of the Covenant is mentioned first, made of acacia wood over laid with gold, both inside and out.
    Inside this box would be the tables of the Law, the “Torah” It symbolizes the purity and sinlessness of YHVH. The wood; the humanity of Yeshua who was YHVH in the flesh, both God and man. As it was covered with gold inside and out, it symbolizes that we also should be, through the Holy Spirit, “pure” inside and out, both physically, and spiritually, where people can see and where only God can see, inside us. The Torah, God's teaching and instruction to us, is inside the Ark, as the “Living Torah” who is Yeshua is inside of us, and also, his teaching, his “Torah” inside of us, to understand, learn from, and put into action in our daily lives.
    …..The Cherbim that are on top of the Kaporet look down upon the mercy seat, and they remind us of God's Holy Angels that are around us and who protect us. The “Shekinah Glory” the “Holy Presence of YHVH” was on top of the “Kaporet” (the cover) and when the high priest would sprinke blood on the cover, YHVH would see the blood. The blood on the cover symbolized (before Yeshua) that the sins of man were “covered” for one year, but after Calvary, the sins of all of us were “erased” “wiped away” “blotted out” FOR EVER.
    …..The 7 branch Menorah (candlestick) was made of pure gold, with 7 branches, the “perfect number of God” the six branches would extend from the center branch, just like we, believers, depend on the center branch, or “trunk” for our sustenance, there were “6” banches, (number of man) connected to the “7th” main branch. This Menorah symbolizes “Yeshua” as the “Light of the World” and the oil inside it as the “Ruach Ha Kodesh” (The Holy Spirit) We see the “wicks” that are inside the lamps as “believers” who depend on the “oil” (the Ruach HaKodesh) for our continuous growth, as part of the body of Messiah Yeshua.
    …..The table of shew-bread symbolizes Messiah Yeshua as the “Bread of Life” with the 12 loaves of unleavened bread. The bread was to be there, “continuously” the priests would eat the bread on the sabbath and more bread was placed on the table, so that there would be “always the presence of “the Bread of Life” As believers, the living Torah is our spiritual bread, and we must partake daily of this bread. No wonder Yeshua was born in Bethlehem, yet in Hebrew the name is “Beit-Lechem” the “House of Bread” Again, the table was made of Acacia wood overlaid with gold, the purity of the sinless presence of God and the humanity of Messiah Yeshua.
    …..Then there is the table of Incense, also made of acacia wood overlaid with gold. This is where coals from the brazen altar were placed, and incense burned. The incense symbolizes our prayers, which go up to Heaven as the sweet smelling incense smoke also goes up.
    …..The curtains of the tabernacle were to be made of fine linen, with the colors, blue, purple, and scarlet. These colors remind us of “blue skies of heaven above” “purple” (color of royalty, Yeshua the King) and scarlet, (color of blood) reminding us of Yeshua's blood that was shed for all our sins, past, present and future.and of course, the wooden planks that remind us of the humanity of Yeshua.
    …..In the outer court of the tabernacle, there is the brazen altar, made of bronze and filled with water. This is where the priests washed their hands and feet. Bronze symbolizes judgment, imagine when the priests approached the still waters in the bronze laver, they would be able to see their reflection in the water. Imagine that is us looking into a mirror, what do we see? The image of a holy God, yet tainted with sin, we need to judge ourselves, and turn from our sinful ways, repent of our sins, like Yeshua said, “You sins are forgiven, GO, and SIN NO MORE.
    …..Finally, there is the brazen altar, which is really the first thing a person would see inside the tabernacle. It symbolizes Yeshua who was judged for our sins. It is made of acacia wood overlaid with bronze. The bronze symbolizes the judgment that Messiah Yeshua went through to pay our sin price. The animal sacrifices were placed on the grills which were on top of the altar. The animals symbolize our Messiah Yeshua, their blood symbolize HIS blood, and the fire symbolizes the “fires of judgment” which Yeshua endured on the cross of Calvary, once and only once. It was sufficient, for our sins, past, present, and future. Let not his sacrifice for sin be for naught. If you have never placed your faith in Yeshua as Messiah, Savior, and LORD, do it now.

    1 KINGS 5:12-6:13

    …..The tabernacle was used for many, many years. It followed “B'nei Israel” when they crossed over the Jordan,
    …..but 480 years later, it was replaced by the first temple which Melech Shlomo (King Soloman) built. It must have been magnificent. The Ark of the Covenant and the furniture that were inside the Mishkan were transferred to the new temple. Yet many years later, after the death of Shlomo, the priesthood corrupted themselves, the kings as well. The temple was destroyed by the Babylonians, and the furniture taken away.
    …..A believer can walk away from God, we can go astry, and the Ruach HaKodesh will call for us, to invite us back into fellowship, yet for how long? Will the Spirit of God call us back indefinitely? the Spirit of God that finally, “Left” the presence of the Temple, leaving it “Ichabod” just an empty building, can we become like an “empty vessel? Just walking around empty and lifeless?
    …..But just as a believer is capable of going astray and walk away from the presence of God, the believer can also return, and be received with open arms by the Father. One day, the third temple will be built, and the presence of YHVH will be there, and Yeshua will be back to rule the earth. We will be there too, to share in this rule for one thousand years, and then...into eternity.

    MARK 3:1-4:41

    …..Here we see Yeshua on the sabbath, and he heals a man with a withered hand, yet receives criticism from the Prushim (Pharisees). Yet Yeshua explains, “doing a good deed on the sabbath is permitted” so, YES, if one works, doing a “mitzvah” on the sabbath is permitted, if it is to bless another, help another, be it to bring medicine for someone who is sick, help repair a hole in a roof (if you see the rain clouds a comin!) .
    …..Yeshua went down to the Lake and more people came to be healed. The Sea of Galilee is a peaceful place to swim in. Just stand in the water and feel the fish nibble at your feet, quite an experience. I swam down about 10 feet in the lake at Tiberias and brought up a ceramic dish. Still have it, a free souvenir. But just looking at the Lake brings back thoughts of Yeshua there 2000 years ago, healing those with illnesses. He still does, and he heals our souls as well.

    Shabbat Shalom..............rabbi Ben Avraham

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    THE MEANING OF THE MENORAH EXODUS 27:20-30:10 (parasha "Tetsaveh)

    PARASHA: “Tetsaveh” (you shall command)

    EXODUS 27:20-30:10.............EZEKIEL 43:10-27..............MARK 5:1-6:56

    …..In this parasha, we will see the preparation of the Menorah, and the clothing of the priests. The study starts out with preparing olive oil to fill the lamps of the Menorah, The Torah tells us that it was a “permanent light” (Ner Tamid). It would be the only light outside of the “Kadosh Kedoshim” (The HOLY of Holies) where the “Shekinah” illuminated that small area where the only article was the “Aron Ha Kodesh” (The Ark of the Covenant.
    …..The Menorah was “outside” the curtain, yet still inside the tabernacle. In the same room with the Menorah were the Table of Shew bread, where the 12 loaves of bread were, and the Table of Incense. Here we have a three-fold symbolism of Messiah Yeshua. The table of Shew Bread, “Yeshua HaLechem Chaim” (Yeshua the Bread of Life) and the incense altar, where our “Prayers go upward to heaven” and where “Yeshua intercedes on our behalf. The Menorah is “Yeshua HaOr Olam v'ha Or Tamid” (Yeshua the Light of the World and the Eternal Light.
    …..The Menorah was to burn all night, and in the morning, the high priest (Aaron) would come in to trim the wicks and prepare the Menorah for the evening lighting. We can see the significance in this, in many cultures, usually pagan cultures, darkness was when evil came about, demons, etc. In ancient Egypt, their god “Ra” went to sleep at night, so the Egyptians were without protection against the “evils of the night”. Those who ventured out usually took a cat with them, symbolizing “Bastet” goddess of the night, who would protect the person against “evil”. Wow, what if the cat saw a mouse or a dog, and....ran off? Oh, well.
    …..The Menorah that burned during the night symbolized “Elohim” who would be the “light in the evening” as well as in the day. The light was inside the tabernacle, and also, outside in the form of the “column of Fire”
    We are blessed by the presence of the Ruach HaKodesh (The Holy Spirit) at all times, in the day and during the night, inside and out, the believer is NEVER alone, the Light of G-d is forever with us.
    …..The Menorah had seven branches, it was made of pure gold, the middle branch was called the “Shamash” or the “helper”. “Seven” is the perfect number of holiness. “Six” branches (six is the number of mankind) are on either side of the shamash, three on the right and three on the left. Mankind needs the presence of Yeshua, to fulfill his destiny, to get right again, into a right relationship with his creator through Yeshua, through the “New birth” (John 3:3) . The wicks are “all of us” and the oil that goes into the lamps, the “Holy Spirit” we need to be in continuous contact and communion with the Ruach HaKodesh, so that our lamps will “shine brightly” continuously, after all, Yeshua said to his followers, “Ye are the Light of the world” (Atem ha Orot ha olam). Israel's purpose was to be the “light to the gentiles” to go into the world and teach the pagan peoples who worshipped idols, that there was only ONE GOD, to bring the Torah to the world.
    …..This is what happened during the “scattering” of the tribes of Israel to the nations, now, there are “Y'hudim” in all nations, and in all nations, there are many who worship our LORD and God. Even among the Jewish peoples of the world, there are many Messianic believers who embrace Yeshua HaMashiach.
    …..In the next chapter, it talks about the vestments of the priests. Clothing has always been a thing of importance. The world says, “according to how a person dresses, that person IS” a “bum” or “hobo” (a word of the 1930s), usually has dirty and torn clothes, unkempt hair and a scraggly beard, HOWEVER, that “bum” or “hobo” might be a “born again believer” who is going through hard times, maybe being chastised by God for some sin.
    …..I don't know how you readers were brought up, but when my family went to worship at our congregation, we all put on our suit and ties, and mom wore her best dress. Yet today, some come to synagogue or church dressed as if they were going on a walk in the park , or to the beach. I mean, God still sees our hearts, even if we wear a sport shirt or long sleeve shirt with a suit and tie, BUT.. if we are going to meet with the KING of Kings, shouldn't we wear our BEST? What would you wear if the president of your nation invited you to his house?
    …..In different Jewish denominations, different clothing is worn, some causal, some dressed up, some only wear “black and white” (Ashkenazim/orthodox) or even some “Ashkenazim Messianics” follow the custom, nothing wrong with that, it is just a custom/tradition. Maybe the “black” color symbolizes the sin nature, and the “white” our renewed, or born-again nature. The priests had there own vestments
    …..As you read the parasha chapters and verses, we see the tunic/robe, bonnet, ephod, breastplate, etc, all meaningful. The onyx stones on the priests shoulders had the names of the tribes of Israel engraved, the priest would “shoulder the burden” of the nation, taking the animal sacrifices (that represented Yeshua's death) would intercede before YHVH on the nation's behalf. Now, Yeshua intercedes before the Father on our behalf with his “once only” death/sacrifice for all sin for ALL time.
    …..The breastplate would have 12 stones engraved with the names of the tribes of Israel, “Israel was/is next to YHVH's heart! As we are too, since we are all part of the commonwealth of Israel. Two interesting things are the “Umim and Thumim” no one knows exactly what they were, there are suggestions, they might have been two stones which lit up and glowed when the priest would ask YHVH a question, the “Umim and Thumim' (Light and perfections) were placed under the breastplate. When the priest went before YHVH seeking an answer to some judgment concerning the people, the stones would light up “illuminating” the priest with perhaps special wisdom from God, and it would be a “Perfect” response from God.
    …..Or....the Umim and Thumim might have been a special paper, parchment, animal skin with the most holy name of God ( Y H V H ) on it, and placed inside the breastplate, and then, some think, that the letters of the names of the tribes of Israel that were engraved on the stones, would glow. The priest under the anointing of the Spirit of God, would then put the letters together and would “read” God's answer. But these are just ideas, nothing 100% certain. In heaven, we will discover what the “Umim and Thumim were/are! “
    …..Today, we have the Word of God . YHVH speaks to us through his written Word, but also, through dreams, at times, through other people who are very sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Sometimes, YHVH conveys messages through events in our lives. If we look back in our lives, we can see that YHVH has been right there working and preparing events/people to bring us to where we are now.
    …..In chapter 29, we have the anointing/dedication of Aaron and his sons for the ministry. The sacrifices were a bullock and two rams, unleavened bread with olive oil. All these point to Yeshua, these were clean animals, whose blood symbolizes the blood of our Messiah, just like the unleavened bread, “Yeshua the Bread of Life” and the oil, the “Ruach HaKodesh” a little bit of the blood was placed on Aaron's right ear lobe, right thumb, and on the right toe, the same was done to his sons. What does this symbolize? We could say that as priests, “May they always HEAR, LISTEN TO the voice of God, that they might DO his will, and follow his commandments, and WALK in HIS footsteps, FOLLOWING the path of Torah.
    …..This would be the same expectation of ministers who are anointed as rabbis, chaplains, pastors, priests, etc
    that they might always listen to the voice of God, and follow/do his will through his Word, to serve those who are placed under their leadership. We don't use blood today, but we do use anointing oil, so, the next time you might be called to anoint a minister, place some anointing oil on the right ear lobe, on the right thumb, and the right toe, (or on top of the shoe) since most don't use sandals today, (except on Purim) .
    …..Chapter 30 talks about the altar of incense, this was made of ****tim wood overlaid with gold, again, the humanity of Yeshua and the purity of HIM who is God. On this altar, the incense was burned, symbolizing our prayers that go up to YHVH as a sweet savor.

    EZEKIEL 43: 10-27

    …..The prophet receives a vision of the heavenly temple, which is an exact replica of the tabernacle and temple on earth. When YHVH gave the instructions to Moshe to make the tabernacle and later, when Solomon built the temple, It was with the plan of the heavenly temple that was in mind. When Yeshua died for our sins, He went up to the heavenlies and placed his own blood on the mercy seat of the Ark of the Covenant, meaning that our sins are forgiven, erased, blotted out for ever!

    MARK 5:1-6:56

    …..This is when Yeshua heals the man who was possessed by demons. There were one thousand demons inside the body of this man, since demons are in the spirit world, the physical body is not an obstacle, no, they didn't feel “crowded”. And since the demons have to obey the voice of God, they left, and as we read, they went into the bodies of swine.
    …..we can see how far away some Israelites were, from walking in fellowship and obedience to the Torah, since they herded swine, which was and still is, an unclean animal, unsuitable for eating although many Christians believe the contrary. When the swine took a suicide leap from the cliff into the Sea of Galilee, they told Yeshua to “Leave”! Imagine that, telling “God” that he was not welcome in their city. “Hey, you just ruined our business, get out of here!” well, THEY had no business herding and raising pigs to begin with. Sheep and goats, would have been better.
    …..How do we react when God calls our attention to something, do we tell him to “get away from us?” or do we “welcome” his visit and correct our sinful ways? The man who was demonized, now in his right mind wanted to follow Yeshua, yet Yeshua told him; “go and tell what has happened to you to your family and people”
    …..Even though he wanted to follow Yeshua personally, Yeshua sent him on another mission, to “evangelize and be a living witness” He had credibility, since everyone knew him. YHVH sends each and every one on us has a special mission to fulfill while we are on earth, He has equipped each and every believer with the gifts of the spirit to fulfill our mission. Let us be faithful to HIM who has provided us with such a blessing as eternal life.

    Sabbath Shalom...............Hag Sameach Purim..............Rabbi Ben Avraham

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    A MIDRASH ON PURIM (from the book of Esther) "where the name of God is omitted"


    Today and tomorrow, March 12th and 13th 2017, are the 14th and 15th days of Adar, the Feast of Lots

    …..A long time ago, in a palace called Sushan, in the kingdom of Persia, there was a king named Ahasuerus who had just a little too much to drink, he called for his wife and he called for more wine, and the wine he got but the wife he got not! His wife Vashti refused to come,
    …..”Hey, husband, Mr. King, I have my own party, kinda busy now, so, later dude...”
    …..Wrong response, that cost her her job, she got fired! She got “de-queened” But when King Ahasuerus sobered up again, when the Manashevitz ran out, he said, “Oi Vey, what have I done?” Did I really fire the queen?” “Yeah” his counselors said, “and you signed her out of the palace too, can't get her back now....But.. You can send out for a replacement queen!”
    …..”Welllll, Okkkkeeyy” let's have a beauty contest, the prettiest girl gets to be queen, that'll work”
    …..So we know the rest of the story, Esther (Hadasah) the niece of Mordechai becomes queen. This is not by accident, even though YHVH's name is never mentioned, He is still controling the situation. The Book of Esther reveals YHVH's activity inspite of his name being omitted. He is still there on the scene, behind the scene, controlling all the events; We can even see symbolism in the characters and events.
    …..Did it just happen that Vashti got fired and the king arranged for a beauty contest? And that of all the pretty women in the kingdom, all virgins, that Hadasah (Esther) was chosen?.....I would say that YHVH arranged the whole thing...put eveything and everyone in its place and in his and her place, for a reason.
    …..HaSatan is always out to destroy the Jewish people, and this time, he used Haman to try and do it. So Haman is a type of HaSatan. God places Mordechai at the right place at the right time, in order to learn of two plots, one plot to assassinate the king, the other to murder all the Jews of the provinces controlled by Persia.
    …..He sends word to his niece, now queen, of the plans, both plans were revealed by Mordechai, to Queen Esther. Now she has to let the king know. But he hasn't sent for her in a month, to go before the king without being summoned is a death penalty, but she prays and fasts and so do the Jews of Shushan area, Since the king loves Esther, He recieves her, she touches his scepter, and she invites him to two parties, along with Haman,
    …..Now Haman already has an attitude against Mordechai since he will not bow before his presence, I think YHVH has a bit of a sense of humor, Haman rides on a horse and looks down at the people under him, and everyone bows before him in homage, except Mordechai. Now, The king orders Mordechai to ride a horse, wear a crown, and royal apparel, while Haman is below him and has to look up! Interesting change of events.
    …..Haman's plot to have the Jews killed is revealed, the king is wroth, orders Haman to be hanged on the same gallows (75 feet high) that he meant for Mordechai. That was one big and tall neck-stretcher! Haman probably grew a few more inches in a matter of seconds in that fall from “heaven to earth” by a rope. Remind you of someone who was cast down from “the heavens to earth?” a few thousand years ago?
    …..The Jews defended themselves on the 13th day of Adar, which was last shabbat! And won the battle, they also collected the “spoils of war” which was a custom back them, and still is in some parts. To the victor go the spoils, like weapons, money, combat equipment, etc, that the enemy used.
    …..The King and Esther can symbolize YHVH and mankind, the only way to gain access to our Heavenly Father is through YESHUA, the scepter can symbolize YESHUA, We can only come by invitation, the Father invites us to come to him THROUGH YESHUA, if the scepter is not extended, you don't come, without the scepter, death is for sure,
    …..We can look at it this way too. Esther can symbolize YESHUA, and the king, our Heavenly Father, As Esther intervened before the king for her people, so does YESHUA intervene before the Father on our behalf.
    Esther, the bride and wife, can also symbolize all believers, the “Kehilah” of Messiah. And the king, Messiah Yeshua. As King Ahasuerus loved Esther so much that he listened to her petition, so Yeshua loves his bride and soon to be wife, so much that he gave up his life for us all, on Calvary's cross. His bride consists of all believers everywhere. He listens to our petitions, our prayers, and he responds according to his perfect will.
    …..Satan was defeated again back then. Never bow the head or knee to HaSatan, as Mordechai resisted Haman, so should all believers resist the temptations that are thrown at us by the father of lies. So, let us rejoice this day and tomorrow, remembering the Feast of Lots, (purim) which fell upon the 13th day of Adar, a day meant for destruction of the Jewish people, but death and destruction were changed to continued life and prosperity for “b'nei Israel” and so we continue to exist, and will always exist, and be the apple of our Savior's eye, for all eternity. HAPPY PURIM.

    Rabbi Ben Avraham

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    Parasha "Ki Tisa" (when you elevate) "The Golden Calf incident" (EX 30:11-34:35)

    PARASHA: “Ki Tisa” (when you elevate)

    EXDOUS 30:11-34:35………………1 KINGS 18:1-39……………MARK 7:1-8:38

    ….This parasha starts out by numbering the people, those who are 20 years old and older, Each person has to give one half shekel of silver. Why the count? This is to count those who are old enough for the Army, the very first IDF (Israel Defense Forces). Since it is not appropriate to count “people” perhaps as to not trust in “numbers” for strength, which might lead to pride, YHVH tells Moshe to collect silver, and for each half-shekel of silver, one person is represented. The silver is to be used for the Mishkan, for repair and maintenance. Of course, we realize that the Levites were not included in the Armed Forces, they were exempt, their jobs were to be “chaplains” of a sort, working with the priests in ministry.
    …..Every born again believer is “numbered” in the eyes of YHVH for HIS army of adopted sons and daughters, we are fighting a spiritual battle against a hardened enemy, HaSatan, who has his own army of demons, devils, and unsaved humans working for him. Even though there will be many battles, the war has already been won, it was won 2000 years ago, on Calvary’s cross. YHVH came down in flesh and blood and paid our sin price in full. We are fighting against an enemy who has lost the war, but he has an attitude and will not relent, He wants to cause havoc among the brethren, and “sisteren” (my own made-up word)
    …..YHVH commands Moshe to prepare incense and anointing oil. The incense is to be used in worship, burned on the table of incense, which is before the “Kedosh-Kedoshim” (Holy of Holies) and also, on the bread, and on the sacrifices. Incense is still used today in religious services, it has a calming effect on the emotional and nervous system of those who are around it. There are many distinct aromas, the aromas that are similar to the incense that was used in the tabernacle and temple would be frankincense and some even say “musk” scent, however no one can be sure of the original ingredients, what they are today, besides, YHVH prohibits an exact duplication of the formula.
    …..The anointing oil was used to anoint the Levites and priests “on their heads” and not on the flesh, the ingredients were sweet cinnamon, calamus, cassia, myrrh, and olive oil, there are oils today that are used for anointing, yet it was prohibited to replicate the “exact” recipe.
    …..In Remez, the incense symbolizes our prayers that go upward towards heaven, and the oil symbolizes the Holy Spirit who is with us all the time. Through the Ruach HaKodesh, our prayers go up and are heard by our Messiah Yeshua.
    …..We see later on in this parasha that Moshe goes up Har Sinai to receive the tablets of the Mitzvoth, and as we all know the story, after a while the people wonder; “and Moshe? What happened to him?” their faith was weak, and when faith is weak, the enemy HaSatan will take advantage, Aaron who was left in charge was pressured into relenting, with gold earrings, the people made a “golden Calf”. “This is our god” they said, Could one think that they replaced YHVH with this false god? The Egyptian god “hapis” took form of a cow or bull, and perhaps, they had a miniature one of those gods with them. I would think they still believed in YHVH but they wanted to “See” with their eyes, some kind of form, breaking of course the commandment, “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image”. True faith is “believing” even if we cannot see something that is invisible. Yeshua said to his talmidim; “Blessed are those who do not see yet believe”.
    …..Do we trust Adonai, even when we cannot see the immediate results? That is what testing is all about, He will try our faith, will we trust HIM even unto the end? YHVH lives in the infinite dimension of time and space, while we live in the finite dimension. He can see the end while we can’t even see around the corner. He has everything under control, we just have to believe and wait on him, as the Israelites should have done. It would have saved a lot of grief, lives, and dishonor.
    …..Moshe comes back down only to witness the disaster, breaks the tablets as a sign of a “broken covenant” between YHVH and the people. It is like getting married and on the same wedding night, the bride goes out and commits adultery. YHVH wants to DESTROY the people, and start over with Moshe. YET, Moshe intercedes before YHVH for Am Israel. Just as Moshe interceded, so did YESHUA intercede before the Father on our behalf, and still does. “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do” (Yeshua’s words). “Yet now, if you will forgive their sin, and if not, blot ME out of thy book” (Moshe’s words) and…. YHVH forgave them. Just like YHVH forgives us of our sins, when we confess and turn from our wicked ways.
    …..Moshe wants to see the glory “HaKavod YHVH” he goes back up for a second copy of the commandments.
    “Show me thy glory!” the LORD responded; “I will make all my goodness go before thee” yet, he said that no one could see the “face” of YHVH, who can look upon the pure essence of YHVH? For it would drive the spirit out of the body, So, as YHVH passed by, Moshe saw the “after-effect” the “tail end”. It could be similar to my experience in seeing Haley’s comet back in 1987. While I was in college, I went to Lynchburg College Observatory which was open to the public, we could see Haley’s comet going back out into space, I saw the “tail end” of the comet, which was just a faint glow at that time.
    …..Now Moshe gets the second set of the tablets, and YHVH gives them to him with these words:
    …..YHVH, YHVH God, merciful and gracious, long-suffering, abundant in goodness and truth, keeping mercy unto the thousandth generation, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, and by no means clear the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and their children’s children……”
    …..Now, how does that describe our God? He IS full of mercy and showed us grace, in that we were yet sinners, He came to earth in human form and died for us all. He is “long suffering” in that he puts up with our “stuff’ our “attitudes” and “rebellions” and gives us second, third, and fourth “chances” to repent, He could have wiped out Israel in one second, but he didn’t. He gave us his Torah, the Bible which is full of “goodness” and IS the TRUTH, he forgives sin, but ONLY when we come to him as repentant sinners and trust Yeshua as our Savior and LORD. He does not clear the guilty ONLY WHEN, the guilty DO NOT REPENT! And yes, the sins of the fathers can affect the children, just look at the public schools today, the students are rebellious, disrespectful because they have learned that from THEIR PARENTS!
    …..If they kids hear the parents fuss and cuss, they will too, If the parents smoke dope, they will have the tendency to do the same, children will copy their parents in all ways, HOWEVER, the blood of Yeshua can heal all of that, the generational curses can be cut short when YESHUA comes into the lives of families.
    …..Moshe returns to the congregation with the new set of tablets, and YHVH instructs him and reminds him of his commandments, “Yes, I will go before thee…only observe all that I am commanding thee this day…. And toward the end, YHVH mentions, “thou shalt not seethe a kid in its mother’s milk” which is a repeated commandment, this was discussed before, it symbolizes a separation between, “life and death” of the “clean and unclean”
    …..Moshe comes down “glowing” like a thousand watt light bulb, why? He has been in the presence of YHVH right there, in the middle of the Shekinah glory! If he glowed with God’s glory, Moshe being a sinner like all of us, can you imagine how Adam and Eve glowed before the fall? Being in constant fellowship with Elohim? It was only after the fall that the “light covering” left, and they found themselves “naked!”
    …..Yeshua said; “Ye are the light of the world” Yes, we are, yet we have no light of our own, we reflect the light of Messiah Yeshua, in our own lives. Is our light bright, like that which reflected from Moshe? Or…dim?

    1 KINGS 18:1-39

    …. This relates the time when there is a contest, sponsored by Eliyahu Ha Navi, Elijah the prophet calls for a contest between “Baal” and “YHVH” it is time to take action, clear up the error that Baal even exists. So, it is Baal vs YHVH, Elijah against 450 false prophets of Baal. Sacrifices are ready, all that is needed is fire, but fire not kindled by man, only by the true God, We all know who won the contest, Elijah called upon YHVH;
    …..”ATAH YHVH HaELOHIM” (you are YHVH you are God) and fire fell from heaven and consumed EVERYTHING , the sacrifice, altar, stones, water, The people now had proof, the false prophets were still crying out and dancing around. Judgment; death for all false prophets. The people repented and returned to YHVH
    …..Are we worshiping and serving our true God? Or are we chasing after idols, idols of money, fame, popularity, jobs, fast cars, lust, avarice, etc. We can only serve one master, who is it going to be? Do we serve YHVH? Or the world? The choice is ours.

    MARK 7: 1-8:38

    …..In this portion of scripture, we see Yeshua rebuking the prushim (pharisees) they are pointing out that the disciples did not wash their hands before eating. It is true, that one of the rites of the priests was to wash their hands and feet before entering into the Holy place, yet this was never stated as a commandment.
    …. Today, we see many religious practices which are stressed and done as if they were commandments. There is a big difference between “commandments” and “tradition” many traditions stem from commandments, but we need to differentiate between the two. Wearing a Kippa, is a tradition, different manner of dress in Judaism is tradition, but wearing tzitziot is a commandment, putting a mezuzah on the doorpost is a commandment. But one should not judge one another in these cases. One can point out different scripture verses, but we must leave everything in the hands of God.
    …..”It is not what goes into a person that which defiles, but what comes out of a person that which defiles, for out of the HEART comes forth…….
    …..So as not to confuse one thing from another, eating certain kinds of food does not defile a person SPIRITUALLY!, it may defile one physically, eating what is not considered biblically kosher, like pork, shellfish, etc.. BUT there are other things that can defile a person spiritually, like listening to unholy music, doing things, watching things, movies, etc. that are un-holy, satanic, occultic, etc.
    …..Physical defilement is different from spiritual defilement. In this passage of scripture, Yeshua is performing many miracles, opens the ears of a deaf man, healing the eyes of a blind man, casting out demons, how are our eyes, ears, heart? Can we see the truth in scripture? Can we hear the WORD of God clearly? Is our heart open to receive his word? Do we come against HaSatan and his demons through the power of the Holy Spirit? Is Yeshua HaMashiach your savior and LORD?

    Shabbat Shalom……….rabbi Ben Avraham

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    A look at the final chapters of EXODUS (chapters 35-38)

    PARASHA: VaYakhel (and he assembled) and P’Kudei (Accountings of) THE FINAL CHAPTERS OF THE BOOK OF EXODUS (Shemot)

    EX 35:1-38:20 and EX 38:21-40:38……………..1 KINGS 7:13-8:21………….MARK 9:1-50

    …..These are the final chapters of Exodus (Shemot) and Moshe talks about honoring the Sabbath day, the prohibition of lighting a fire on the Sabbath, gathering an offering to build the tabernacle and it’s furnishings, the appointment of persons to make certain items, and finally, the building project in detail and the outcome. All these are worth talking about.

    ….”Work shall be done for six days, but the seventh day shall be a holy day for you, a Sabbath of rest to YHVH”

    …..”You shall kindle no fire throughout your dwellings on the Sabbath day.”

    …..These are very important statements, commandments repeated from before. Even before the building project begins, YHVH wants his people to know the work days, rules, and regulations. It this “work-a-holic” world in which we live, the believer should know when to stop and rest. YHVH commands it, for our own good and mental soundness. Too many people work all seven days a week, perhaps 10 or more hours each day to make a “lot-of-money” only to spend the extra money at the hospital when they have a nervous breakdown because of all the extra work hours.

    …..The Sabbath is a day to spend with the family, at the family’s place of worship., be it at a synagogue or at a church. It is a time to spend with the LORD, to worship, learn from HIS WORD, and fellowship with other believers. It is a time to leave the things of the house alone, perhaps eat out, and return home at the end of Sabbath. It is intended as a “day of rest” so, “rest” means exactly that, “rest”.

    …..When we look at the commandment; “Thou shalt kindle no fire throughout your dwellings on the Sabbath” we need to ask ourselves, what was fire used mainly for? Probably for cooking! To boil water, prepare food in different ways. Manna fell from the sky and the Israelites perhaps ate it as is, or boiled it, made it into bread, they probably roasted goats or lambs from the flocks, heated ovens for “Manna flat bread” It was a task and a half to start and maintain a fire, cooking, preparing and all that. So, YHVH is saying STOP!, just for the Sabbath, and take a break from it all. Stop slaving over the hot stove and rest, prepare something on Friday, that is why HE gave a “double-portion” of Manna on Friday.

    …..Today, how can we put that “mitzvah” into good use without “overdoing it” as some Jewish sects do, not , turning on a light switch, not driving a car, etc. Well, to start, we can prepare meals for Saturday on Friday, and on the Sabbath, just heat them up. Another idea, eat something light like salad and sandwiches. Many churches and synagogues have the custom of eating out, or eating “in”. Some Jewish synagogues have “oneg” a lunch prepared for the members and guests after service. Some church Sunday school classes go out to eat as families after services on Sundays. Why not? Give the house-wife or house-husband a break from kitchen duty! Don’t they deserve it? Anyway, the Sabbath was made for man and woman, to “rest” and take it easy, and mediate on YHVH.

    …..The rest of these two Parashot have to do with the Tabernacle. The order to build it, to take up an offering of materials, to assign workers, to “build it” to “put it all together” and finally, to invite YHVH to come down and dwell in it, which he DID, at the close of the book of Exodus. So, go ahead and read the chapters. How can we look at this in light of our lives as born-again believers in Messiah Yeshua?

    …..The “tabernacle” today is YHVH’s dwelling place which is each and every “Kehilah” (congregation) where born-again believers meet to worship the LORD, singing praises and teaching his WORD. The tabernacle is also the bodies of all believers, with the Ruach HaKodesh dwelling inside of us! YHVH has given each and every believer some gift and talent to “maintain” the “Mishkan of Believers” as YHVH chose different individuals to build the furniture of the Mishkan, so HE has selected different believers with different talents to maintain the Kehilah.

    …..So, what does every article of tabernacle furniture symbolize in relationship with Yeshua and believers?

    …..1. The Mishkan itself with the curtains, poles, staves, etc = A “fence” to keep holiness in and ungodliness out!

    Once inside, you are in the holy place, where YHVH dwells, and where the priests minister. Our Kehilot are “holy places” where the LORD dwells and where we join for fellowship with other believers.

    …..2. “Aron HaKodesh” (The Ark of the Covenant) the “heart” of the Mishkan, where the tablets of the commandments are kept, together with a pot of Manna, and Aron’s rod. It symbolizes the believer who “should” shine like “gold” both inwardly as well as outwardly. We should be mindful of the commandments to put them into action as “unto good works” Yeshua is our “Manna” the “Bread of Life” and the Rod of Aron as our “Rod of authority, our high priesthood of believers” The “Shekinah glory” which rested above the mercy seat is the everlasting presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

    …..3. “The Table of Incense” it symbolizes our prayers as they go up “like smoke” unto the heavenlies, even to the Throne of Grace. One thing to point out, all the furniture with the exception of the Menorah, was made of Acacia wood overlaid with gold, the wood symbolizes the humanity of Yeshua, and the gold “purity”. The incense was made of various ingredients, but making an exact replica of the original substance is forbidden, most worshippers today that use incense use a mixture of Frankincense and Myrrh, which is readily available. It is a relaxing aroma that helps one to go to sleep at night.

    …..4. “The Golden Menorah” was made of one solid piece of gold, hammered and formed into a seven-branch candlestick. It had seven lamps which were filled with olive oil and burned all night. In the morning, the priest would come into the Holy Place and trim the wicks and re-fill the lamps with olive oil. We look at the Menorah as “Yeshua Ha Or Olam” (Yeshua who is the light of the world, the Eternal Light) we are the 6 branches that are on either side of the “Shamash” the helper lamp which is in the middle, Yeshua said, “Ye are the light of the world” that means “every believer is a light in dark places” but our light comes from Yeshua” we have no light of our own, like the moon, moon light is sun light reflected off the lunar surface. The oil symbolizes the Ruach Ha Kodesh, (The Holy Spirit) and the wicks are “us” we need to be in contact with the “oil” in order to have brightness.

    …..5. “The Table of Shewbread” made of hard wood overlaid with gold. Had 12 loaves of bread, symbolizing the 12 tribes of Israel. The table and bread symbolize “Yeshua HaLechem Chayim” (Yeshua the Bread of Life)

    Even the “unleavened bread” of Passover which symbolizes “Yeshua” who is the unleavened bread”

    …..6. Outside the holy place are two items, the bronze laver and the Brazen Altar. The bronze laver was a huge bronze bowl filled with water. The priests would wash their hands and feet after offering blood sacrifices. It was made of bronze which symbolizes “judgment” when the water was still, the priest would see his reflection in the water. When we look in still water, or in a mirror, we see our reflection, we see who we are, sinners saved by grace, yet we still have the sin nature, and Yeshua went through “judgment” in our place, we have been “washed” in his blood and made clean. Remember that Yeshua washed the feet of his talmidim.

    …..7. “the Bronze Altar” (Mizbeach) (pronunciation = “ach” like Yohann Sebastian Bach) not “beach” which is by the ocean, NO! was made of hard wood overlaid with bronze, symbolizing the humanity of Yeshua who was judged in the “fires of our sin”. The animal sacrifices were performed on this altar, the blood was poured out at the base of the altar and the animals roasted on a grill. Think of the Mizbeach as a big BBQ pit. The brazen altar symbolizes the cross of Messiah Yeshua, the animals symbolizing Yeshua himself who poured out his blood for us sinners, who incurred “our judgment” in his own body.

    …..We see the materials that went into building the tabernacle; gold, silver, bronze, fine linen, wood, blue, purple, scarlet, and animal skins, They all have symbolic meanings; Gold=purity (of Messiah) and the goal of every follower of Mashiach, Silver=redemption (Yeshua redeemed us from the curse of sin) bronze=Judgment (Yeshua was judged for our sins, Fine linen= our new nature and our walk with the LORD, wood=Humanity of Messiah

    Blue=Heaven, Purple=Royalty, (we are royalty in Messiah Yeshua, part of his royal family) Scarlet=blood. Animal skins=the covering of our sins before, but now, our sins have been erased, not just covered.

    …..At the end of Exodus, in 40:38 it says that YHVH settled upon the Mishkan in a cloud. Now his presence is visible. Messiah is still with us in the form of the Holy Spirit, WE are the living Tabernacles and the Spirit of God lives in our heart, as well as within the “Kehilot” of believers who come together for worship. There is much more to say, but I better end here, or I’ll be here all night and it is already past midnight.

    1 KINGS 7:51-8:21

    …..We see here a repetition of the same building project, but on a larger scale. Solomon builds the first “Temple” for the presence of YHVH. Wherein the tabernacle was a mobile structure (kinda like a mobile home) the Temple was a fixed place. He employed thousands of workers, so there wasn’t much unemployment in Israel during that time. It took many years to build whereas the tabernacle was finished in a matter of months.

    …..It takes time to build a ministry, many years sometimes. But if the goal is to share/teach the Word of God to others, to minister HIS word, then the LORD will bless that work, no matter how small or how big, whether a “mobile” ministry or a “fixed-in-one-place ministry, Adonai will bless and it will last.

    MARK 10:1-52

    …..Here, Yeshua teaches on divorce. This is a big subject, and a sad subject because many couples do not take marriage seriously any more. “Love” is a “commitment” it is a “conscious choice” to care for a person, it has nothing to do with “feelings”, yet “feelings” can lead two people together in order to “make a “love” commitment”

    .....Divorce was allowed out of the “hardness of man’s heart” in biblical times, it was instituted by the man, never the woman, all is different now, get tired of your mate? Bored? Run to the lawyer and get a divorce, look for a new mate, someone more exciting and full of life. This is the mentality of the world, but not the mentality of God. The only biblical reason for allowing divorce is adultery, and for unbelief, if there is a mixed marriage and the unbeliever refuses to live with the believer, “let him (or her) depart” for we are not called to strife. All the more reason to be “equally yoked together, believers with other believers” Personally, divorce should be a last choice if one is living in a “hell hole” and the mate is a “unholy terror” but let’s not even go there now, we need to lift up our mates in prayer and pray for understanding one with the other. We are all different, and our mates complement our weaknesses, and through our mates, our weaknesses become “strong”

    …..It is almost 1 AM, I am definitely going to bed now…………Shabbat Shalom

    Rabbi Ben Avraham

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    Looking at the Book of Leviticus!

    Well, you have read through all the Parashiot and midrashim (commentaries) to continue, go back to page 1 of the Forum Post title "GENESIS TO DEUTERONOMY" a weekly study. it starts with "VaYikra" (Leviticus) For those of you who are printing out the studies, you might want to re-arrange the studies in order starting from Genesis. In the future, I will continue to add to this page (page 5) with other studies on God's Holy Writ

    Jacob Ben Avraham........and thanks for reading through the studies.

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    PARASHA: “VaYIKRA” (and he called) a few more details to add to the above Parasha study,

    LEVITICUS 1:1-6:7………………ISAIAH 43:21-44:23……………MARK 11:1-12:44

    ……We start the book of Leviticus, this part of the Torah has to do with the Mishkan (the tabernacle) now ready to be used, and the sacrificial system that will be instituted within the Mishkan. All the sacrifices point to and illustrate MESIAH YESHUA (Jesus the Christ) who he is and what his one-time sacrifice means to us as believers. Even though the sacrificial system was completed with Messiahs’ death on Calvary, it is still worth while studying the meaning of it all, since it is a very integral part of the Torah.

    …..The first thing you must do is read over the scripture verses, from Chapter 1:1 through 6:7. Now we are ready for a discussion. The whole idea of a “Korban” (sacrifice) is to generate the idea of “substitution”. The sacrificial system involves; a gift, a death, a substitute, a renewed relationship. “The gift (haMatanah)” comes from the person offering, which is an animal. The animal, which would be a goat, a lamb, a bull, or a bird, would be killed and the blood splattered on the altar (mizbeach), the animal would be a “substitute” for the person who offers it. The sins of the person “transfer” to the animal. Through the sacrifice, the relationship between the offeror and YHVH is renewed. But remember that the “sacrifices” are just symbolic of what they really mean,

    Which is Messiah Yeshua taking on ALL of our sins and him being nailed to the cross, and shedding his blood for our sins, giving us a “renewed” relationship with Him, through a “born again” experience.

    …..There were 5 kinds of “korbanot” (sacrifices); 1. The burnt offering (Olah) 2. The sin offering, 3. The guilt or trespass offering; 4. The Peace offering (Korban Shelamim) 5. The grain or meat offering (Minchah). Each one identifies our relationship with Messiah Yeshua.

    …..THE BURNT OFFERING (Olah) This involved an animal sacrifice, the animal was completely burned on the altar and the ashes taken away and buried “outside the camp” the head, the inner organs, and the legs were burned as well. The pieces of the animal were arranged on the altar and burned. The head could symbolize our “thoughts” the inner organs could represent our “inner being, the heart, and the legs, our “walk” all of these were “offered up” to YHVH, thus symbolizing our “complete surrender to God in all that we are and have. The altar as you remember was made of hard wood overlaid with bronze and had a grill in the middle, and under the grill was earth and stones, Wood was laid on the grill and the animal was cut up and laid on the grill and burned. This reminds us of Yeshua who was “sacrificed” by his own free will on a WOODEN cross, and was consumed by the “fires of judgment” He was judged for OUR SINS. The animal’s throat was cut and the blood was poured out and splashed on the altar. The person offering the animal showed that he/his family was “offering themselves to the LORD”. It also symbolizes our awareness of our sin nature. This sacrifice originated in Genesis, with Adam and Eve, Abel offered an “Olah Korban” so did Abraham, when he offered up the ram instead of his son Isaac, so did Noah, when he left the ark.

    …..THE SIN OFFERING (korban chatat) This also involved an animal sacrifice. It symbolized our specific sins that we commit by mistake, (active) or something we do not do, or forget to do (passive). In this korban, the person would offer the animal as a sacrifice, the person would place his hands on the head of the animal, transferring his “sins” into the animal, which would be the “substitute. The animal’s throat would be cut and the blood splattered on the altar. The priest would offer on the altar the fat, the liver, and the kidneys of the animal. These could symbolize our inner being. In this, the person confessed their sins and they did it by free will, and the animal symbolized Yeshua who paid our sin price in full.

    …..THE TRESPASS OR GUILT OFFERING; This involved the same process, only that the person who committed an offense against another would also have to bring compensation for the wrong doing, either in payment in silver or gold, or payment with animals. When we offend another person, be the person a brother or sister in Messiah or an unbeliever, we need to “compensate” the sin, if we can do it, sometimes, we cannot, if the sin is against the person’s character, no amount of money can repay the damage done, only a sincere confession in humbleness. So, we need to watch our “walk”.

    …..THE PEACE OFFERING (Shelamim). The word “Shelamim” comes from “Shalom” (peace) this was an enjoyable sacrifice in which both the priest and the offeror and his family would enjoy “roast beef, goat, or lamb”

    This was a “thankfulness” offering for blessings received. The animal was offered in the same way, only the meat was shared between the priest and his family, and the offeror and his family. We see this kind of “korban” even today in the parks, when families go out and BBQ ribs (hopefully beef and not pork) chicken, beef sausage, steaks, etc, many times they invite friends and family to enjoy in the “grilling and BBQ” they also have bread, or tostadas, tortillas, drinks, salad, etc to accompany the meal.

    …..THE MEAL OR MEAT OFFERING (minchah) this was a non-blood offering on the altar, in this korban, fine flour was offered, mixed with olive oil, frankincense, and also, the flour was made into cakes, rolls of bread, or flat breads (tortillas) but made without leaven or honey. These usually accompanied the peace offerings, to make the meal a “feast”. The fine flour symbolizes “YESHUA THE BREAD OF LIFE” the oil THE RUACH HA KODESH (The holy Spirit) the frankincense, OUR FELLOWSHIP THROUGH PRAYER. The animal itself represented Yeshua who gave his life for us, and took upon himself ALL of our sins, past, present, and future. The word “KORBAN” (sacrifice) comes from the Hebrew verb KARAV which means; “to come near”

    …..We can only come near to YHVH through the shed blood of Messiah Yeshua, who was the “sacrificed lamb” the Bible says that “without the shedding of blood, there can be no remission of sins” Our sins were “atoned for once and forever. That is why the “new covenant” or “renewed” covenant is a BETTER covenant, because there is no more need for animal sacrifices, because YESHUA took their place.

    ISAIAH 43:21-44:23.......................................... .................................................. .................. ..

    …..YHVH speaks through the Prophet Yeshayahu and is complaining that Israel has forgotten about God, they no longer bring sacrifices, but are engrossed in sin, He explains that craftsmen will use their skill to make idols, that have no value, what a waste of craftsmanship! They can take iron and make a plowshare, swords, and even an idol. Is the fault in the iron? Or in the craftsman? Iron is just a material from the ground, the craftsman can turn it into something for usefulness or for idolatry. The worker in wood can cut down trees, make perhaps a plow, a wheel, use the wood for fuel for fire, or make a wooden idol. Is it the wood’s fault? or does the fault lie with the craftsman? Even today, we can use money either to buy food for our family, pay our bills, or buy and sell drugs! Does the fault lie in the money? Or the use of it? We can use money to honor or dishonor God and those around us, the choice is ours. God cries out to Israel; “I SHALL WIPE OUT YOUR TRANSGRESSIONS LIKE A CLOUD, AND YOUR SINS LIKE A MIST, RETURN TO ME AND I SHALL REDEEM YOU” (44:22)The promise still stands. If we “teshuv” to HIM, HE will save us!

    MARK 11:1-12:44.......................................... .................................................. ...................

    …..There are several themes in these verses. Yeshua is in all of them. One theme is that when he went into the temple in Yerushalayim, he threw over the money tables and chased out the money changers, saying “My house is a House of prayer but you have made it a den of thieves” there are many synagogues and some churches that refuse to conduct business on the Sabbath or on the day of worship because they are reminded of that verse. However, Yeshua called them “thieves” these money changers were exchanging foreign money such as Greek “drachmas” and Roman “Denarii” for Israel “Shekels” in order to buy sacrifice animals. Many times, the money changers would not honor the exchange rate, and would “cheat” the clients. If 12 Mexican pesos equaled 1 US dollar, it would be like accepting the 12 pesos and giving the person 75 cents! Perhaps these money changers were cheating in this way.

    …..In 12:29-31 Yeshua quotes the “Shema” Hear O Israel YHVH is our Elohim, YHVH is ONE (Echad) and he continues, Love Elohim with all your heart, being, mind, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself. Yeshua just summed up all the 613 commandments in two verses! Because all the commandments have to do with our relationship with YHVH and our relationship with our fellow man. That is the purpose of Bible study, to learn of these commandments and put them into practice, so as to deepen our relationship with Messiah Yeshua and to be a good witness to our fellow man, and…bring lost mankind to a saving relationship with Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Christ)

    Shabbat Shalom………rabbi Ben Avraham (now return to page 1 and start the study anew)
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    From EXODUS 12:1-13


    So where does January 1st fit in? It doesn't!. This was an invention of man, to change the calendar that God had already given us. God operates on a lunar calendar, and the Gregorian calendar uses the sun. But if we are going to understand the events and dates that events occur in the Bible, we need to be familiar with the lunar calendar. The month of “Nisan” which usually starts in April or late March, is the “New Year” for us. This year, 2017, “New Year's day” was on March 27th

    Something tremendous is about to happen, a joyous occasion, an event of “Thanksgiving” sort of speaking. In the USA we are accustomed to celebrate “Thanksgiving” in November, with turkeys, and we invite all family and relatives over to eat. In Egypt, the Israelites were slaves, and were about to be freed. This “Thanksgiving” occasion called for “lambs” perfect lambs without illness, or deformities, One of the names of “Yeshua” our Messiah is the “Lamb of God” who was also, and still is “without blemish” what happened on the 10th day of the month of Nisan two thousand years ago? Yeshua entered Jerusalem on a donkey, to be known as Messiah, to heal the sick, and teach the Torah, to be known by the people, everyone greeted him with palm branches and shouted “Hosanna to the Son of David” and five days later shouted “Crucify him” (well, not all shouted that) many wept and many understood Daniel's prophecy that the “Messiah would be “cut off” (crucified) in Daniel chapter 8. This date is commonly known as “Palm Sunday” in the christian communities. “Palm Sunday” was on the 16th of April this year.


    A day begins at “twilight” when the sun goes down, it is the start of a new day. So, five days after the lamb was in the houses, being inspected to see if it had any blemishes, it was slaughtered at “twilight” and the blood was placed on the two side beams of the houses, and on the top beam.
    When we see Yeshua in this, we see him in Jerusalem, comes in on the tenth of Nisan, then on the 14th day of Nisan, five days later (ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, and fourteen) he is crucified on the cross of Calvary, for our sins, once and for all time, The blood on the doorposts and lintel form a “cross” we can imagine the head of Yeshua at the top, wet with the blood from his head where the crown of thorns was, and the two side posts where his hands were nailed, and the blood ran down to the base of the cross.


    We often see this done in parks, on BBQ pits, families bring hamburgers, hot dogs, fajitas, sausage, etc and roast them over an open fire, well in Goshen, the lambs were roasted over open fires on spits, we look at the symbolism of “fire” and we are reminded of “heat, light, destruction, purification, zeal, and judgment. Yeshua was “roasted” on Calvary's cross in the fire of judgment, being judged for all of our sins, past, present, and future. Yeshua is also known by the name “The Bread of Life” who was born in the “House of Bread” (Beit-Lechem) or in English “Bethlehem” it is only fitting that the “Bread of Life” would be born in the “House of Bread” Unleavened bread symbolizes “without sin” leaven symbolizes “sin” as “leaven or yeast” puffs up the dough, and so we get bread made with flour and yeast, sin often makes us “swell or puff up with false pride” . The “bitter herbs” remind us of the slavery that the Israelites went through in Egypt for 400 years. We are reminded of the “slavery to sin” being bound to Ha Satan. We don't know exactly what kind of bitter herbs were used back then, but today, we use horse radish. The bitterness of sin is passed when we come to Yeshua and accept Him as LORD and Savior.


    This is the night when the Egyptians get paid back for all their abuse and cruelty. In one night, Egypt was ruined. And a few days later, Egypt's army found itself on the bottom of the Red Sea. Egypt never quite recovered from the blow. Adonai-Elohim was saying to Pharaoh “I AM the LORD God, and YOU are not ME!” nor were the gods, any kind of gods, if anything, demonic entities. Each plague was against one of the many gods. “darkness” came against “Ra” the sun god. The death of the cattle came against “Apis” a god with the head of a bull. The Nile turned to blood, against the Nile goddess, and so forth. But the “Blood Standard” would “save” all who found themselves behind the closed doors of the houses where the blood was. Even the Egyptians
    Many who “woke up and smelled the coffee” sort of speaking, who realized they were on the losing side, if they put blood on their doors, they would also be saved. This shows that we serve a just God who is not racist. He accepts ALL people of ALL NATIONS, and RACES. Who would trust in the shed blood of Messiah Yeshua (Jesus the Christ) that is why we see a “mixed multitude” that left Egypt together with the Israelites, it consisted of Egyptians and Nubians (people from Ethiopia and Sudan) who were living in Egypt at that time. The LORD would PASS OVER those houses where the blood of the lambs was placed. Today when we trust in the one-time sacrifice of Yeshua (Jesus) who shed his blood on Calvary's cross, we are saved from eternal destruction, eternal death, and separation from our creator. Just as the blood standard was in effect back then, it is still in effect NOW, and always will be.

    HAPPY PASSOVER SEASON………………….Rabbi Ben Avraham

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    STANDING ON THE SOLID ROCK (Exodus 33:12-23)

    STANDING ON THE ROCK! (Exodus 33:12-23)

    .....Moshe asks YHVH a very interesting question; “You say bring this people up, but who is going with me?”
    Without guidance, we can go nowhere. It is like walking in the dark without a flashlight, or being in the middle of the ocean without a compass. Where will we go? Who will lead us? Adonai has the answer Moshe is searching for;
    .....“My presence goes, and I shall give you rest” (vs 14) The “Ruach Elohim” will go with the people, and they will receive “shalom”. There are two kinds of rest, “physical rest” from our labors, and “spiritual rest” that is from within us. Before, we were burdened down with the curse of sin, but once we accept Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Christ) as our LORD and Savior, we have his “presence” inside of us to give us “peace” (shalom)
    Moshe wants to experience the “essence” of YHVH, but who can know who He really is? Can we grasp the meaning of the universe? The mind of God? We are limited, to what we can fathom as fallen beings, but YHVH listens to Moshe and gives him an answer;
    .....“I shall cause all my goodness to pass before you, and I shall proclaim the Name of YHVH………See, there is a place with me, and you shall stand on the ROCK……. (vss 19,21)
    .....There was a special place, a special ROCK, where Moshe was placed, he “Stood” upon the ROCK” (HaTzur)
    In the picturesque/symbolic ancient Hebrew, the letters can symbolize, “The first Tzadik to receive the nail”
    The ROCK symbolizes YESHUA, who IS the TZADIK (the righteous one) who received the Nail and paid our sin price in full, and thus…giving us SHALOM (rest) from our spiritual torment of being lost sinners.
    The name YHVH proclaimed is HAVAYAH, (the essence of existence) who is “Haya” (the past) Hoveh (the present) and “YiYah” (the future) and who is YESHUAH (salvation of YAH)

    Shalom……………rabbi Ben Avraham

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    PARASHIOT: “Tazriah” (she bears seed) and “Metsora” (infected ones). April 29, 2017

    Lev 12:1-13:59......................................... Lev 14:1-15:33
    Prophets:....... 2 Kings 4:42-5:19..... Brit HaDasha:..... Luke 17:11-17

    …..This week we have a double Torah portion; “Tazriah” which talks about when a woman gives childbirth, and “Metsora” which talks about “Tzara-at” which most Bibles interpret as “leprosy” but in actuality, the word “Tzara-at” covers ALL skin afflictions and diseases, including the dreaded disease called leprosy, medically known as “Hanson’s disease. Go to google “images” and see it, but be sure you don’t eat anything before hand, it is quite horrible.
    …..Leviticus Chapter 12 covers childbirth, and YHVH deems “unclean” a woman after giving birth, and she has to stay put in her tent, 7 days plus 33 days. All together, “40” days, “40” is the number for testings’ and trials. Why, we might wonder, should a woman be rendered “Tamei” or “Unclean” because of giving birth? Only YHVH has the pure and true answer. It isn’t that she has sinned by giving birth, on the contrary, she has given life! Some rabbinical midrashim (commentaries) state that there is both “death” and “life” during childhood. “Life” is the new baby, yet “death” because the woman loses fluids (blood) which symbolizes life. Not that the woman actually dies, but the “lost blood” however much or little, still symbolizes life.
    …..For a female child, the purification time is longer, 2 weeks plus 66 days, altogther, “80” days, the number “8” is the number of “new beginning” If we remember when Yeshua was born, Miryam and Yosef brought two turtle doves to be sacrificed after she went through her ritual cleansing, Yosef brought Yeshua to be circumcised on the 8th day.
    …..Chapter 13 deals with two kinds of “Tzara-at” skin diseases (all kinds, both major and minor) and “mold & mildew on clothing. In ancient times, the person with a skin disease had to be isolated outside the camp until he or she got better, and was “healed” there were probably some ointments available then, probaby primitive, the priests were not doctors, but acted as “judges” who would “judge” the person “healed” if the disease was temporary, today we have many kinds of skin ailments, Psoraisis, Escema, simple rashes caused by allergies, scabies, ringworm, etc, were all based under the word “tzara-at” when the person was well and the disease was no more, the person would offer a sacrifice and return to the camp. Here again, we see a form of “death” (cast out, rejected) and “rebirth” entering into the body of Israel once again after healing.
    …..Clothing also had to be checked, God knew about the dangers of mold and mildew long before man found out. People had to carefully check the fabric of their clothing, the sewing together of the yard was called “woofs” and “warps” and if there was a red or green discoloration, it was “mold and mildew” (also called “tsara-at”)
    …..A person’s house could also be affected with “tsara-at” with mold and mildew, if it was, the walls had to be scraped and the affected stones removed and replaced.
    …..How does this affect us spiritually? There is a “spiritual leprosy” that is rebellion against YHVH, living in contrary to His Word, doing what is “right in our own eyes” disregarding the commandments as if they were “only for the past” claiming that “Now we are under grace” and not guided by the Torah. Grace and Torah always co-existed, and they still do! Abraham was saved by grace, and this was before the written Torah. Even though many commandments can not be followed today, there are still many that CAN BE followed, let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater!
    …..If we were to analyize our spiritual lives and maturity honestly, how many of us would have to cry out “Tamei” (unclean) and go run and hide? Yet there is forgiveness and a new beginning in our Messiah Yeshua, who paid our sin price and penalty on Calvary’s cross once and for ever. We can “come in the camp again” when we confess of sins before a Holy God, and accept His forgiveness, and accept his inner “healing”.
    …..Some rabbinical commentaries claim that “tzara-at” came upon people’s skin, clothing, and houses because of ‘Leshon Hara” (evil tongue) because of spreading lies, slander, gossip, backbiting, backstabbing, etc. Take in account “Miriam” who was struck with “Tzara-at” when she spoke against Moshe! Yet Moshe interceeded on her behalf, and she was healed. The same way Yeshua heals us when he goes on our behalf before the Father.
    …..We should be careful when speaking and only speak positive things about others, if another is in error, go to that person personally and confront the person in love, not talk about what he or she is doing wrong with others.
    No wonder we have only ONE mouth, yet two EARS. Listen carefully, yet speak little.

    2 KINGS 4:42-5:19

    …..We read about “Naaman” the Syrian who was healed of his Tzara-at, whatever kind he had, He was healed, not because of anything he could pay Elisha, but what he did in OBEDIENCE and FAITH. He went and bathed in the River Jordan, when down 7 times, again, “7” is YHVH’s perfect number, it kind of symbolizes baptism in a way. When we came up the seventh time, he was healed of his disease.
    …..We can became clean inside when we obey God’s Word, and accept Yeshua as Savior and LORD, Yeshua is the “Living Water” and when we “bathe in Him” we become clean, our “tamei” becomes “tahor”

    LUKE 17:11-17

    …Not the official Parasha reading, but this deals also with the healing of 10 who suffered with some sort of skin ailment, which made them “tamei” and “outcasts”. Yeshua healed them all, only for the asking, YET only ONE returned to say “thanks”. Do we take our Salvation for granted? Do we think we deserve it? Remember that only through the grace of YHVH does he allow us into HIS family. Do we really live like “B’nei Malach?” (children of the King) or….do we succume to the deceiver and lair of all times? Do we praise and thank Him for so great a gift such as YESHUAH (Salvation) ? do we thank and praise YESHUA for YESHUAH? Something to think about

    …………..Shabbat Shalom………………rabbi Ben Avraham

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    Entering into a KADOSH (Holy) Relationship with YHVH (Lev 16-20)

    PARASHA: “Achrei Mot” (after the death) and “K’doshim” (holy ones) LEV 16:1-20:27
    Amos 9:7-15; Luke 2:1-52

    Entering into a KADOSH (Holy) Relationship with Adonai

    …..This Parasha speaks of the solemn Moed (appointed day) of Yom Kippur. The “Day of Redemption” also known as the “day of Coverings” (Yom HaKipurim). It was the only day of the year when the High Priest could enter into the “Most Holy Place” (K’dosh haK’doshim) the “Holy of Holies”. This is where the “Aron HaKodesh” (Ark of the Covenant) was kept and where the “Shekinah” (Glory of YHVH) hovered over the “Kaporet” (the covering of the Ark of the Covenant, looking down upon the Mercy Seat.
    ….The Parasha starts out with; “”Tell Aaron your brother not to come at just any time into the Holy Place inside the veil, before the mercy seat which is on the Ark, lest he die” Was this perhaps the reason why Nadab and Abihu died? Because the went into the Holy of Holies with their own fire? That is another thought. The high priest had to put on a special tunic, all white, of fine linen. Thus today it is customary during Yom Kippur to wear all white, symbolic of how YHVH views us through Yeshua our Messiah, but ONLY through Yeshua, can we be viewed as “Holy unto the LORD”
    …..The High Priest had to sacrifice a bull and a ram for the sin and burnt offering. The bull could signify the “strength” of G-d, representing also Aaron and his family. and the ram, the reminder of the ram sacrificed instead of Isaac on “Mt. Moriah”. The ram symbolizes YESHUA who took our place on the cross of “Mt. Calvary”
    …..Two goats were also present; one served as a “scape goat” and the other the “sacrificial goat”. We see Yeshua symbolized in both goats. One was sacrificed as a sin offering, symbolizing Yeshua as our “sacrifice of sin” because we are sinners. The other goat, carried symbolically our sins, and was sent off into the desert, (Azazel) as “Yeshua took our sins away from us”, and as far as the East is from the West, so our sins will be separated from us.
    …..Aaron then took a censor of hot coals from the brazen altar, and he took incense and put the incense on the hot coals, then, with the smoking incense, he went into the Holy of Holies and put blood on the Mercy Seat. We see our Messiah Yeshua in all of this. To have fellowship with our creator, we need to start at the cross, where our sins were judged. This is the brazen altar. The incense symbolizes our prayers that go up before our Heavenly Father, through our prayers, we have fellowship with HIM. The blood that is sprinkled on the mercy seat symbolizes the blood of Messiah, that was shed for all of our sins. Under the mercy seat are the commandments that were given on Sinai. These were broken by our rebellion, and the blood of Messiah “covers” the sins of us all, BUT, more than that, they have been REMOVED, once and for ever.
    …..Chapter 17 speaks on the “HaDam Kodesh” The sanctity of blood. Since blood symbolizes life, then, YHVH has prohibited the drinking of blood. One of the reasons that carnivorous animals are not kosher to eat is because they eat flesh, and flesh contains blood. “You shall not eat the blood of any flesh, for the life of all flesh is its blood” 17:14
    …..Chapter 18 deals with sexual sins, there is no need to go over them since they are self-explanatory, much is common sense, yet in today’s societies, there is a perverse sexual expression, and philosophy of “if it feels good, do it” this is a lie straight from the pit of hell, straight from HaSatan! Sex should be expressed in the bond of matrimony and in this sense, it is entirely holy and sacred, because there is a commitment between the husband and wife, which (should) last a lifetime. And this is where the enemy attacks, Satan hates families, that’s a fact.
    …..chapter 19 deals with quite a variety of commandments; “You shall not profane the name of the LORD thy YHVH; You shall love thy neighbor as thyself, I AM YHVH”. All of the 613 commandments of HaShem have to do with honoring YHVH and our relationship with our fellow man. When we honor and love the LORD with all of our heart, we are honoring and not profaning the Name YHVH, and when we honor and treat our fellow man well, and try to establish a good relationship with him or her, we are, in a matter of sense, keeping the whole Torah, (in a general sense). When we are a bad witness before our fellow man, when we are an embarrassment because our sins are brought into the light, then, we are profaning the name of YHVH.
    …..”you shall not curse the deaf nor put a stumbling block before the blind” (19:14) When one talks about another in a negative sense or spreading an “untruth” the “other” cannot hear what is being said, it is as if that person is “deaf”. When we misrepresent the Truth of God, teach or spread false teaching whether on purpose or by error, we are in a way a “stumbling block” before someone that does not know Yeshua “The blind” (spiritually). “You shall not sow your field with mixed seed” ( 19:19) because each plant takes away from the soil nutrients, planting a mixture of crops will very soon deplete the soil of all of its nutrients, making the soil useless. “You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor TATTOO any marks on you I AM YHVH! That is quite a statement. I am of the opinion that if God wanted us to have tattoos on our bodies, we would have been born with them. Why can’t people be happy with the bodies God gave them? Why do they have to alter them with drawings and markings? But such was the custom of the pagan cultures like the Canaanites, Moabites, etc, and it continues today. However, the blood of Yeshua covers, cleanses, forgives ALL sin, even the sin of tattooing, yet tattooing is one sin that will leave its mark forever! (unless it is somehow removed)
    …..”uncovering the nakedness of ….” Is another way of saying, “having sex” chapter 20 takes up that topic again along with other topics. Adultery, under Torah command, resulted in the death penalty, If this were effective today, how many couples would be true to each other, really? Perhaps many more than we imagine. It seems like sexuality is a serious issue with our creator. If it is serious with Him, it should be with us as well.
    When we follow the Torah of Adonai, and put his commandments into practice with all of our heart, we are consecrating ourselves to Him, as “Kedoshim and Tzadikim” (holy and righteous ones) however always remember, that “SAVING” k’doshim and tzadikim comes ONLY through FAITH IN YESHUA! It is our faith in HIM that makes us Holy and Righteous, and this relationships leads us to Holy and Righteous works, which are obedience to his mitzvoth (commandments)

    AMOS 9:7-15

    …..Amos Ha Navi (Amos the Prophet) speaks through the Ruach HaKodesh (the Holy Spirit) saying that Yes, Adonai will seek out and punish Israel for their sins, and will search out the kingdoms of the earth where they are at, many will and have been destroyed because of their rebellion, HOWEVER, not all, there is always a remnant which is faithful, and true to the God of creation.
    …..Amos looks into the future, and sees that Israel, and all of God’s children, both born as Israelis, and born in the Gentile nations will come together as ONE, (echad), …”Behold, the day is coming says YHVH…” we look into the future millennium and see “paradise restored” and real and eternal peace, and Yeshua will be on the throne as KING and LORD of all the world, what a time that will be for ALL of us.

    LUKE 2:1-52

    …..Do we forward to the future return of Yeshua? In this chapter, Simeon and Anna looked forward and greatly rejoiced to see Mashiach, even as a baby. He was presented at the Temple and was circumcised, Simeon and Anna recognized him as Mashiach, even before he grew up and performed miracles. Simeon said ; “My eyes have seen YESHUAH! Who is a LIGHT (HaOr) to bring revelation to the Gentiles. It is God’s perfect will that Yeshua be revealed to ALL PEOPLES, both those of Israel and those outside of Israel, so that HIS BODY might be complete, a “Kehilah Kadosh, Kol HaAm” (A holy congregation of all people)

    Shabbat Shalom………….Rabbi Ben Avraham

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    The Holiness of the Levitical Priesthood, before and Now LEV 21:1-24:23

    PARASHA: “Emor” (say..)

    LEVITICUS 21:1-24:23…………….EZEKIEL 44:15-31……………..LUKE 5:1-6:49

    …..In this parashah study we see more details on the sanctity, Holiness, and comportment of priests. When we read in chapter 21, we read that YHVH is very particular and pays much attention to the physical. We might think that God only looks upon the heart, but thousands of years ago, the physical appearance was important, some with any kind of imperfection; like a broken foot, blind in one eye, hunchback, dwarf…It doesn’t say that they could not serve in the tabernacle or later on, the temple, but they couldn’t offer sacrifices.
    …..We must remember that the priest was a kind of mediator between the people and YHVH, Today, YESHUA the Messiah is our mediator, between us and the Father, and Yeshua was/IS without sin, perfect in all ways, both inside and outside. We may not know what he looked like physically, but we can know that he didn’t have any physical deformities, being God in the flesh.
    …..We also see regulations on marriage, touching dead things, etc…the priest was in a class of his own. The priest was “God’s man” his “representative” on earth, so, as the priests had a higher calling, their expectations were much higher than the regular “Joe Israelite” There is a repeated phrase: “You shall not profane my Holy Name, I am YHVH (Yod Hey Vav Hey) “ when we act contrary to His commandments, expectations as “b’nei Elohim” (children of God) we ARE profaning HIS Holy name, be it in words, or deeds. If the Israelites were observed by God through a looking glass, then the priests were observed by God through a microscope! If you get my drift! How are WE seen by our HOLY, SINLESS, GOD? Our standards are based on the Torah of Adonai.
    HIS standards should be OURS as well, yet we always come up lacking, because of our inborn sin nature.
    …..Thank Adonai for YESHUA, who bridged the gap caused by sin, to be our “high priest” before a Holy God, although our sin in dark and ugly, and we should see ourselves as such, because it is reality, through YESHUA, Our Heavenly Father sees us as “white as snow” or “white a wool” and now, under the new covenant, we are all “high priests” in his eyes, should not our expectations be as a “higher calling” just like the priests of old?
    …..Chap 23: “HaMoedim of YHVH” (The feasts of the LORD). Here the special days of worship and assembly are mentioned, the first being the “Sabbath Day” it is a “day of Rest” a time of worship and coming together to worship Adonai and learn from HIS Word through His teachers, pastors, rabbis, evangelists, etc. The Sabbath day was NEVER changed to Sunday. Not that it was bad to come together on Sundays, any day of the week is a good time to come together. It just became customary for the believers in the first century to come together on the “first day of the week” like it is mentioned in Acts, to fellowship and eat together, but the believers ALWAYS considered Saturday, the Sabbath, the special and the official appointed day for rest, worship, and Bible study.
    For me, the sabbath and Sunday are both special days to worship God and study his word with other believers.
    …..The Passover and days of unleavened bread, symbolize Messiah Yeshua in our lives as the “Lamb of God” who took away the sin of the world, and who is also, the “Bread of Life”, who was “roasted in the fires of judgment for our sins, whose blood was shed for our sins, once and for ever. The “matzah” bread without leaven symbolizes Yeshua as the Bread of Life, without sin (leaven). And his blood is symbolized by the wine.
    …..The Feast of First Fruits and Shavuot; counting 50 days from the time of Passover, to celebrate the blessing of a good and fruitful harvest of grains, (wheat and barley, the main crops). On Shavuot or “Pentecost” two leavened loaves of bread were made, each weighed about 5 pounds, were “waved” by the priest before the LORD in a special ceremony. These loaves symbolize the blessings of YHVH, they could also represent Israel and the Nations, “2” is the number of “unity” and “division” we are all “united” to YHVH by Messiah Yeshua, and have been “divided” or “separated” from the lost world of sin, YET, we still have our sin nature, noted by the leaven in the loaves of bread. It was also on “Shavuot” that the Torah was given on Mt. Sinai
    …..The Feast of Trumpets, “Yom Teruah” symbolizes the start of the “days of Awe” when we reflect on our own relationship with Adonai. How do we measure up to God’s standards? Lacking? Fall short? I would say YES. 10 days later, comes “Yom Kippur” the day of “covering” or “Atonement” which was when the high priest came into the Holy of Holies, once a year, to commune with Adonai. This day points to Calvary, when Yeshua’s blood “atoned” for our sins, past, present, and future. It is a day of fasting, repentance, and soul searching. It is a day when we are accustomed to dress in white.
    …..Feast of Tabernacles, or “Sukkot” is a joyous festival, when the “harvest” is in, kind of like “Thanksgiving” in the US of A. The time when God came to earth in human form as Yeshua, born in Beit Lechem, being raised learning carpentry and Torah, a teacher of Torah, healer of diseases, a raiser of the dead, and a sacrifice for our sins. This festivity was for 7 days, “7” the perfect number, and a special “8th” day “Hoshana Raba” when the customary reading of the Torah starts over again from Genesis. It also symbolizes when the Israelites lived in tents, “temporary dwellings” as our bodies are “temporary dwellings” for our souls and for the Holy Spirit dwelling within us.
    …..Chaper 24: The Menorah, the lamps were lit from dusk to morning, the menorah was made of gold, which symbolizes perfection. The flame/light symbolizing Yeshua who is the “Light of the World” and the “all-consuming fire” and also, all believers are the “lights of the world” reflecting the SON light! “Table of Shewbread” which was in the Holy place across from the Menorah. Has 12 loaves of unleavened bread, representing the 12 tribes of Israel, again, Yeshua the “Bread of Life” Hey, maybe that was where the idea of the “bagel” came from, bread with a hole in middle, who knows! Maybe! This bread was for Aaron and his sons.

    EZEKIEL 44:15-31

    …..In this prophetic book, the Prophets sees into the future, the future priests of the third temple, (to be built in the near future) the descendants of “Zadok” will be the priests in the millennium, the same high standards are for these priests as well. It also states the job of the priest: “And they shall teach My people the difference between the holy and unholy, and cause them to discern between the unclean and the clean” This should also be the goal of every Torah teacher, rabbi, minister, pastor, etc.. to teach the WHOLE TORAH in their place of worship and study, so that their sheep might follow their shepherd whole heartedly and secure.

    LUKE 5:1-6:49

    …..Yeshua speaks to the people, from a boat. After teaching, He and Kefa go out a ways and the result is a boat-load of fish. Kefa hears, yet protests, “We fished all night and caught nothing” yet still obeys and “reaps the harvest” many fish, the take home to sell and eat.
    …..With simple obedience through faith, we can all reap the blessings that YHVH has instore for us. A little bit of faith, trust, and obedience, will bring in a big catch. Now, Kefa is promoted to be a “fisher-of-MEN” rescuing men’s souls from the grasp of haSatan, and bringing them into the Kingdom. Are you a fisher of men (and women) or are you still content with the small “fishy” things of life? You decide!

    Shabbat Shalom…Rabbi Ben Avraham

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    A Case for Sabbath Rest, for the land and for US! (Leviticus 25:1-27:34)

    PARASHA: “B’Har” (on the Mountain)

    LEVITICUS 25:1-26:2……………..JEREMIAH 32:6-27…………………LUKE 7:1-8:56

    …..This parasha deals with the giving the land a rest after six years of planting and harvesting, on the seventh year the land shall rest. This, agriculturally, is very sound and comes from the mouth of the creator of all the earth. The reason is quite simple to understand. Crops, such as corn, wheat, barley, vegetables, etc, when they grow in the soil, take in nutrients, quite like us, when we eat, we absorb nutrients from the food we eat. Imagine the land after 6 years of planting and harvesting, all those nutrients, minerals, chemicals from the soil, are being absorbed by the crops sown, if the land does not have a chance to rest and renew itself, it will soon become useless, quite void of nutrients…so… a year’s rest will give the soil enough time to replenish itself.
    …..We can apply this commandment today, to allow the land to rest after six years of planting and harvesting, even families that have little vegetable gardens in the back of their houses. May they enjoy six years of vegetables and then in the seventh year, just dump compost in the soil, food that goes bad, moldy bread, etc., don’t put it in the garbage, bury it in the garden, do that in that seventh year, and then the next year, plant and harvest again.
    …..We can look at ourselves in a similar way. How do we count our lives? By a 365-day year? Or by sabbaticals?
    If we were to count our years by the day, we could say we have many days and years ahead of us! Really? Do we know tomorrow? (didn’t think so). However, if we were to count our years on earth by counting by sevens? How many “sabbaticals” have we lived? How many “might” be left? If I were to count my sabbaticals, I would have to count starting in 1954. 1954-1960 first seven years, 1961-67, the second sabbatical. I would have to ask myself, What have I done or accomplished in each of these periods of seven years? Anything of importance? Have I influenced other lives? If we count by sabbaticals, we will find that we really don’t have many sabbaticals to live.
    …..What do we do in our “seventh year?” wouldn’t it be wonderful to “rest” a whole year? Or just dedicate that “seventh year” to full time ministry work? That would be quite hard to do for those of us that work for a living
    Who depend on a salary. Don’t think the boss would be very happy to hear us say; “Boss, I want to take off for this year, it is my “sabbatical” I’ll come back next year at the same time!” (Yeah, u-huh, weeelll, you might not find your job waiting for you after a year) but we do have the summers to rest. If we could divide the year into seven parts, we would end up with more or less 1.7 months of time. Why not minister during 1.7 months? Share God’s Word, teach the WORD to others, for those who can take off a year without compromising their jobs, take every seventh year and just take that time to rest, travel, minister, hike, walk, leave behind gospel tracts, visit different churches and/or Messianic synagogues, and may ADONAI supply ALL of your needs.

    B’CHUKOTAI (in my statutes) LEVITICUS 26:3-27:34

    ….This double Parasha week brings the book of Leviticus to an end. When we read these final chapters, what YHVH is saying is; IF…you follow my torat (teachings, laws) and faithfully observe my mitzvoth (commandments) I WILL….. It is ALL CONDITIONAL, there is nothing without a condition. If we want Elohim’s blessings and good favor, we will follow HIS WORD, accept HIS LIVING WORD (Yeshua) into our life. Yeshua said; “If you love me, ye will obey my commandments” not only the commandments that he spoke about during his life on earth, but also, the ones which he gave to Moshe when HE was with the FATHER as part of ELOHIM.
    …..Blessings and curses are a part of life. The world calls them as “good luck and bad luck” there is no such animal! All things that happen in our lives are a result of blessings, curses, and testing’s. Do we want to best of our Mashiach? Then, follow HIS Word, follow HIS mitzvoth, not to bring us salvation, that we already have, but as a RESULT OF our salvation (Yeshuah) And if you haven’t accepted Yeshua (Jesus) as your LORD and Savior, and Messiah, NOW is the perfect time, remember, we are NOT promised tomorrow, we are only one HEART BEAT away from eternity.

    JEREMIAH 32:6-27; 16:19-17:14

    ….The prophet, before his people went into exile in Babylon, buys a piece of property, Why? Because Adonai has promised him that he will, to buy and sell again, build houses, plant vineyards, AFTER a period of 10 periods of 7 years each. Israel did not honor the sabbatical years, and now, the land will rest for 70 years. HOWEVER…The prophet was promised that Israel would return and repossess the land.
    …..We see in reading this parasha that Adonai is a God of judgment, but at the same time, a God of forgiveness
    Many times, we break HIS commandments, and many times, suffer the consequences for our actions, but there is forgiveness, after the time of suffering and tears, YHVH will never forget HIS PEOPLE. We might go under, but we will never be annihilated. ISRAEL is 4-ever. In chapters 16 to 17, the same thing is being said, YHVH sees all , “For my eyes are on all their ways, they are not hidden from my presence”
    …..Who can hide from a Holy God? Yet the prophet says; “O YHVH, my strength and my stronghold, my refuge in a day of trouble” He continues to trust in Adonai, even though the rest of Israel goes into captivity. We might live in the midst of idolaters, lovers of the world, yet still we must trust HIM.

    LUKE 7:1-8:56

    …..We read about the miracles of Yeshua, Even the faith of a Roman Army officer whose servant was sick unto death, and the servant was healed. What is required of receiving a miracle? Faith! Not blind faith, but faith in the healing powers of Adonai, The Roman believed being far away, yet his servant was healed. He did not see Yeshua, yet he believed. Yeshua said, “blessed are those who do not see, yet believe.
    …..Yochanan the Baptizer was recognized by Yeshua, as one of the best “talmidim” since he endured imprisonment, and even death, for the sake of the truth. Could we do that? Do we even dare to answer? Time will tell.

    Shabbat Shalom…………rabbi Ben Avraham***

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