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Thread: nature vs nurture

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    what is time

    Good Morning
    My name is jon and I will be discussing concepts of time. First; what is time. Since time is not a tangible thing itself, we can define it by what it does and its components. Time is measurement of change, structure and space. It is also an irreversible succesion of events. Let us break down these definitions. Before i get started i want to share some rules of time. First and foremost time of the essence meaning that it is right here, right now. The past, present and future are in the now. Second, space and structure and time are all mixed, one cant exist without the other. Thirdly, all things are a function of time and depend on it. Let us begin by dealing with the smallest unit of time in the physical world. Im going to go from small to big.
    The smallest unit would be what we would call the point, your familiar with this from geometry. Let us examine the point. If we were to take one point and blow it up on a board, what would it look like? It is actually a flat circle. Now by the way, this point in the world would be called a detail. Details are the fundamental unit of real time like atoms. Now that we have blown up this detail, we see that it contains area no matter how small it is. if it contains area, there is something within that area, everything serves a purpose and therefore has form for that reason. what is going on in this area? Smaller details and those details have details and so on. The thing is each of those details are worlds to walk into. This goes back to what i was saying about form and purpose. If one can focus on a particular point for a period of time, you will be able to open up these details(portals) like a blown up circle on the board. Now the next unit of time is the choice, what is choice? Again, let up apply math. A choice is a number in a limited set, each choice like a number has a value. If the set is finite then that means it is constantly changing depending on the choice you make. Choice is the option to do something or not to do something( 1 or 0). You have addition where two choices are picked and then you have subtraction where you dont pick a choice. Due to the circumstance(circumference) surrounding you, you only have a set number of choices when it comes to the choices themselves but as far as the fundamental options, there are only two which are the ones i mentioned. You can pick something or you can not pick it, period. For you to pick a choice, there has to be some sort of calculation(computation), this calculation uses equations( models of thought processes). There is the input of the numbers(data from circumference), there is the calculation and then there is the output. Anyways to stay on point, choice is the driving force of an event which is our biggest unit. The event is a mixture of three things, the past, the present and the future., this goes back to one of the rules of time that i mentioned earlier. The event can be measured in 3 dimensions. The length(how long it is) and the height(magnitude) of it and then the result(hypotenuse). how would one travel to the past? One would think about where they wanted to go and then focus on that with all there energy(again the point). When you focus on a point, you blow it up. It is the same thing that happens in conversation, people make mountains out of molehills by blowing up small things. You would then wait for it manifest as an event but of course you have to pay attention. Now you have choices in reality and then you have imagined choices(same thing as imagined and real numbers in math). Choices in reality, choices you can make and then imagined choices which is choices you cant make given the circumstance. These alternate line of choices are alternate realities that do exist, if they ddint exist, youldnt of been able to imagine them.

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    nature vs nurture

    I have realized that when i think about this question. There are two parts to what i call a humans equation. Obviously,its genetics and surroundings. The thing is though,is there anything more?? I mean,what if we are overlooking something vital,something that could be the key to the lock on who we are. That is what i have realized about the world,there is so much more to everything. The real bees-knees is out there somewhere and we are not seeing it.

    A closer look
    What if there is something within the 2 parts that make up the genetic equation? What i mean is,there could be something within the environment that forms our personalities. We already know that the genetic make up is with DNA and proteins and all that. The only thing to turn to now is the environment. When i think of the environment. There is an abundance of thoughts that come to my mind.

    Lets look at the environment a bit more closely. In my earlier essays. I have talked about what is inside an environment that brings out certain aspects of our personalities, or that sometimes our environment does not permit us to be ourselves,therefore we hide or find another one thats suits us. Now with all of this in mind,lets try to add more. We have looked at what the environment does not hold. What about the environments that do allow you to express yourself?

    Your element
    When we talk about the environments that liberate you from the confines of your mind. We come to something called elements. Obviously,when you are in your element. It is where you are defined. It is the place that brings out the best in you. Within this place,there should be a couple of factors for you. First,there should be the people that are somewhat like you. If there is no one around that shares your interest then you are more then likely to get rejected by that social circle. 2nd,there should be the interests themselves. If you like games,i would recommend an arcade of some sort. If you like basketball,i am sure you go to the local park and play a lot. 3rd,the emotional connection has to be the same. We all feel sometimes that if we are in a certain place and other people are really preppy and such and we are the opposite. They do not know how to deal with that cause they do not have a reference. Their whole life has been one big party. These 3 factors are the most vital part of your so called "utopia".

    Quote: Parental/people roles
    The females pick males they think will be good protectors and providers. Males pick females they think will give birth to healthy offspring continuing their genetic lineage. But what about things that parents teach their children…how do they know when they’ve done their job?

    Role of learning
    Its funny that parents always can see the child in you even when you are an adult. My mom told me that once and i was Parents never stop their job. People never stop their job. That job is to teach. We are always telling somebody something,therefore somebody always gets to know something from us. For example,when we meet somebody for the first time. They don't know us,by what you say and how you act and such. they "learn" about how we are because we subconsciously "teach" them. Maybe they have never come across your type before and so this will make them more knowledgeable just in case they come across somebody else like you. this goes for parents to,they don't just teach their children. They teach their husband through marriage and such. They teach the people they come across on a day to day basis or sometimes it doesn't have to be day to day. Learning is everlasting.

    Learning environments
    Now with all that i talked about in the last paragraph. Obviously,in order to learn. The environment has to avow/allow it. This is what i was talking about in the "your element" paragraph. If you like to learn or want to teach someone. The factors have to be within your vicinity. Now i mentioned the 3 factors before. There was the people,which in a learning environment would be the teachers or/and the recipients/students of that knowledge. They have a passion for learning which could derive from "nature" mostly. 2nd was the interests,books schools,libraries etc etc. All these would help you expand your knowledge. 3rd is the emotional sync,there is a sort of jumpy nerdy emotion for people who love to read and such. Or there could be the people who think they are the most powerful cause they know so much so their is a sort of arrogant vibe there also. It does not have to be just about learning. Whatever your into, there is a place for you.

    Quote: The intelligence factor
    Why are some kids so smart and some kids aren't? Is it their teachers? Their parents? Their schools? Or is it just the way it is? Nature vs. nurture?

    The smart ultimatum
    First of all,nothing is just the way it is. If that was how the world literally worked, there would be no such thing as scientists or those kinds of people. There are a myriad of reasons for everything/anything. Personally,I think its genetics. It's either your smart or your not to sum it up. Even if you have the people around you that love to learn or you have libraries right near you. None of that will be of any use to you if you don't want to learn yourself. Being smart is relative just like any other attribute.

    To educate...
    This picture makes me think about my question A lot. It shows you how knowledge can probably be the most important thing on this planet.....or the most important word on a peice of paper as seen below. All the other words are blurred,there is also the quotation marks. Now to get more specific,there are the people who value wisdom more then anything else. They inturn blur everything else out and focus on studying and research and news and such. With this and what i was talking about earlier in the "role of learning" paragraph. When you do this,people "learn" to treat you with respect. It could be the opposite to,they learn to hate you because you constantly reject invitations to parties or gatherings because you are so bus soaking up knowlegde. This kind of thing goes on and on and on. It just never stops. We learn or "educate" each other in an ongoing chain whether good or bad. Now what do you think is the most important word in this paragraph?

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    nature vs nurture 3

    How are thoughts related to nature vs nurture?

    First of all,we all think. That is one of the most significant aspects of the mind. if you do not think,you do not wonder,if you don't ponder then you do not want to know. If you don't have the urge to know,then there is nothing more to say. You have basically accepted your level of intelligence. My theory is that a thought is an environment. What I mean by this is that in an environment, there is another factor. This factor is the environment though. All the thoughts that run through a certain area are uniform. They may be different in the actual semantics but they all come from a uniform base.
    I will give examples a bit later in the essay but this is pretty simple to comprehend. This is part of what makes the environment, if somebody is thinking about something that generally does not relate to the area. He or she gets ostracized for it. People cannot hear your thoughts unless you express them but what you think will reflect on your being. If you are nervous because you are thinking about something intimidating and such. You therefore will act tenuous and scared. When you are in the environment for a long time. You start to eventually get used to it,but what you're really getting used to is the thoughts. What people are saying,feeling,doing. Its all just thoughts and we live by them.
    Levels of thought
    You see; like different facets of words. There are different facets of thought as well. They range from negative/immature to positive/advanced and such. Now the environment depends on the level of thought. Now there can also be a crossover of thoughts,this is where problems occur. Like i have mentioned in earlier posts,words can do the same thing. Thoughts have a bigger effect though. It would probably change the whole environment..for better or worse. Think of a thought with plus,minus,divide or multiply signs attached to it. It can either make the environment better,take something away from it,split it into another environment or create another environment similar to it. This is how thoughts work. It is working all the long as people are thinking,its working.
    The most abundant
    Well i think that thoughts with different signs occur in more places then others. I would say,looking from a global scale that division and addition thoughts occur at the same rate in today's world. Think of it,we are always ambulatory, never stagnant. If an individual moves from one place to another, he is adding himself to the place he is traveling to. This is simple logic. Now that is just one individual,think of how many people are on earth. Now,think of every single as a walking that is A lot of thoughts. Now i found a quote that relates to all of this even though it may not seem like it.

    Quote: Women/Men's attention
    "One might ask why the only gender-specific issues that seem to deserve federal attention are ones that affect women. Why not look at the fact that men account for 80 percent of suicides and 90 percent of workplace fatalities (as well as 70 percent of nonfatal on-the-job injuries)?"
    What i think
    What this quote is talking about is how women get so much more pity them men when it comes to their issues and faux paws. We put up with so much more then they do including them so it does not make sense that we have to succumb to all of this. We get this silent treatment if you will because we always have to work out our own problems sue to the fact that we are men. Women just sit back and say "im sorry" or " i dont know what to say". I hate those 5 words used together as a sentence. I would never say that to anyone,if you need my help. I will help you. Anyways, this ties into my whole discussion because thoughts literally do play a huge role in all of this suicide buisness. Thoughts induce actions as i have mentioned in one of my earlier posts. Now the types of actions depend on the "level of thought" Thoughts of suicide are obviously on the negative side.
    Also,these kinds of thoughts have a minus on them which means they can take away or bring something demoting to a certain environment. Now like i ahve said before,people aremoving all the time so suicidal people are moving all the time. Most of the time,no environment accepts them due to the fact that maybe these thoughts are way to negative. This makes the person feel even more isolated and then he finally decides to off himself. It is usually like a cold war between thoughts of all kinds basically. I want to add this to that environment,well you cant add this because i already added that and your thought would subtract what i added and it goes on and on. Its disgusting but its how we work. Women though walk around with more of the thoughts that have a plus sign on them. When you are a plus thought,you add to the environment and the people in that environment add themselves to you in a way. This is why women get more attention when it comes to issues then men i think.

    Quote: relationships
    "In it, she goes over some of the biological reasons behind why we fall in love with some people, but not with others. She also touches on the “nature vs. nurture” debate, and how, for quite some time, the “nurture” side (how we are raised, our parents, the environment we grow up in, etc.) was thought to play a pretty significant role in determining our relationship preferences."
    Here's why
    Now,i totally agree with this quote for the fact that,again this one relates to thought also. Your thoughts will generally attract anyone who shares some of the same as you do. In a certain environment which prohibits these thoughts to be expressed and with a certain sign on the partners thought,things will work out. Lets say,you are more on the plus side...and your admirerer is on the minus side. Maybe you have something that you can add to him/her that will change him from a negative to a positive sign. This is all extremely cyclic,as we speak,two people might be falling in love because their equations make sense. As long as you are moving also,you always have a chance of doing anything; loving, learning, anything at all!! You also always have the chance of being changed into something worse or better

    For some reason, i cant get the actual photo on here but the link is above so check it out. Well i chose this picture due to the fact that thoughts cannot be expressed verbally because of the level that they are on and such and so people can write them down. There are alot of restrictions within other peoples minds when it comes to thoughts. Thoughts create people i think and if they are not being expressed somehow....something slows down,something collosal. It would not just have an effect on the individual but also an effect on the world. If we are not constantly dividing and adding and subtracting with our thoughts,nothing will ge done and everything will be still....we can never have this never will happen. It probably does happen but on a very very small scale,probaly with a group of people at any given time. Paper is another medium of communication. If its not spoken...its written. In todays world....there is alot to "think" about.

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    nature vs nurture 4

    Does nature vs nurture determine our future?

    Well,i have come up with yet another thought idea relating to nature vs nurture. These days,alot of kids are thinking about their future. At the same time, A lot of kids are not. They dismiss everything future related and just live for the second. To me,this is formidable, especially in these times. An ample amount of us are trying to get into college and soon and most of us dont know what we want to be yet. I do though and i give myself credit for that. To stay laconic, my conclusion is that your environment does determine your future. How i have come to this conclusion is what i will explain in the next paragraph.

    The explanation
    Like i have said in the first paragraph, nature vs nurture determines environment. First, think about what i have said in my earlier posts and how I have described environments. To add to all of that,i think that environments can sort of come in chains. What i mean by that is you have one environment. All the words,thoughts,people,resources of those environments connect with another one somehow. Now it does not have to be just two but it can be a myriad of environments all linked at different points in time. This is how it would relate to the future. All throughout your life, you are ambulatory. You are constantly moving. I have mentioned this in one of my earlier posts. As long as you are moving, there is a chance that you will end up in another environment.
    Honestly, if you don't like a certain area that your will move to another. It will just keep going and going. It never stops. Wherever you move will have a certain effect on your personality,therefore this will determine if you want to stay or go. If you want to leave,you then pack your bags and go. All of us are transient in some way. We are never still. Environments that have not been created yet will be created because you are coming and you need that environment. This goes back to what i was talking about in my earlier post about "plus, minus, divide, multiply" environments. There is a simple equation here. Environment plus personality = one part of your life. Therefore a certain amount of environments will determine your whole life. To me,this is pretty simple to understand.
    Your choice?
    Ok,now with all of which i talked about in the last paragraph. Do you think that we can determine our future? If you choose the certain environments that you want to be in which hold the certain resources and such that you enjoy and think you need then can you derive a plan for your life? If so, in this way we are clairvoyant. We can predict some causes and effects that are going to take place. On the other hand,do the environments determine your life for you?
    For instance...
    For example, lets say you end up in a learning environment,this is your first environment as a child. Your parents just dont have the money to keep you in school and eventually they can afford to live rich or anything like that anymore due to lets say,your dad getting fired. Now you have to move to the slums or a place where houses and such are at extremely low prices. Now you dont have any other choice. Now you spend a couple of years in the slums...lets say from 6 to 13. You are there until you meet a coach and he is tyring to get a basketball team together due to the fact that he wants to give people in the slum something to have hope for. Now you are on this team and while you are playing,you get recognized by one of the leading HS basketball coaches in the country. Now you HAVE to go to a Basketball environment. You see how this works?? Environments are imaginatively chained together. There are millions and billions of combinations. Whether you doubt it or realize it or not. It is happening. You say that you left this place and went to that place because you choose environment did it. In this way, i guess...nature vs nurture does determine your future life. There was a quote that i came across earlier today and t relates to my topic quiet a bit.

    So, is anxiety a product of our natural biology, or is it a product of our upbringing and other life experiences? I believe that I have a complex, but very reasonable answer. With each person, anxiety is brought on by different varying events, or even biology.
    What I think
    There is a huge correlation between this quote and what i have been talking about. My conclusion is obviously that it is environmental also. Do you see how this person mentioned events?? Events have to take place somewhere right? That "somewhere" also known as an "environment" gave way to an unfortunate series of events in which he or she will be socially awkward. This is one part of that persons life. Eventually,that person gets help in a different environment due to the fact that she had to go somewhere else to get the help. The anxiety environment sent her to the help environment covertly. These kinds of things are constantly happening all the time without your knowing.
    Quote: evil?
    It all comes down the question of nature vs. nurture. Are we born evil or good or are we raised to embody one of those traits?
    I would say...
    I think that how wicked you are mostly depends on your environment. There is thought a bit of defect(birth) involved though. Basically, if you are in a kind goodnatured environment and you do not want to be there. You will obviously leave, something inside you though along with the environment made you leave. If you move to an "evil" area then it was because 1: you naturally are a wicked person so you had the urge to go but 2 at the same time the good environment pushed you out. I would say the enviornment has a much bigger effect on you then the minor natural part. If the environment was not playing a part in your removal then you would just have the urge to go but you probably might not be able to leave because there is the chance that their might be some obstruction in your way. When the environment does play a part. There is ansolutely no impediment! It is going to completely kick you out. This is how i have come to understand the whole "evil" thing. I did find a picture online that also relates to what i ahve been talking about.

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    nature vs nurture 5

    Does a chain of environments determine people you meet.
    I will be honest with you, i have not been doing any brainstorming on my question. Last time i talked about how environments are linked and you have this amalgamation of life. Your whole life is based and determined by environments. Now lets look deeper into this theory. Now I am going to ask the question: Since a chain of environments determine your future, does it determine the people you meet also? This is one subset of what i was talking about last time. I said that an environment carries with it people,resources etc etc. Out of all of the factors,i think that people are the most significant one. Do you think this is true? Who you meet in different areas deal with you socially most of the time and so if they are talking to you. You are learning from them which means that you are changing for better or worse depending on what they are teaching you. I talked about this in one of my earlier essays. What you learn has an effect on you obviously and you are always learning. Once you have learned all there is to learn in that specific environment. You therefore will move no matter what. The environment will kick you out. If you are always learning from people mostly.

    What i mean is
    To help you further understand, What you learn in one particular place will cause you to learn something in particular in another place. I think i have mentioned before that life is really cause and effect and i don't think there is any such thing as determinism: the idea that things occur randomly. There is a reason for everything in the universe. If A talks to B and B is related to C then i think that eventually, A will come across C at some point after he talks to B. Nothing can be thrown off track. Nothing is out of balance or sync. If A never comes across B,then we have a problem and everything gets thrown off and it will then cause a series of events that are not supposed to happen and everything will slant just a bit. I think i have mentioned that every human is a planet, an individual resource of information,some A lot more valuable then others. We are beings of activity. We are here to work. With that in mind, i think that our job is to pass on all that info to others or help people in someway. I have said this in one my earlier essays, for some reason most people these days are lacking altruism. If i don't care about you at all, i wouldn't share my information with you therefore i will not be doing my job as a human being therefore when A meets C, nothing will happen. there will be a negative interaction. This is where things become abysmal.

    Society today
    Think about today's world and its grandiose problems. Seriously,most of these problems are of epic proportions and i don't think they are even supposed to exist. I don't think there are supposed to be any problems with the world at all. You see,what happened was at some point in human existence. There was a massive group of people who got thrown off track,A never got to talk to C. Now i said that one digression was enough to cause one upheaval. Now imagine a bunch of digressions. They probably did not follow directions or when they got to C. They didn't react in the right way. All these wars that are being fought right now, all these diseases that we have let breed and burgeon. All the obese people out there. All these problems have arisen to due to the fact that people were not following directions. There is nothing else to say about this. We are an effect and a cause and like i said in my last paragraph. There has been a series of negative interactions somewhere along our history which then caused a series of secondary negative reactions. I definitely do think our future is somehow determined by who we meet in life, therefore that is within an environment or an environment itself which then means that personalities arent derived from nature.

    Quote: Honeybee relation
    "Honeybees have a complex social structure that is highly flexible. Workers demonstrate an age-related division of labour. Each individual assumes many different roles in her lifetime. Both heredity and environment determine what a bee does, and when she does it. These roles are affected by structural changes in the bee’s brain in response to her foraging experience"
    Quote relation
    Now this definitely relates to my topic. Honeybees like every other living organism on this planet has a role or a set of roles i should say. They say here that these roles are determined by the brain structure which is in turn determined by the experience. So here it all goes back to experiences. That is the main cause of the roles. So lets ask another question..where do the experiences come from? Experiences obviously don't come from birth. That makes absolutely no sense. They therefore come from where we are which is the environment. This goes back to what i was talking about. That particular environment which the bee is in holds different types of experiences which involves other honeybee interaction etc. Whatever interaction he had with whatever article it was, it had an effect on it. Therefore, his future turned out different due to the fact that the honeybees brain is changed up. Like the quote said, the roles come from the brain structure which was changed. If you think about my equation that i mentioned earlier and how it relates. A is the honey bee and B might be another honey bee and that second honeybee must of had a role related to it which could be C and there you have it. The honeybee gets a role. This is harder to understand with animals the with humans.

    Quote: Tomboys?
    "This study caused a big stir in the nature vs. nurture debate," says Raymond. "I have to wonder -- were the testosterone levels environmentally induced or was it something genetic? Did the tomboy girls have higher testosterone levels themselves?"

    I would say that tomboys derive from environment also, well more environment then birth. I see the whole testosterone thing there but that does not have to happen for all girls. It really does still depend on the environment. In the article, it says that women have these high testostorone levels which causes there child to come out in that particular way. So lets ask this question..why do moms have such high testorone levels. It must be the environment. Something within the environment these women are in causes them to have such high T-levels.

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    nature vs nurture 6

    How Are our actions related to nature vs nurture?

    Remember that in my last essay, i talked about how words and thoughts effect your future. Well actions do also,more so. You know that law that says "every action taken has an equal or opposite reaction. I Think this is true due to the fact that you see it happen everyday. We act because we act if you think about it. You do what you want to do because you did something else before that which caused that specific thing. As usual, actions are definitely more environmental then birth related. Like all the other factors that i have talked about like thoughts,emotions and feelings. Environments also hold a certain amount of actions. Every environment holds a chain of actions,i should say. Basically,what you do in that particular environment is your response to it. Therefore you can say that each action holds a specific response to it, this then means that if an environment holds certain actions, then how you respond is predetermined by the environment. Only a small amount of actions are due to your birth, the rest comes about because of environment. I know that i have said it a bunch of times but i will say it again, we live in a world of cause and effect. Nothing is random. There is a reason for everything. An action could be in the form of anything, a thought, a word, an emotion,a feeling etc. The equal or opposite reaction could be the same thing. This can therefore determine futuristic events right?

    So the future really is determined by the past and the past determines the future. Now with this is mind, cant we say that there is supposed to be some kind of equilibrium within the world. What happens and what is supposed to happen after that specific thing are supposed to be equal or equal in opposition. Good and bad,love and hate,war and peace. The same thing can happen with actions. Suppose that we are an action,does this mean that there is some sort of equal or opposite reaction for us out there. Does this mean that love Is important and that we have a certain somebody out there for us. Society today has been focusing around a series of negative actions which i guess only is taking place because it has to be a balance. If this is true then everything really does happen for a reason, whether the reason is equal in value or negative in value. Although i think this is true, most reasons are equal in value. It makes sense right? You do something and whatever happens after that or before had to somehow relate to that event. If you think about it, even time is consequential. For instance, it is now 1:00 because it was 12:59 right before that. Even though this is an obvious example., it is still extremely valid.
    The modern human
    For a very long time, the continuing of generations has been most significant. A human makes another human which in turn makes another human and obviously it never stops. Bloodlines are rarely cut short in today's society. If one human is in one environment and the environment affects him due to what the specific environment carries then that will most definitely effect his off spring. This then means that the actions taken by the initial human affected the next human. It is this endless cycle and each time our actions are a bit different. So; with all this is mind, Environment does affect our general actions and daily habits. We are given the ability to act. We act because we acted before that and after that specific act, we will act again. If you think about. A reason,a thought,a feeling and other facets of the human mind come in three's. We have the acting before,we have the present action,we have the after action and this goes with all the other factors.
    Cross over of actions
    If each environment holds a certain amount of actions and each environment holds different kinds of actions then what will happen if somebody were to take one action and bring it to another environment. I think this is where you have A lot of problems. Somebody does something stupid in an intelligent area or somebody DOES something smart in a dumb environment. Does this makes sense? When this happens, that person gets shunned for it and that causes them to move to a different environment. You see, this all goes back to what i was talking about when i was discussing actions of Threes. The before action was you showing up in that smart environment, the middle action was them shunning you, the after action is you leaving and going to another environment. Now at the same time, the cross over of actions could also be a good thing. I mean, if nobody moved then there would be no such thing as exploration and such and we would miss out on so many key events in our time.

    Quote: Anxiety relation

    "Anxiety is a part of human nature, a survival mechanism that has evolved to protect us, and the problems it can bring, in themselves, reflect what it means to be human:-
    * worrying (planning ahead)
    * physical symptoms (eg. increased heart rate/breathing to prepare us for action)
    * even obsessive compulsive behavior (the need for order and control)
    All are deeply ingrained in human make-up to help us survive.

    However, when we talk about nature versus nurture in regard to anxiety problems we are usually referring to the cause of the problem: is it due to nature (a faulty gene, brain structure, chemical imbalance or disease) or nurture (the environment we live in, our experiences, learning and conditioning)?"

    I would say that this is mostly environment. I will quickly relate this to actions and how they come in Threes. Lets say that I have social anxiety and I am in a certain area where people dont like me. I Have been there for a long time. Remember that one combination of actions is the general environment combination. One action of this is showing up so now I am here in this place. This is the before action. The middle/present action is getting tarnished and denounced. The third or after-action is getting scared. Now obviously, the environment did not kick me out. This then means that I stayed and endured which brought about my anxiety.

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    where does the human begin and where does he end

    Where does the human begin and where does he or she end.
    I have not been giving this Alot of thought since the last time i wrote about something related to this. I am not surprised because it has been a while since i have written things like this. I will however try to muster up some basic thoughts about humanisn for you. If you were to ask me for an analogy of the world, i would say its like a really big anthill and we are obviously the ants. Without the ants,there would be no reason for a hill or no reason to add ant to the beginning of the word. Now we have already established what the hill is used for,now lets get a bit more minute...what are the ants made up of? Think of it like this,you basically have a big box an when you remove that box,theres a smaller box under it and so on until you get to the last box. Thats your beginning,you cant go any farther then that. I would like to think of humans in this sense, we need to remove the boxes of the human phys c,get deep within the mind to figure out if there really is one universal thing that makes us human. If not,then that would mean we all have our own set of rules and regulations when it comes to being human. i will basically be throwing a bunch of "what ifs" at you and you can decide what the big idea with this "human" thing. Most of us just go about living our lives with not a single thought of what makes you you or what drives you or what makes you a person in general. Questions like those are extremely broad yet pretty specific.I used to think about this A lot because i had some issues i was dealing with and i needed some really thoughtful solutions. What i think makes me human is the fact that i think i am. I dont believe there is a physical aspect of the whole idea but more a mental aspect. It is definitely a state of mind. All actions,feelings,thoughts etc. Its a very cerebral deal. Its all within that amazing organ we call the brain. Obviously, without the brain,nobody can function. It would be so easy to even begin to delve into all the reasons why we need the brain but i will skip that. These days,people are always looking to get better,looking to strive. There is always this certain pedestal or throne we need to sit on or get to in order to feel better generally. Our life always has to be a certain way and if it is not,we become frustrated,fed up,sick. The throne does not always have to be physical or tangible. It can be internal also. That is what matters the most. The internal thrones is exactly what i am am talking about. The internal thrones is always dealing with the brain. Whether it be trying to gain confidence or develop self esteem or just becoming really happy instead of faking pleasantness for other people. It is always about attaining a certain mindset. It is never really about how you feel physically,that is always just a result or a freetoy to go with the happymeal. There was a certain quote that i came upon while i was researching and it stunned me because it gives an example of one specific trait of the common human and this is one trait i would like to look more into.

    Quote:Tendencies take over
    "mage by jimmedia via Flickr I’ve written in the past on what the obvious trend for freethinker’s political orientation is but the more I talk and interact with libertarians online, the more I notice a second, more passive trend which seems to be present in the political history of those people. The Libertarian Socialist Pull. This means the general tendency to move towards the left or, to put it a bit more practically, start giving more weight to concepts of justice, mutual aid and equality, as well as the tendency to move towards liberty which means to start demanding the right to manage all aspects of your own life without a higher authority and prioritize direct action."

    The way in which this relates to my topic is that this is one of many habits of the mind. Doing what it does best regardless of the circumstances. I think that this switches on when we become scared of people invading our personal mindspace. I believe that we all have this personal space around our mind just like we have personal space around our body. If anyone gets to close,we shun them. When i say our mind switches to doing something its good at, i mean its doing something its really good at as in there can be no flaw or mishap. The mind is the most powerful tool anyone has on there person and it can destroy. I have seen it in action. Take this quote for example,if she is talking to a left policy thinker and she is throwing all these right views at him and he or she becomes scared because she is getting to close to his space and sooner or later,she might manipulate his or her thoughts..then what will start to happen is the mind will go into sort of a safe-haven or will climb into a box and it will stay there no matter what she throws at him or her. I think that this definitely stems from some sort of defense mechanism for the mind and a very primitive one at that.Another quote that i came upon also had to do with beginnings and pilgrimage of the mind if you will. This relates to todays world also.

    Quote: society? benefits? who gets it?
    "So here is the hard question: How should we, as a society, decide who gets the benefits of this medical breakthrough? Are we going to be health care egalitarians and try to prohibit Bill Gates from using his wealth to outlive Joe Sixpack? Or are we going to learn to live (and die) with vast differences in health outcomes? Is there a middle way?"

    I would say that the answer is pretty simple if you were to ask me. We need to find ground first. Where in the mind can we not go any further? I mentioned this in my very first paragraph at the top. Take off all the boxes or layers until you get to one. One box would obviously be media,another box would be lies,another box would consist he said,she said. We first would need to remove all of that crap and find out what people really think. Only then,will we be at peace with this healthcare issue. For now,its everlasting. Its the money-hungry pigs against the philanthropists. Two very different core ideals,so yes there has to be a middle way.

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    where does the human begin 2

    Where does the human begin and where does he or she end?
    Last time i wrote about why it is crucial that we get to the bottom of the human mind. It seems as though everything is so convoluted these days. It,s like there was this really bad fire and the smoke from that fire just kept rising and rising and then instead of it disappearing after the fire as out. The smoke became rather solid. Now i am figuratively speaking because there is no thing as stagnant smoke. Anyways,i think of our issues in this sense. Our problems have amalgamated into this huge web of garbage that we cant seem to untangle. Our thoughts have been dauntingly clouded by numerous things and it scares me. People need to wake up and just realize...just realize everything. I think its gotten to the point where we need to just pick people up by their feet and just shake them and hope that all the nonsense will come falling out. The web has to be torn. It only would take the smartest to untangle it but first we need to define who we are as people first. We need to define if we are even people. There is a literal limit into which we are bound. We can practically do whatever we want,the only non-physical boundary that exists is the one we create which is the humanistic based Judgement. You cant do this because then you would not be considered human and so on but let me ask you something...who says that being human is the most just and divine way? Why is it that the things we do are better then say aliens or animals. See,this is a problem. You see,we hold each other down with imaginary hands. We are all conjoined to each other,the earth is our guardian,our care taker....we have germinated from her womb. Therefore,if we are connected in this sense,no one is absolute.....therefore no one can make decisions for all mankind which in turn means no single person has the right to define what humanity is or why humanity is better then any other kind of race or form. I think that we are just as wrong as we are right. The mind can portray its brilliancy just as much as its maladroitness. Those 2 can never clash cause then it would be like trying to combine x with y,they just do not mix so when one is really needed,one comes out. In every positive,there is definitely a negative. It is very small but it is there,what may be right for one person may be wrong for someone else so its a relative thing. I will start delving into specific topics in which i discuss certain things that we think make us human or that make us human. For example,are there certain tools that we walk with to fix whatever maladies we may come across that animals do not have? Are certain emotions considered human and if so,why? I will be talking about these in later essays. There was a certain quote that caught my eye and i just had to elaborate on it.

    Quote: conservation of the mind
    I came across this great article and i found this quote within and it said "This is part 2 of On the Road with Conservatism . Please read the entire series here: What is Conservatism? This on-going series is both a process of self-discovery, as well as an attempt to define conservatism. There are so many different versions of conservatism today, lately, I’ve been wondering if I’m a conservative at all ( gasp! )"

    There is an immense connotation between my topic of interest and this quote. She states thats she is trying to conjure a solid definition of what conservatism is. Its classic,you find the most probable reasonable meaning so therefore all the confusion can be put to an end. She basically wants to remove the quirks from her mind about this word and find the most definite idea. When she does this,her section of the world or wherever she is gets a tad better because now that she knows the pilgrimage meaning of the word,she will pass on only the most correct positive thoughts instead of the slanted misleading ones. You see, i think all this already exists within the realm of everybody,s mind because sometimes we say things that we never thought we could say. It is just a matter of how it comes out and when it is supposed to come out. At the base of our minds is sort of like a storage center for the language tools that are necessitated. There is definitely a part of your brain that controls language and articulation but i am referring to something different. I am trying to elucidate a sort of flat invisible surface of things in which will get you through the most basic as well as the most difficult times of your life. Conservation is one of the things on that table. It could be formed in a different way though. Now pretend that this table has a long stick standing up on top of it and that stick is right on the word conservatism. It covers the whole word. What is this stick made of? Why is it there? Life and its evil games will tell you....or maybe i can. Now i said that it was right on the word conservatism which means confusion can be build..almost as tall as the empire state building and those sick twisted machines only feed the horrible structure in crumbs of lies. That is what the stick is made up of and it serves no other purpose but to keep the real meaning of the word conservatism covered. Fortunately,this lady knows the plot and is out to become truely righteous with conservatism. I discovered a picture recently that has to be put ion this essay because its exactly what i see when i am talking about the beginning of the human mind.

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    where does the human begin 3

    Where does the human begin and where does he or she end?
    Well,its a new day which means a new essay on where i stand on the humanism topic. Last time i left off with saying that i would talk about human emotion...or if its human. There must be some ties between what you feel and who you are. I am not just talking about a specific person but in general. Have we just developed this over time or do all these emotions come from somewhere else and are just attained by us as we progress? I mean A lot of people say that feelings are from the heart. Obviously,its not literal but you get the point. The whole idea behind these essays are to figure out if everything belongs to us. First i figure out all that we claim to own then i put that in a separate pile and then all that will be left is the brain with its levels. I will then finally be able to get to the beginning as i have been talking about. I will dive deep down into the abyss until i can feel the ground of the mind. Now I said that i would be starting with emotion and where i think it originates. That is in another paragraph but first ill talk a bit about why we need it. The germination of feeling i think does not come from us,but slowly makes its way into us as we get older. I think that its a learning process,just like anything else. When we come across something melancholy,over time we learn to cry or show a sad expression. When we come across something sanguine,we show a look of content and happiness. Now within some of us,this learning can be disabled just like any other learning process. That is related to autism,kids cant read emotions or expressions etc etc. Anyways,the reason i think emotion is needed is because in order to form a more benevolent life,we must depend on external forces to fill us up with the zeal and energy that we need to create one. There always has to be a balance. A balance between our external forces and internal forces. They both feed off each other. Internal gives a bit to the external and vice versa. Emotions which are the external juice creates a sense of completion in what i like to call the humans cycle.

    Elucidation of the human cycle

    Ok well,to explain this cycle, theres a certain amount of emotion that needs to make its way within us. Then all of that makes its way out of us and enters the next person and so on. We live in a cycle of emotion. I feel bad about something so i become sad and then at another point in time,i wont be sad anymore so its not that I am sad and that it fades away. I become sad and then it passes on to someone else who requires it. This in turn means that we all share basic common emotions, i mean we literally share em..not just in the sense that we have the same ones. The only flaw in this is sometimes we do not pass on the emotions we want to express which means we stop somebody else from getting that desired feeling. In this sense also we are unerringly connected. Any expression that you hinder creates an awful pause in the cycle,its like a domino effect, so this is why emotions and feelings have to be attained because without it,there is no cerebral progress in terms of climbing the emotional ladder. I have explained this before and i will explain this again. Pretend there is a huge word that covers the sky,it says betterment. Now there are thousands of ropes hanging down from it,it is our job to climb that rope,to get to this salacious seraphic angelic word and to live in total and complete serenity. there is a quote that relates to this and its a prime example of what happens on a day to day basis with humans.

    Quote: Pass it on...

    Further in his release, Ahmad states:

    The ability to speak languages from Arabic to Urdu is considered to be an asset … Monolingualism leads to isolationist and inward thinking.


    Erm, no – I think you’ll find that separating children according to the religion of their parents and telling them that believers of all other faiths and none will burn in hell leads to isolation and inward thinking. This from your website.

    This utterly relates to my topic because you can see a part of the human cycle having an effect on these 2 guys. One passes on haughty angry emotion to another in order to keep the debate going. This is obviously an important conversation or else they would not be having it. Everything happens for a reason...even nothing happens for a reason...and that is because things arent happening. Sooner or later,this will all come to a close and that angry energy will fly like a bird and travel as far as it needs to go because it definitely has a destination. Once it reaches that certain person,there will be a whole new story to tell. Think of it like this,when it gets inside you. It is sort of just there spewing off bits of its waste into the key receptors of your tells you exactly what to say and what to do. Its like an overseer of your mental life for a certain period of time. After the little episode that takes place,you become a bit more self aware in all aspects and your free to do a little more. You get more lovely when this kind of thing happens all the time. Your mind becomes a little more sharp. Think about it like this,its sort of like a spiral. Each time an emotion passes through your brain,you fill up just a little bit more and it keeps happening until your at the top. Now i chose this picture for the obvious reason

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    where does the human being 4

    Where does the human begin and where does he or she end?
    Hello again fellow humans, As you can see,this is the start of yet another well bluntly thought out essay discussing my thoughts on human origin. Lets recap a bit,last time i talked about this idea called the human cycle. I said that we live in a circle of emotion and that when we feel something,it does not just leaves our bodies. It is ever-transient. It leaves us and it seeps into somebody else who requires that particular emotion. This is what i talked about last time and now i will delve a little deeper into how it works and the rules and regulations of this cycle. I believe that things can become so natural and purified that you cant see it. Its just there,in the air,in the trees,everywhere. The cycle starts with all of us and ends with all of us. I believe that the cycle runs in one way and one way only. We must not do anything to hinder its progress. Even though this is true, we continue to constantly impede other people and ourselves from feeling the ultimate astill nd complete effect of this amazing cycle. These days,people need it more then ever. What we feel is always important and holds Daunting significance in what we do and how we react to others. Maybe we can use this sort of sense to shed some knowledge on the current adversity that we face. The increasing rate of teen rebellion and why kids have become so lackadaisical. Now i have talked about discussing rules and inhibitions regarding the cycle. Just like how our parents pay for our existence,the cycle pays for ours. We need to show appreciation by following all of its guidelines and criteria. It is crucial that we meet these standards in order to keep the world hypothetically moving. So now there is the first and most important rule which i will discuss today.

    Rule 1 Never inhibit

    What goes around comes around which means what goes around MUST come around. You do not have a choice with this kind of thing. You have to express full emotion in order for people to get a better understanding of the human cycle. You see,think about this..We all know what the intrinsic cycle is,we just are not aware of that. I have explained this before,we should never inhibit the cycle,what i mean is you should never hold feelings back cause it stops someone else from attaining them. This is sort of relates to another essay i did on human action and how it relates to nature vs nurture. I said that any action taken by one person has an effect on another person somewhere else. Think about it like this, America is a democracy and a democracy means the people that capacitate a certain area have all these rights and such. We believe in liberty. We adulate the word free, it gives us tantamount pleasure when we hear it. This is an international word and a law in itself. The point is,when you do not let the emotion pass on,you are contributing to the antithesis of what it means to be free. you are jailing and policing people and you are not even a cop. You are regulating and maintaining somebody else's property or all of our property when you do not give up that feeling. It does not get passed on which creates maladies and issues. The good people of the world become more and more acidic and petulant as this kind of act progresses and someones life is shortened just a bit.

    Ways of inhibition
    With the ongoing obstructions is also the ways in which we horribly do so. Let us think of the ways in which we stop ourselves or the reasons why we stop ourselves from giving off emotions. There is the obvious reason,we hide it due to the fact that we want to give ourselves a better chance of winning at this social game. We want people to respect us and approbate us and give us complete laud ability. We feel sometimes as though in order to do that,we must only give them what they most desire....which is the opposite of passing on negative emotion. We feel as though we might send this message out into the world that we do not deserve to be loved or we do not deserve affection but thats not what we want because we thrive on that. That is our fuel,remember as i said in my earlier paragraphs. We want to climb that rope that is attached to that word called betterment This means we must please everyone and everything cause we feel that they hold the key to our success. Another way of inhibition is trying to forget all about the emotion. So now you are going to permanently erase the emotion. You are not just going to hide it now but you are going to get rid of it. This is probably the worse form of inhibition ever. The person that is supposed to be receiving that key emotion is now drowning or suffocating forever because you do not want to let it go. Your waning down on the cycle by doing this, think of it like a rope tied in a circle in the air and your looking at it,by getting rid of that have basically grabbed one part of the rope out of the air and now there is a ditch in it. It is sort of like this, they say that if you chew gum and swallow sticks to the lining of your intestine and it could cause cancer cause everytime hydrochloric acid passes by it,it does not move so over time this could turn into an ulcer. The cycle is just like this,it is forever ambulatory. This is just rule one out of the many that i will be discussing. There was a certain quote that i came across and it relates to my topic.

    Quote: It's my turn.
    "Evolution is a process of advancement, growth or unfoldment. Spirituality deals with the issues to experience wholeness, integration, as a quest to discover the meaning and purpose of life, as a journey to contact the source of eternal bliss and fulfillment, balance and perfection in life. Spirituality doesn’t mean to run away from the society or the regular duties of day today life as it is thought generally in India. Spirituality expresses itself in many different ways. There are philosophical, psychological and also behavioral perspectives"

    This quote relates to my topic because they are talking about moving forward,opening up,getting rid of obstacles in order to live a better life. They say that yoga is one way in which you can basically speed up this process of attaining fulfillment and peace. There is absolutely no inhibition here. There are no impediments or aneurysms because that is not what they want...that is not what WE want. Do you see where they talk about contacting the source of eternal bliss,that there is what the cycle wants to achieve. It is a living body. think about the way this very quote was put together,someone out there was classy and mature enough to put there pride to the side for a bit and give emotion where emotion is due. I think of intellect as an emotion also so it was given to whoever wrote this and they were able to "fulfill" there duties" for today. Now I think that This small fragment of intellect is being passed on to me. Who,s next?

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    where does the human begin 5

    Where does the human begin and where does he or she end?
    So last time i talked about the human cycle and one of its rules. Today i will discuss with you another rule that i have been thinking about. This is the second most significant rule and..the second rule. I explained in the last essay that the first rule was never to inhibit,cause when you do that,you sort of induce this slant. The second rule is that you should never force emotion on other people as a way of getting rid of it. You see if you understand the human cycle then you know that emotions get passed on but the cycle works alone. It works for us but it does its business in complete solitude. The cycle is the only one that gets to pass on the emotion,that is the only skill it has. Your job is just to feel and live. Think of it as a game of Simon says in which you are oblivious to. The feeling gets sent along to whoever the cycle tells you to pass it to It is almost like a bunch of hands of insatiable hands reaching out trying to grab that emotional hamburger. Those hands year for the one sustenance that eludes them. I have said in the past that the cycle is living but it does not have a mouth, it does not communicate, it believes that communication is sort of an indirect form of evil and malice and it slows down the emotional transfer process.All words have an imaginary force just like everything else. This certain force creates a laconic impediment or block for a particular emotion. The force of the particular emotion clashing with the force of a particular word does not cause an equal or opposite reaction. I believe that communication is a race within itself...just like humans. There are numerous forms of conversation as well as words to make up those conversations. The process has to run at the same rate constantly,even the slightest faulter in the cycle induces a series of violent events. I will explain in the next paragraph what will happen when we do not follow this rule. We cannot function on nothing,that is literally impossible. We must be involved somehow...even if its in the most piquant of ways.

    Rule 2: Never force
    So as i briefly discussed in the last paragraph, there is another rule..the rule states that you should never force your emotion on anybody else. We are all individuals which means we have different personalities,flaws etc etc. Our peculiarities help us get through the day in different ways. I become a bit irate when i think about how those odd traits become blocked by all these fragments of other peoples insecurities and all these other external impediments. Sometimes what we want gets in the way of what we need, the former in our minds sometimes weighs more in then the latter and then we realize the mistake we made when its to late. One of the many impediments that would cease our expression of traits are the forces of emotion another being. You are only you which means you are not someone else. As you can see, we are not physically connected. We are not some human form of pangea,there is no historical evidence proving that we all one person at a certain period of time. So what does forcing emotion on other people specifically do to the cycle and the world for that matter?

    ....What happens?
    So now i will explain in the best way possible what takes place during and after the forcing of emotion on people. When you do try to falsely give off emotion, it creates a false chain of events. You see, all the causes and effects of the world have to be sound and good. There is no balance in that type of system. I believe that whatever you do must have a positive subsequent reaction on someone or something. You do NOT want to send that kind of message out into the world. You would like to see the good in people and when a false emotion hits another person, there is a certain erosion of what makes that person themselves. It is sort of like those smoking commercials where they advertise why you should not smoke. In one of the commercials,the kid is standing there and all these other kids are doing all these things to him and then after a while, he loses himself. That is exactly what happens when you let out a false emotion, you lose what makes I think that this is why we have so many corrupt people these days...they are corrupt because they have not been able to grow. We are decent and functional beings,all we need to do is follow the cycle and do what it tells us to. All we have to do is go with the flow.

    Quote: religious connection

    "For example, Hitchens, a columnist for Vanity Fair and author of the book God Is Not Great, told a capacity crowd at the University of Toronto, “I think religion should be treated with ridicule, hatred and contempt, and I claim that right.” His words were greeted with hoots of approval.

    Religion is “sinister, dangerous and ridiculous,” Hitchens tells NPR, because it can prompt people to fly airplanes into buildings, and it promotes ignorance. Hitchens sees no reason to sugarcoat his position.

    “If I said to a Protestant or Quaker or Muslim, ‘Hey, at least I respect your belief,’ I would be telling a lie,” Hitchens says"

    Well i chose this quote because it is a prime example of forced emotion.First of all, there is the example of what hitchens said, He states that religion can prompt people to fly airplanes into buildings. The people that flew the airplanes into the twin towers obviously went wrong somewhere. They were somehow forced to do something which was the result of a forced emotion. Our actions are propelled and put forth by feelings. The motivation had to be there, the courage had to be there. The anger had to be instilled somehow so they were pushed into there horrid way of life by somebody else. The second example is Hitchens himself, he has been forced to say what he said because of the first example i gave Those people that crashed the airplanes into the towers already had false emotion which means they can only give off false emotion which in turn means hitchens was effected by this. He did not have to say what he said but he said it because he was feeling falsely angry. Now what will happen is that he will then give off more false emotion to somebody else and more people will be upset. This is how i see this quote.

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    where the human begin 6

    Well today i will talk about rule number 3 in the human cycle. I have not really been thinking about the topic that much cause i have been so busy studying. This rule is called repetitive emotion. It is more of an act, not in a constitutional sense but an act. An act we have no choice but to follow. Nowadays, there are so many people out there who give off a sense of repeated personality. This is a huge flaw in society and the human kingdom. It devastates life and man and thing. One of our main goals in life is get over obstacles and impediments, one cannot fulfill such a feat if one is to run into the same wall over and over again. Wheres the sense in that? As i have mentioned in an essay i wrote a while back, we are always ambulatory..we are constantly on the move. This in turn means that we cannot stop for anything...we are like time, we don't wait for anything or anyone. When we live out the same basic minuscule emotions over and over again, we live the same part of our life in the same manner. Everything can just be amalgamated and summed up as one big movie. Yes, we are a kingdom similar to that of the animals. When you repeat, you are only giving off the same zeal you gave away a minute ago and after a while, it starts to become geriatric and trite. Repetition is one small aspect of our plight and our attainment of deterrence that has been taking place for years. We are the inducement of our own anguish and despair because we set forward that nasty festering spiral which has waned the most benevolent of man. There are many examples of this so called repetition. I will talk more about repetition involving emotion in a later paragraph but first I would like to give some more examples involving repetition in other forms and where we went wrong.

    Love....over...and over...and over
    The title basically sums up the whole point and this paragraph for that matter. Love in a repetitive form is pretty obvious to me. I see it everyday, the same old people making the same old mistakes. It seems rather weird to me because the discrepancies of love can definitely be avoided and we can digress on to a better path. Therefore, the divorce rate would go down and less people would be hurt. Ill give you an example and you tell me if you agree. Lets say you have a typical couple who fell in love at first site etc etc and now they both agree that they are in indefinite affection for each other. After a while, the guy becomes increasingly insatiable and starts to develop a drammish heart for the a matter of fact, his heart is disappearing. He resorts to cheating and gets caught, they subsequently break up. A few weeks later, he comes back..."oh i am sorry and i cant eat or sleep or do anything else without you etc etc" ones he ends his little plea..she simply says i will give you another chance. He does it again and the same thing happens. That fervor or that urge to do it again is what makes the world spin a little slower each and everyday. Now he will never leave this part of his life behind. Remember that we do things only for those acts to become memories. This young man however will stay in one place. Time will fly past him like a bird and he will gray and rot making the same dumb mistakes over and over again. It does not have to be this way but it is.

    Human cycle: repetitive emotion
    Have you ever come across someone who was screaming or crying or laughing repetitively? I know that is rather an odd question but it pertains to my explanation in this paragraph. repetitive emotion really does damage the cycle of human emotion on a number of ways. The first way being very obvious, the deterrence of the cycle. When you repeat an emotion, it creates sort of an impediment for the next emotion that is on its way. This happens over and over again. In a sense, the line of the cycle starts to deteriorate due to the fact when the cycle gives off something that it already did in a consecutive way, the point of it being there becomes less and less pointless. It loses its value. Also, when you repeat an emotion,you are ruining peoples lives in a way or making it worse because like i said in the earlier paragraph, we need to get to where we need to get to and that,s just it. No if and,s or buts and when you give off the same aura or energy, you are invading someone Else's personal emotional space. You see, i know i have mentioned before that we are connected as humans in a lot of ways but since we are connected, we have no choice but to respect and cherish one another. Also, think about this...eventually if you keep acquiring the same emotion over and over, that will reshape your brain in a negative way and then you send off sort of this negative cancer into the cycle and suddenly, the whole cycle is corrupt and people all over the place are picking up signals they aren't supposed to. There is a quote that relates to my topic and this essay.

    Quote: One aspect of damage

    "At a time when so many of us are working ourselves to death, struggling to support ourselves and our loved ones, and seeking balance in our personal and professional lives, it seems that there is no time to step outside of our immediate experience and ask ourselves the deeper questions about

    community, connection, and what it means to reach out and help another human being.

    Given the break-neck pace of our own lives, at the end of the day there just doesn't seem to be enough left of ourselves to give--emotionally or financially"

    This quote totally relates to my essay due to the fact that he says that we are basically drained when we come home from work which in turn means we just dont have enough energy to help someone else in need. I don't think that's the reason why we cant help, the reason why we cant help is because A lot of people are not attaining that key emotion that they need to help people due to them creating the same false emotion within themselves. I have said this before, any emotion that comes from you is not real...its mechanical. Only external emotions are real and when you create a false imitation of another emotion that you felt already, you block off the right emotion from entering your system which means people who cant help really cant help. It has nothing to do with energy and such, they just don't have the mindset. For example, if an old lady falls to the ground and you see her, unless there is a lack of the emotion or feeling of altruism, nothing else will stop you. It doesn't take "energy" to help an old lady. Ther eis this picture that is quiet lovely. It relates to my topic.

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    where does the human begin 7

    Where does the human begin and where does he or she end?
    Within the portals of my mind, there is so much logic that remains inconspicuous yet it is right in front of me. It is what helps me to write these kinds of essays. Today i will again depend on my logic to dig deep within the body of the human cycle and i will explain another rule. I have definitely picked up on A lot of things since i have been on this earth and one of the many things that stand out to me and i still see these days is the constant tangle of everything. We try to amalgamate and acumen everything all at once and then we wonder why the crap always hits the fan. There never is a sound day,there never is a day where things go completely right. We never have that benign second. There is this huge web of lies and subterfuge-like hate that we create for our own benefit and betterment. We never see past the mountains not because they are in the way...but because we do not want to. I have noticed that as everything becomes more and more unclear,we also try to entangle everybody else,s mind with our,s and that it is possible yet we should not do it. We impede each others thoughts with all the downgraded talk and we age even faster when that happens. Let me explain something,everything starts out by itself...a jigsaw puzzle put together starts out as pieces by themselves. The individual is its own and can never be anything else. We must find and create ourselves to the fullest extent before we reach out to other people. We all know that something that is not filled up cannot give off anything. A pipe needs water to run and so on. To get back to another rule that i would like to explain, there is the tangle of feeling. I will explain this more in the next paragraph. People only have themselves at the end of the day and the day in itself only has us. Depending on what we do during the day obviously, that is how it will turn out. The problem is not enough days are turning out alright or great and that takes away a piece of the next day. What we cant eat,we throw away or we shribble into nothing. We try to erase what we think are mistakes.

    Rule 4: Do not tangle emotion
    You should never try to entangle 2 emotions at once. Never try to be happy when you are sad. The mixing of emotion creates a pot of negative stamina and force. Think of it like this, if you know anything about imperialism then you know that there were A lot of black tribes within Africa and when the Europeans invaded, they put some of those tribes within the same area and those same tribes already had issues so there was a war obviously. You do not try to rile up a bunch of emotions at once because it deafens everything else around you. It definitely is your 6th sense. The cycle is all senses wrapped up into one. Like i said in the last paragraph, every individual thing can only be its own cause that,s why it exist. This goes for emotion as well, emotions are only themselves. Feelings don't share any other type of bond except in the way they function in relation and respect to each other.

    Quote: Enlightenment

    "Contrary to popular belief, enlightenment is your natural state. In a sense there is no “effort” needed to become enlightened but more a “letting be”. Things in the way that you have accumulated mentally are stopping you from the direct experience of enlightened being. Why would God only let someone who has been lucky enough to be given a good education or spent 10 years in a Buddhist monastery gain access to enlightenment? What is you only had a month to live?"
    I am a big proponent of this quote because it talks about just letting things be and not getting in the way of what is. This relates to my topic because this is the same thing as saying you should not tangle up your emotions, instead just let everything flow naturally and you will be at peace. The cycle will be at peace. You are paying you god-given debt to society and it is not hard to do in this sense. Enlightenment or whatever you wanna call it can only be attained when we free ourselves...i mean really free ourselves. Break the fetter and start living a semi-lavish life. If all you are doing is concocting a big black imaginary cauldron of disgust and contempt then you will find yourself staying in one place mentally for the rest of your life. There was this quote that i saw on the bus, if you keep doing what you always did then you will be where you always were or something like that but I think we get the point,i think weve come to an understanding. Think about this, the word enlightenment is enlightened itself because all the parts of the word are there and there is no mix up...wouldn't you rather have a straight path to your destination then a whole bunch of intersections and digressions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by actualfact View Post
    Now the next unit of time is the choice, what is choice? Again, let up apply math. A choice is a number in a limited set, each choice like a number has a value. If the set is finite then that means it is constantly changing depending on the choice you make. Choice is the option to do something or not to do something( 1 or 0). You have addition where two choices are picked and then you have subtraction where you dont pick a choice. Due to the circumstance(circumference) surrounding you, you only have a set number of choices when it comes to the choices themselves but as far as the fundamental options, there are only two which are the ones i mentioned. You can pick something or you can not pick it, period. For you to pick a choice, there has to be some sort of calculation(computation), this calculation uses equations( models of thought processes). There is the input of the numbers(data from circumference), there is the calculation and then there is the output. Anyways to stay on point, choice is the driving force of an event which is our biggest unit.
    Do you think we are able to make choices at all? Or are we completely determined? My view is that we can make choices, but I am not sure if you agree.

    I view choice not so much as a number but rather as something an agent decides to do within constraints.

    Quote Originally Posted by actualfact View Post
    ow you have choices in reality and then you have imagined choices(same thing as imagined and real numbers in math). Choices in reality, choices you can make and then imagined choices which is choices you cant make given the circumstance. These alternate line of choices are alternate realities that do exist, if they ddint exist, youldnt of been able to imagine them.
    How do you know those alternate realities exist? I don't mind things existing that aren't material. For example, an electromagnetic field is real and exists because of the effects observed (light, magnetism).

    Also I can "imagine" Saraswati, a Hindu goddess, or I can imagine a muse. Does that mean she exists? I am not trying to suggest that she does not exist. She very well may exist, but I would like some evidence besides my imagining her.

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    Its pure logic, if everything happens for a reason and we trace everything back, youll never get to zero(again math), meaning that all we can say is that god is the first cause so you will never get to the first choice that was ever made or the first cause then that we be god so if this "god" is the first cause then he set everything in motion and so the choices that you think you have are made by the choices that you made before and so on. I am using math(numbers etc) to try to give a physical understanding of what is unreal(intangible). Yes anything that you imagine is real because like I said in another world or universe or time period under the right conditions, a muse or whatever u imagine would exist, just like you exist and thrive here but you cannot exist in other realms and the real world is in your mind, not outside of it...all of this is only a manifestation

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