{Through the veil}
Converging on it's prey dog eat dog style,
the hungry appetite of the kings of the jungle
eats heartily throughout time, with
intimidating burps of indigestion.

Only the strong will survive
the battle of the fittest
in this concrete jungle where
people, as ants by the sweat
of their brows,
carry their weight and
the weight of others.

It's a state of mind people,
strategically played out on paper.

The lions do roar showing
their stained teeth;
the bears growl also.
{people shudder in fear}
At times the roar and the
growl are toned down to
a shameful prrr,
in this grand scheme
of political pansy.

Fighting wars of someone else's
bidding, and falling back
with their heads between their tails,
wagging like a wet dog,
unable or unwilling
to mollycoddle even their own.

{How the game is played}
The streets engage in a tug of war,
devoid of natural survival skills;
kill or be killed is the motto.
"Adjust your crosshairs,
hit your target, make spoil
their goods."

Ceo's step on the heads of their
investors and stockholders
with stilettos.
Banks lay waste to a death
the currency, and wear
robin hoods hat backwards
in a pilfering game.
Every concerned breath
is one step closer to the rape,
which lead to the shedding
of innocent blood.

It's an evil foreboding

Politicians speak romantically,
but nothing is ever deciphered;
saved on a hard drive their
unsavory lies. Behavior that is
beyond the pale,
and yet, etched in the concrete
as an ill example for generations
that follow.

The ending of another chapter
with tears crawling across the pages.
This is real life in the concrete
jungle of every nook and cranny
of our known existence.
A sense of clarity is warranted.