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    fielding, Henry

    Why is this particular author nowhere to be found? Is it because he wrote a long time ago? I don't think so, because I think I just saw Chaucer on the list.

    Anyway, I wanted to get some opinions on the characters from his novel Tom Jones. What do they suggest? Realism or Romanticism?

    Do you think Tom Jones deserved Sophia?

    I have been told that there are ironies in the novel but I can't find them or identify them.

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    I would say its hard to find a passage from the narrator that isn't heaped with irony. For example Tom Didn't deserve Sophie - until he was Allworthy's heir, which is ironic because he is the same person, As Fielding is pointing out in his narrative.
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    I replied yesterday to this post, but my answer was denied.
    I contacted the forum about it, but no answer yet.
    Before I answer again, I must know what was wrong with the first post.
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    The whole structure of a comic epic is ironic - the twelve books of Homer or Virgil applied to a contemporary not-very-elevated story.

    I haven't read it for ages but the introductions to each book I remember as a pretentious teenager finding impressive. I'd almost certainly find them boring now.
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