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Thread: Shakespeare on Sex

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    Shakespeare on Sex

    With no doubt, sex is a prevalent theme on humankind.
    In which works (Specify please) does shakespeare explicitly
    reflects sex? I know that most productions, readers, and
    universal references regard the sexual themes of shakespeare
    as acts of love, which in my own experience sex is not always
    about subtle love from the "Bossom". No, I talk about
    male and female inner sexual life, sexual fanstasies,
    What happens behind the walls? what happens below the sheets?
    Sparks of sexual feeling can come randomly in anybody daily life.
    That is what Im looking for in shakespeares work. What happens that
    is tried to be forgotten and people avoid to talk about (I.E taboo,
    out of the social but not necesarily penalized sexual encounters,
    like student-teacher, incest, servant - master) Another I.E
    How was the own experience of margaret while having sex with Borachio
    In Much Ado About Nothing. The fact that they are just sexual buddies
    reveals that even in the universe of shakespeare, sexual miscellaneousness,
    hook ups, one night stands, and all kinds of greek stuff happens. Just
    like in our times and everytime in history. Only that shakespeare focuses more
    in the more "trascendental" relationships. What I do everytime I read the word
    "love" in shakespeares works is that I mentally replace it with the word "Lust"
    and it makes me believe more in the interactions amongst character. So
    where is the kinkiness in shakespeares works? where are the pornographic plots
    hidden? and most importantly when are the characters expressing verbally their
    sexuality, their desire, their "Immorality" for instance a female character
    having "Immoral" desires and intentions, who enters in conflict with her sense
    of morality, education, social context. We all know that a lady has sex with
    a nobleman after marriage, but what if she lusts after her servant? When
    does shakespeare give us those hints?

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    You would probably have got more replies if you had limited yourself to one question.

    The play is which sex is definitely not the same as love is Troilus and Cressida
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    Measure for measure has an interesting take on love, sex and marriage. - An abandoned fiance sleeps with her former betrothed disguised as the woman her betrothed is blackmailing into having sex with him, in order to save her brother from execution for sleeping with his betrothed. Then everyone gets married. Pick the bones out of that.
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    I like the porter's comments on alcohol and sexual performance in Macbeth. Shakespeare liked to crack some dirty jokes. Some of his actor pals had these bits specially written in for them and indeed may have fed him the lines. Good playwrights adapt their work to suit and a bit of ribaldry entertained the spitting and farting section of the audience.

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