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Thread: The Sweat Cauldron

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    The Sweat Cauldron

    Hungry-eyed old men
    sift through calisthenicking limbs,
    ogling the young: boys, girls—
    it doesn't matter.
    Every body in unison, disjointedly,
    strains its joints, lifts arms and legs
    against the planet's gravity.
    Futile, futile.
    The bods relax; the guts and butts
    touch down, drop anchor, and reunite with
    Mudder Earth.
    The transient moisture of such labors
    collects and drips,
    gets ragwiped off,
    to be laundered later, redissolved,
    injected into sewer lines.
    Outside, the crew resumes
    their norm—both young and old
    will eat their fill
    of burgers and field greens and jamjam pie.
    They'll ingest and micturate
    their liquid essentials—
    beers and teas and ionized glugs—
    until the cycle begins anew...
    evaporation and condensation
    over and over in sealed alembics
    of fleeting fitness and fissuring beauty;
    the latter: ever-forever elusive.
    Pump and heave, pedal and push,
    bring those atoms that were consumed
    back to the surface and sweat them all out
    again, again.

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    I'm full and never need to eat again...Brilliant!
    The Rotten Apple Injures its Neighbour

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