]This sort of post may be out of context in this, but this is the only forum that I know that could could help me out right now. if you know any other forums
more suitable for my case please share the links, but for some reason I trust you as advisers.

I wrote the next script. I don't want to be a writter. I want to act. I wrote the following short script in order to act it out myself. You will get to know
more about me by reading the script than by introducing myself in a conventional way. My cousin with his amateurish technical knowledge on film making will
film the mise en scène. I don't have any technique as an actor, few people who knows me believe I could act. But I do have something truthful and organic to express.
For the roles I wrote for myself, ill be using and understandable and acceptable, interesting, unique speech. I have to work on that. Since most of
you are native english speakers I would like to hear your opinion on the way my speech and accent sounds. I don't intend to mimic any specific
accent from any region in particular. There would be just a slight difference between some sort of American and some sort of British accent amongst characters.
My goal is to develope for this sort film and further characters an appealing, understandable (although unique and odd) speech for all the audience over the world. Next,
Ill post the script I wrote for myself to act it out and for my cousin to direct, If you want to discuss its meaning and analyse it I encourage you to do it. THIS IS NOT LITERATURE
this just amateurish form of expression. And if if you are interested, when the short film is ready, I'll be glad to share it with you.

I will share you my speech recordings as soon as I figure it out how to do it.

“Now remember firmly what I am going to tell you: the theatre, on account of its publicity and spectacular side, attracts many people who merely want to capitalize their beauty or make careers. They take advantage of the ignorance of the public, its perverted taste, favouritism, intrigues, false success, and many other means which have no relation to creative art. These exploiters are the deadliest enemies of art. We have to use the sternest measures with them, and if they cannot be reformed they must be removed from the boards. Therefore … you must make up your mind, once and for all, did you come here to serve art, and to make sacrifices for its sake, or to exploit your own personal ends?”\
-konstantin Stanislavsky.

Some people take selfies to show off "Their pretty feet and hands". This is exactly what I'm doing with this project. You may call me a nihilist of art.

The following script does not contain any stage or action directions. Action is the job of the actor, not of the writter.

His way to show off his pretty feet and hands.

By: (I don't want to be accredited for the writting, which I humbly admit that for most may think that doesn't deserve any credit at all)

CREW (Camera man/photographer and someone who operates the microfone if available)

they enter.

COMMENTS: ACTOR might improvise, crew must be aware. DIRECTOR may improvise as well. CREW may comment. CREW may receive indications while in from the fictional characters.

DIRECTOR - This shall be our location

ACTOR - I don't smoke. Give me a lollipop. So everything is ready, whenever you say action.

CREW - (whispering voices) Yeah, but he's got to get in character.

DIRECTOR - Right. Do you need some time? do you need some space to prepare? we've got no rush

ACTOR - I can swap into character instantly.

DIRECTOR - Are sure you know who your character is?

ACTOR - Have I ever let you down?

DIRECTOR - It is the firs time we work together.

ACTOR - Exacty.

DIRECTOR - alright then do your thing.

ACTOR - This jacket, take it and bring me my sweater.

DIRECTOR - Are you ready to start?

ACTOR - Nothing ever starts, nor does it end. Only when you say action, and only when you say cut you get the illusion of a beginning and an end. I trust all of you, I vaguely know anything about what you do. All I can do is trust you. This isn't about me, this isn't about us. This is about the character

DIRECTOR - Okay lets sit down. Photographer (camera man) remember to take the best shots when the most expressive emotional moments arrive.

ACTOR - Director, remember to choose the most emotional expressive and truthful scenes at post production.

DIRECTOR - Well then, get into character and we shall start.

ACTOR - (in character) So what do you want to know about me?

DIRECTOR - Tell us about you. Whats your name?

ACTOR -it is not written anywhere. You may call me telmah. Sound silly. It is hamlet in reverse.

DIRECTOR - Do you identify yourself with such a character as hamlet.

ACTOR - Emotionally, internally, organically I do. But I don't have a plot and I certainly don't have an objective.

DIRECTOR - You ought to have at least an objective. Listen we are just an amateur attempt of expression. We rely on you.

ACTOR - And I rely on you too.

DIRECTOR - Well then you are the actor, act!

ACTOR - (In character) I'm not an actor, althought I would like to be one.

CREW - (whispering) He is terrific

ACTOR - (in character) I'm here, sitting on the couch, I lent myself for the sake of this film. What do you want to know about me.

DIRECTOR -speak!

ACTOR - (In character) I'm shy, but yes I do love to talk about myself.Actually, it is the only thing I can do. Think about myself, but i'm not sure you will understand my process, I don't even understand it.

DIRECTOR - So you think you are intellectually above us.

ACTOR - (I.C) Not at all. I am just weird I don't know how to express what I really am.

DIRECTOR - Just talk about you, this is your character, your big time, you are the actor.

ACTOR - I told you I am not an actor! This is... Whomever I am.

CREW - He is amazing, he won't break character.

ACTOR (I.C) OK, so you think this is fiction, alright I will play fiction with you then.

DIRECTOR - Firstable, why are we speaking in english.

ACTOR - (IN and out) Because I want our message to reach worldwide. I dont go out, I dont get involved in comunity activities, local arts, sports, parties, social life or anything. I just stay at home. I try to remain isolated as much as I
can. Of course, I eventually will have to leave the house to do a few chores and it is such a burden.

DIRECTOR - Why do you remain isolated?

ACTOR - I can't deal with the stimulus.

DIRECTOR - which stimulus.

ACTOR - Inner stimulus and outer stimulus. When Im alone I have to deal only with my inner stimulus, which is overwhelming enough, and very few outer stimulus, which would come from the movies, the videos I watch and the books I
read. Which are all in english, and they seem to reach worldwide. I want to be worldwide. But im not even popular in my own locality.----

DIRECTOR - What would you be popular for, you don't do anything, you sleep as much as you can. You don't work, you don't go to school, you ocassionally read or watch something.

ACTOR - How do you know that?

DIRECTOR It is on the script. By the way, don't mind our accents? They are way below acceptable, I mean english is not our main languague.

ACTOR - I don't care a damn about how we sound I want people from all over the world to listen to us. As I said I never belonged to the system Im supposed to belong. I was raised by the internet. I don't have a group of friends. I don't
upload many things on facebook and I barely get a few likes whenever I upload a picture in contrast to other people who are actually popular and get hundreds of likes. Let's face it, we are not and we will never be that sort of people. The only thing we have, our only hope is the media abvailable to us.

DIRECTOR - What if we don't get any viewers.

ACTOR - It doesn't matter, who cares, lets just face reality.

DIRECTOR - You are out of character again.

ACTOR - Who cares about character who cares about fiction, all we have is this. I don't know what it is but this is all we have. Lets remember the esscencials: organic and truthfull expression. If we can make it beautiful much better, we
are just amateurs and we will do what we can. Who will care about this? Our only exposure is to our contacts in facebook who won't even get any of this stuff. We can't compete against those who actually show their pretty feet and hands.

DIRECTOR - (encouraging the acto to keep talking) Keep talking.

ACTOR - We are not even nerds, we are not even geniuses.We don't belong anywhere.

DIRECTOR - Woah woah, wait a minute. Don't talk in plural. I and my crew belong somewhere and aspire to something. It is you who doesn't fit anywhere. It is you who want to be so special that won't even let anyone reach you. And guess
what. Nobody gives a **** about you!

ACTOR - I totally agree. Listen I'm not trying to be special or popular or anything. I told you I just cant bear my own reality. Have you ever heard of the term solipsism.

DIRECTOR - No, what does it mean.

ACTOR - Google it.

DIRECTOR - are you on some kind of medications?

ACTOR - As a matter of fact I am.

DIRECTOR - do you want to talk about it?

ACTOR - I'll just give you a brief summary: due to my strange and isolated nature, my relative though something was wrong with me. So it led into a journey of psiquiatrists, medications, and studies.

DIRECTOR - And what is their diagnose?

ACTOR - 80 mg of prozac, 3 mg of rivotril.

DIRECTOR - Is it helping?

ACTOR - I hope it is.

DIRECTOR - Do you realize we don't have any names? Whoever wrote this didn't assign us any names.

ACTOR - The roles are clear to me, you are director, I am nobody. I am not even a character. I don't even know if I am in or out of character

DIRECTOR - Is this fiction or is this reality?

ACTOR - fiction is part of reality.

DIRECTOR - What I mean is: are you acting or are you being your real self?

ACTOR - Everybody acts and everybody is their real selves at the same time, it confuses and it overwhelmes me too.

DIRECTOR - Where is all this leading to? Are we going to cut at some point, are we going to do post production, are we going to release this, I mean publish this in our avbailable media?

ACTOR - Its up to you, you are the director I have other plans.

DIRECTOR - Which other plans?

ACTOR - I don't care what happens next, I don't care whomever witness this piece of brute expresion. I dont care who sees my pretty feet and hands. Because, camera man close up frame me I will kill myself.-------

DIRECTOR - You know you are being filmed of course you want others to see this. Is this your way to call attention?

ACTOR - That would be my way to exit reality.

DIRECTOR - Why would you?

ACTOR - Because it is painfull, because it is overwhelming, because it is frustrating. Hey camera guy! close up to my eyes my face! this is expression *****es. This is pure brute art exploitational expression. Okay we don't want to make
this too long, we are just playing a harmonic hypnotic repetitive fifht in the piano, maybe a chord. But we are not writing a symphony.

DIRECTOR. OK, its over.

ACTOR - Make sure the edition is good, I know you can make all this look and feel more emotional and artistic. I know you can make me look beautiful (To the crew) So we are done for today, you were good. You were good camera man, I will kiss your lens.

DIRECTOR - Are going to get back to yourself or are you going to stay in character.

ACTOR - This is what i'll do. Camera man! close up to my face and eyes Am I in frame.