I love how the action kicks right off in the Dragonriders of Pern series. Especially in the second book, Dragonquest. It picks right up and immediately the reader is caught up in the story. It is a great way to engage the reader and hook them into the tale.
The action doesn't slow down too much. Whether it be an argument, a fight or a battle, the plot is constantly progressing. The pace may slow down from time to time when needed, but most of the time more interesting events are going on. Again, this is another great way to keep the reader reading.
Occasionally, the complete thoughts of characters are written out. Often they provide interesting detail that provide information needed for an upcoming scene, but may bore more impatient readers. Although important to the story, some tend to be a bit wordy and seem to provide more of a lull in the action than needed in this story.
To conclude, I find the action to be moving at a quick and attention-keeping pace in the plot, with only a few breaks that don't derive much from the action.