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Thread: Superman - his life is devided into two parts.

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    Superman - his life is devided into two parts.

    Superman - his life is devided into two parts.
    He is a hero in Action Comics, created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

    Action Comics, issue #1, year 1938.
    There is a family of scientists on a far away planet. They have a son - Kal-L.
    The planet is very old as the cosmos itself, and then there was a catastrophe. The planet was destroyed.
    The family created a space ship and evacuated the infant, the rocket flew to Earth.
    On Earth their son was called Clark Kent.
    He worked as a journalist at the Daily Star.

    As Neo from Matrix, his life was devided into two parts - public (journalist), and private (Superman).
    In his work he is a spineless, unbearable coward (said Lois, a girl who worked with Kent).
    But in his other life he became Superman! A strong and brave man.

    I have found a similar plot in the novell by Anar Rzayev "Me, you, him and a phone".
    In this story a young man called a random phone number and contacted a young woman, and they talked for a long time.
    After some days he realised that she worked with him! She likes the man on the phone, but not him in person.

    I have a question - how do you think a man feels when he is living two lives?

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    Don't we all live multiple lives? Certainly the me at work is not the same me as I show when hanging out with friends.
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