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Thread: I write better when I'm feeling blue

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    I write better when I'm feeling blue

    The sun hid behind the clouds today,
    and from my bed I could tell
    the second heaven had unleashed
    a watery assault.
    I could hear the rain mocking
    the tires of cars as they sang
    their lyrics against the surface
    of the road.
    I peered sleepily out of my window
    and seen an asphalt truck repairing
    a hole in the street, umbrellas waving
    side to side in cadence with the wind,
    kids splashing around in the
    puddles of water, a fire truck
    hydroplaning noisily to an emergency.
    I read my thoughts to myself:
    "I shall not relinquish control
    of my mood to the darkened, rainy day",
    I said, though I do feel nostalgic,
    and I will flirt with the time
    when I used to have warm moments
    with someone special-
    decked out in fine shoes, a fine suit,
    a fedora to match, as I sang to her
    in the rain, strolling through Times Square,
    whipping around a street lamppost.......
    To a time when we were cascading
    on a shoreline in Long Beach,
    at sunset on the horizon,
    holding hands and kicking sand at
    the other, as she radiated a heart
    skipping smile my way, and formed
    with her voluptuously alluring lips
    silent, smiling words that read "I love you".......
    Just as she was about to plant
    a kiss my way I awakened
    from my stupor and realized.
    I write better when I'm feeling blue.
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    Good advice about not relinquishing control of one's mood to the weather no matter if the mood is pleasant or sad. It is not easy to practice.

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