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Thread: His story is history

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    His story is history

    Long, long ago, before
    you and I were born,
    there was this baby
    you see.
    He was born in Bethlehem,
    in a humble little manger,
    "tis written he came to
    set the captive free.

    Okay, okay so here's a
    gist of history,
    follow closely and
    please pay attention.
    This baby was special
    by all accounts-
    he was conceived
    I shan't fail to
    happily mention.

    He waxed older-
    got to 'bout twelve
    years when he started
    inquiring and asking
    questions in the temple.
    Doctors were amazed,
    some religious leaders
    would have tased,
    this divine child
    who spoke with caliber
    so simple.

    His ultimate purpose
    was surely a selfless one,
    as he came to serve
    every 'you' and every 'me',
    He did miracles of healing,
    not once did he wrong
    in his dealings,
    while setting many a
    hopeless sinner free.

    His kind and helpful ways,
    inflamed many a people in
    his adult days, they set out
    to cause his ministry
    to run aground.
    They accused him sorely,
    their vain attempts
    were made poorly,
    because in him
    no weakness could be found.

    What a mighty teacher
    of Gods Word he was,
    with many followers
    who believed in his ways;
    and when some got weak,
    he was always there
    to give them a tweak,
    and still here for his people
    in these last days.

    Now let me go back
    and finish conveying
    the grand finale,
    how he did a tremendously
    sacrificial feat for the lost.
    Hear me please, at times
    the thought of it
    cast me to my knees,
    by him dying on that
    painfully, triumphant cross.

    One last point to make-
    Jesus, his name, is now
    sitting on his throne
    on the right hand of
    God, his father,
    in glory.
    There will be some
    whom choose not
    to believe,
    yet if they are among
    the living they have a reprieve,
    just have faith and trust
    that this history is
    indeed his story.
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    I liked the line "every 'you' and every 'me'".

    As far as the people he "inflamed", it seems to me that historically Pilate was the one responsible for his death, not the Jews.

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    "He came unto his own and his own received him not" quoted from Saint John 1:11
    The Jews were the very people who killed him.Pilate had said he found no fought in him{Luke 23:13-21}
    and had wanted to just chastise Jesus then release him, but 'the jews' kept hollering crucify him.
    Get your facts straight before you contest something that possibly
    someone else may have researched!

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