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Thread: A limerick of a black sheep

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    A limerick of a black sheep

    I have never seen a black sheep before, but I know one
    he was a rejected soul once his adolescent years had begun
    All he ever fancied was to find his place in his family
    but was cast to the wind as an Autumn leaf free-falling from a tree

    Why was he treated as the odd child, he had yet to understand
    though he grew up with that mentality even unto the stature of a man
    another oddity was even years later he was not welcomed into his family fold
    so he aged and aged with that mindset and still feel melancholy today, I'm told

    He has children and grandchildren now and embraces them with "love" dedication
    made a solemn oath to himself that he would shower them with unsurpassed "love" education
    He did as he said he would, as his promises he was determined to keep
    to this day not one of his offspring ever felt as he has, living as 'baa,baa' the black sheep

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    It is good that the black sheep loved his children and grandchildren. Why do you put "love" in quotes? Also, this does not seem to be in limerick form, but maybe I'm missing something.

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