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    <br><br> Can't agree more. And I love the description of Oak. He sounds like a satyr, some woodland creature, encountering the goddess Diana. <br><br> I think of the way it might be written now, all the attention to pov and keeping them from going off to the tv. Everything is climax now; the old want to be young forever, no sense of seasons or being part of the earth. No wonder they're all on antidepressants.<br><br>Hardy--like Gabriel Oak--is the best of all.<br>

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    This is an excellent book, the beginning captivated me, just how Gabriel Oak was captivated by Bathesheba's beauty.

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    and the end made me kinda sad =[

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2hotinhere View Post
    and the end made me kinda sad =[
    It was only a sad ending for some of the characters. I found it quite an inspiring ending as ultimately love won out.

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