After reading 1984 i have a few thoughts that i would like to address.
-This book is a good book, not because of a riveting story (which is really doesn't have) or because of its in depth characters (also non-existent); its a good book because it serves as a warning for the future and even the present. Orwell opens our eyes to the problems with technology; mainly our societies lack of privacy.

-Next up; Is this book appropriate for 10th graders? (that is the grade when I read it). I believe that in the present age high school is the time that it is most appropriate to read this book. High school is the best time to read this book because kids today are obsessed with social media and sharing; which, as Orwell warns, is causing our private personal lives to become less private and less personal.

-Last point of interest; The character in the novel Julia is pointless. Julia's role in the novel is mainly just for Winston to betray at the end, but Julia could have been replaced with O'Brian, if he didn't betray Winston. O'Brian's role to betray Winston would have been taken up by the shop owner in the prole district, who betrayed Winston anyways.

All around the book was enjoyable and a good read for High school kids.