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Thread: Ignorance is bliss

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    Ignorance is bliss

    Lately I have been wondering if the proles are better off in the situation that they are currently in. The only ones who seem to be upset and not content with their situation are the ones who know of a better situation. The proles are seemingly the only ones happy other than a few privileged inner party members. Only those like Winston are the ones who are not content in the situation of the proles. The proles are not likely to rebel because they don't know that they are being taken advantage of and fooled by endless propaganda and lies. This is a prime example of ignorance is bliss where one is happy in an otherwise poor situation since they don't know any better .

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    I agree that they are in the better situation because what they don't know cant hurt them. It doesnt effect them because this is what they are used to and it is also all they have ever known. to them everything is okay and there is nothing to not be happy about.

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    I also agree. It seems that they are completley left out of the loop with Big Brother and their actions, seemingly from the lack of the telescreens. Even the freedom they are given prevents them from even considering what could be happening around them. Hence the reason that they remain ignorant. But because of this, their freedom, and the lack of desire to wonder what is happening beyond what they know, they won't cause an uprise like they are fully capable of. They don't see a reason to. So it truly is a wonder to think if the Proles are indeed in a better situation or not, what with all the distractions they are granted.

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