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Thread: My poems

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    My poems

    The first three poems in this are from the beginning of 2012 as they were for a 7th grade assignment and are geared to one specific element of poetry. The rest are more than likely free verse. Hope you enjoy!

    I Stand Alone (Simile)

    In the night,

    I stand alone.

    As a raven on his perch.

    The darkness has now engulfed me.

    I think of him,

    Even though it will probably send him farther away.

    Sickly anticipation envelops my heart.

    So here I am,

    Lost in this perilous gloom,

    Waiting for him,

    With an unrequited heart.

    In the empty night,

    I stand alone.

    As quiet as the desert.

    For every tear I waste,

    I lose another ray of hope.

    He claims another piece of me.

    As an invading army over surrendered lands.

    I love him,

    But he will never return my love.

    In the dark I stand alone.

    Through the nauseating throbbing of my heart,

    Waiting to be broken again.

    I still fight to be present in his heart.

    "One Bullet." (Onomatopoeia)

    I thought I knew you.

    A pounding on the door.

    I thought I knew who you really were.

    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    I thought you were the guy of my dreams.

    The shooting of a gun.

    I thought you were the guy I could trust.

    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    I thought they were lying.

    The thudding of feet in my front yard.

    I thought they were just messing around.

    The crash of my door as it hit the floor.

    I thought I would never be hurt by you.

    The creaking of feet on my stairs.

    I thought you were the love of my life.

    The gasping as they take in the scene before them.

    I thought they wouldn't find me until my blood coated the floor.

    The drip of blood from the bullet wound in my forehead.

    "What did you die from?" Asked Death,

    As I wandered through The Underworld.

    My reply; "One bullet."

    The Wind (Personification)

    The wind whispered

    to me it's secrets.

    Telling me,

    The coming of Death.

    Telling me,

    How his crow,

    Sings his eerie song.

    Telling me,

    How when Death walks,

    Everything parts,

    And screeches for life.

    The wind whispered,

    To me it's secrets.

    Telling me,

    That I better watch out,

    'Cus he's coming for me.

    As I heard a gruesome song,

    sung by a crow,

    and felt icy fingers,

    Grip my heart,

    As it came to a stop.

    Manifesto of an Author

    We Believe

    In magic

    We Believe

    In the power of words

    We Believe

    In sharing the power of words with the world

    We Know

    How to reveal

    We Know

    How to transport

    We Know

    How to captivate

    We Make

    Magic happen

    We Make

    Hearts Flutter

    We Make

    Curiosity peak

    We Create


    Thank you for reading! Please keep in mind that these were written about four years ago (I was about 12 years old)

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    Welcome, Impervious! I liked the one about the bullet the best.

    There is a section of poetry contests here that you might find interesting. What they provide are prompts which motivate one to write something.

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    I liked the wind one the best, well crafted, like intimate whisperings.
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    ay up

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    Thank you so much, both of you! I'll definitely look into the competitions

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    Nice work. I don't care for the constant blank lines, though. Interesting to read the Manifesto after readingO'Shaughnessy's The Music Makers (set to music by Elgar in one of his finest works) earlier today.

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