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Thread: We're All Going To Sweden

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    We're All Going To Sweden

    “Good morning, Mr. Ganz!” Greeted him the nice neighbor lady cheerfully. “Back from your business trip already. What was it this time, Germany?” She asked with unhidden curiosity.
    „Sweden, Mrs. Figgins, Sweden.“ He replied shortly.
    „Oh, thats nice! Pity, though, that Mrs. Ganz is not so keen on traveling. If that was me…“ She trailed on dreamily, oblivious to the way the man’s shoulders stiffened at her words.
    „Yeah, well...she doesn’t.“ He said impatiently and hurried to bid her goodbye.
    He hasn’t made it far before he heard a young voice from behind.
    „Good morning, Mr. Ganz!“
    „Hello, Tom. How are you?“ He replied mechanically.
    „Great, I’m meeting Linda later today.“ The teen shared his success proudly. „Pass greatings onto your wife, Mr. Ganz“
    „Will do, Tom, thank you.“ He said absentmindedly and excused himself, walking as quicky as politeness allowed.
    „Poor chap. A bit boring and not the sharpest crayon in the box but okay. Wonder if he knows what his wifey is doing when he’s not home. Happily shagging his own boss, that’s what. Women are *****es. Except for Linda, of course…“ Thought the teen who quickly forgot all about Mr. Ganz as his mind wondered towards his gorgeous date.
    The man, meanwhile, reached the doorstep. He stood still for a little while before opening the door.
    „Hello, Melissa!“ He exclaimed loudly with forced cheer.
    „Ah, its you. The lunch is on the table. Just put your luggage upstairs.“ The woman went silent, noticing something amiss in her husband’s expression.
    „I’ll leave my suitcase by the door, dear.“ He stated calmly.
    „Ah, what? Whatever…you’re not living for another trip already, are you?“ His wife asked, not bothering to sound as though she cared either way.
    „You could say that.“ He answere earily, forcing her to look at him suspiciously.
    He smiled. She turned away quickly and hurried back to the kitchen.
    He looked down at his brown suitcase, around the house as though he’s never seen it before and headed towards the stairs. Not five minutes after, he returned.
    „I’m going to the office for a while, dear. Don’t you wait up for me.“ He shouted on his way out, not waiting for a reply.
    „Hello, Stella!“ He greeted the secretary.
    „Ah, Mr. Ganz…you’ve returned already! The boss is in his office.“
    „How many times do I have to remind you to call me Rupert, Stella.“ He chided gently at which she laughed.
    „Such a nice man, albeit naive. Doesn’t he know that his good for nothing wife cheats on him? If I was her…“
    „I’ll go see the boss, Stella.“
    „I’ll ring him up…“ She trailed on but stopped when he held up his hand smilingly.
    „No need, my dear. The boss likes to pretend he’s busy as a beaver but we both know that, in actuality, he’s being busy twiddling his thumbs all day long“ His voice hardened but he masked it with a conspiratory smile.
    She laughed a little unsurely but felt vaguely worried. It was so unlike Mr. Ganz to to poke fun at anyone and certainly not the boss himself.
    „I don’t know, really…“
    „Leave it to me, Stella. The boss won’t give you a hard time, I assure you.“ He promised confidently and she could do nothing but watch as he walked himself right in.
    Stella tried to concentrate on sorting out her paperwork and wasn’t very successful. She couldn’t get rid of the feeling that something was indeed very wrong. She looked at the door and jumped in her seat when she heard a dull sound she couldn’t place. Not knowing what else to do, she waited. After a minute and a half, which she could tell precisely because she hasn’t tore her eyes off the clock, the door opened and Mr. Ganz came back. She let out a relieved sigh.
    „Wasn’t the boss mad, Rupert?“ She asked meekly, watching the man’s face keenly. There was something different about him, she’s decided. He looked…free of stress, almost happy. The normally tense man looked like nothing in the world could shake his calm…She felt her heartbeat in her throat acutely as she asked „Are you all right, Rupert?“
    „What? Of course, been never better, actually! The boss won’t be mad, Stella.“ To her utter shock, the man winked at her mischevously. „And you called me Rubert not only once but twice. I like that!“
    Knowing now how Alice in Wonderland must’ve felt, she tried to convince herself that everything was alright.
    „By the way, I‘ve forgotten to ask. How was your trip?“ She asked, needing to break the silence.
    „Oh, great! I’m leaving again very soon, actually!“
    „Really, the boss is sending you…“
    „Ah, no. I’m taking a vacation.“
    „That’s nice…“ She trailed on unsurely. She couldn’t remember the time Mr. Ganz had done such a thing. „Where to?“
    „Sweden.“ He replied in that same cheerful tone that she was quickly starting to find exasperating.
    „Again? And Mrs. Ganz…“ She asked, feeling bad for bringing up that woman.
    „Ah, she’s coming with me.“ He replied, seemingly unbothered.
    „Really?“ She exclaimed before she could stop herself. „The boss is being generous, letting you leave so suddenly.“ She said, choosing her words carefully and wandering who‘s went and replaced the man she’s known as Rupert Ganz with this stranger.
    „Ah, he’s leaving too.“
    „The boss is leaving?“ She asked weakly, feeling like nothing could surprise her anymore. „Where to?“
    „Sweden, Stella, Sweden.“
    She watched as Mr. Ganz turned around on his heels and started walking, whistling under his nose as he did.
    „Wait!“ She called out. „Didn’t he say when?“ She asked, her mind already on the things she’ll need to prepare.
    „He’s already left…“
    „What?!“ She cried out.
    „I said, he’s leaving in a week, Stella.“ The man replied calmly. Turning around, he smiled down at her serenely.„We’re all going to Sweden, Stella.“
    She could only watch helplessly as the door closed behind him with a snap which sounded to her like a gunshot. That thought brought forth yet unformed memory. Refusing to give value to her suspicions but unable to make them dissapear, she rose from her chair and slowly walked towards the boss‘ office. She put her hand on the handle, sick with nervousness. The woman opened it, not realizing she needed to knock. She screamed.

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    I really enjoyed this. I liked the nonchalant attitude of Mr. Ganz as he went about his affairs, and the humorous way of using the phrase "We're all going to Sweden." And I liked how Mr. Ganz knew the things that other people thought he didn't know. It was sort of reminiscent of the style of Alfred Hitchcock. There were a few grammar mistakes that could be corrected easily and quickly, and you want to make sure the final paragraph is done just right - the phrase "not realizing she needed to knock" doesn't really make any sense given the circumstances, so you should delete it or say something else there. But overall, the story was well-written and told in an interesting way.
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