I am not really enjoying this book, but at least it is short and the chapters are not very long. I wanted to read it because it is arguably the first science fiction book. Actually, it seems to a sub-genre of science fiction, but I am not sure it has a name. That is, it is not a first-contact, or post-apocalypse, or cyber-punk. It is a mad scientist/dodgy corporation makes a monster/android/sexbot/super-human. In Bladerunner. the monsters were genetically engineered superhumans, although in the book it was derived from, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, the monsters were androids. The last film I saw of this type was Ex Macchina, in which the monster was a sexy fembot, and Frankenstein was a sort of Mark Zuckerberg figure, although the corporation he heads reminded me more of Google. Common tropes include:

  • the monsters are superhuman in some way, e.g. very strong, very attractive, very intelligent.
  • the monsters develop minds of their own, become impossible to control, and eventually turn on their creators.
  • the monsters are sociopathic, either through desperate self-defence, lack of socialization, repeated rejection, or a natural lack of empathy.

The only book of this sub-genre that does not quite follow this pattern (although I have not read it) was The Stepford Wives.