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Thread: The brainwashed faithful

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    The brainwashed faithful

    In Animal Farm, by George Orwell, the sheep would constantly chant in support in favour of Napoleon. If you draw a parallel between Napoleon and Big Brother then who would be the equivalent in 1984? Although I originally believed that it may have been those in the Junior Anti-sex league but I still am not sure about this. Could someone please clarify if there is an equivalent to the sheep and if so who that would be?

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    You are correct that the sheep in 1984 are the brainwashed faithful. They are considered to be so because they are easily persuaded and will quickly switch to another parties side without any logical reasoning other than the promise of an improvement on their situation. Another reason that makes them the brainwashed faithful is that they are incapable to think for themselves particularly in political matters. They aren't likely to come up with their own opinions on a certain matter and aren't willing to entertain a thought long enough to even fully comprehend it or find a fault with it. The parallel in 1984 is the proles, who are comparable to the sheep in many ways. First, they are easily persuaded much like the sheep. They fall victim to the endless propaganda and advertising of the government, only agreeing with others opinions instead of creating their own. Another reason why the proles are the equivalent of the sheep in Animal Farm is they are incapable of thinking on their own. They believe anything they are told regardless of whether or not it makes any logical sense. Things such as doublethink are evidence of this.

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    Thank you for better explaining this idea. I was unsure, but after reading farther into this novel I have started to see the parallels between the proles and the sheep from animal farm. One of the major similarities being the proles living without questioning authority. Julia's affair with Winston further cements the idea that those outer party members in the Junior Anti-sex league would not be blindly faithful as it proves that they are capable of rebellion. They are educated enough to realize when they have been done wrong even if it is a small percentage of them who do rebel.

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    I believe that the thought police are equivalent to the sheep in animal farm. This is because they work for Big Brother and have no if, ands, or buts about it. They think he is right and obey him.

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