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Thread: Julia and Winston

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    Julia and Winston

    Julia and Winston have been having a lot of intimacy between each other recently in the book. By having intimate moments, and sometimes even sex, Julia and Winston are defying the government and the rules they have to follow. Sex is frowned upon in Oceania because it is a feeling that the government can't control, and the government has total control over all people. The only time sex is technically allowed is when the two adults are looking to have a child, for Big Brother and the government only care about the future generations. The intimate feeling is often not even felt between many of the people because the government does not allow for sex. Julia and Winston, however, are feeling intimacy between each other and continue to satisfy those feelings.

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    I look at this situation at a different perspective. Julia and Winston are defying the government, however it is not just by having sex. It is not necessarily the act that is defying the government, it is the pleasure they each conceive from the act. Any sense of love or emotional attachment to another person is something government cannot control so therefore it is the emotions that defy the government, not the act. The people of Oceania's soul purpose is to work to keep things running smoothly, and to breed to create more slaves to the government and ones to 'bow down' to Big Brother. This breeding is not out of the emotion of love and wanting a family, it is the job of the citizens.

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