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    Bicycle Bob

    Today, I was out on my every-other-day exercise bike trip. I have only been doing this for a couple of weeks, and I'm not really steady on the bike yet nor am I in very good shape. So I did my 2 miles uphill and had returned on my two miles downhill. As I approached the end of the trail, I need to cross the street where there are blind curves in both directions. So I stop and listen before I attempt my crossing. Today, there was a nice older (I'm 69) gentleman waiting at the crossing too. But he was headed in and I was headed out. He was standing astride his rather cool looking multi-speed bike with a camera in hand.

    He had been trying to take a selfie of himself but couldn't manage it. We said hello, talked awhile and he finally asked me to take his picture. I took his picture, and we talked some more. He is 85 years old and had just biked 10 miles and was continuing on for another 10. Then, he would turn around and bike back to where he had parked his car, and go home.

    He calls himself BicycleBob. I marveled at what great shape he is in and his drive to continue each day doing this. The chance encounter gave me the resolve to continue, no matter how long it takes, I will master this confounded bicycle, and I will improve my stamina and get into better shape.

    When I arrived home, I told my wife to just say BicycleBob to me the next time I balk at the thought of getting out on the bike.

    Nothing earth shattering here, but perhaps someone else can use BicycleBob's drive and outlook sometime in their quest for a better, more healthful life. I certainly will. End of story.
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    I sometimes take bike rides through the forest preserves and to the lake.

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