so i just turned 18 and i was diagnosed a couple of years ago with mental illness not schizophrenia but psychosis which is somewhat related but anywho i have a purpose which is to get rid of my mental health records but i just don't know how and i would like to speak with a doctor but the problem is you have to put your credit card which has some information which i really don't feel like giving out since i know that the place i want to go to is not going to accept me if i admitted that i have many years of going to see counselors psychologists and psychiatrists and that's kind of the problem also i was in these classes which were (i swear) not special ed classes because i have an above average IQ i wont say how high because that would be giving more information out but lets just say its pretty damn high and so that's no problem since i am getting my IQ tested (also to fulfill the requirements) but i was in these classes for people who were emotionally disabled?? i really don't know but let's just say that these kids were NOT mentally disabled for example this girl had an IQ of like 160 and the other kids were pretty damn smart but they just lacked willpower some were total wrecks like they were really depressed anxious or just anti-social and they had really messy hair uncombed unwashed and they didn't want to do anything but anyway i also have to turn in my report cards and they have like 2-3 of those classes per year 9-12 grade and i barely graduated!!! but i did graduate and with a diploma not a ged or certificate of completion so that's another requirement check but anyway another thing i went to religious therapy since i was like 7 oh and me and my sis went to a weekly hour session with psychologists because my mom thought we had traumas!!! and well i kind of did since i was in preschool this guy made me take off my pants (sexual harassment but not abuse) well anyway i wish i could get rid of that too since they are asking me about abuses any kind not that i have any other that the one i just mentioned but they are so intricately tied that i just don't know how to deny one without having to cover up my lies x10 and then the worst part was that my dads employer which is also tied to this new lifestyle i'm going to take on is also tied to my dads employer so many times the people at the mental hospital for suicide attempts used to call my dads employer since my mom was tired of the hospital calling her i did this for 2 years and i went like 8 times and then in my last two years i only went twice but one of the times the police forced me seriously i wasn't trying to hurt myself but they said i did and they just sent me there to the mental hospital so now i have that but the problem with the police and the school was that they would just send me away because they were too damn lazy to do anything that would force them to do anything out of their normal job but anywho then last thing to admit is that for a year i was given medicine for my mental health psychosis but i stopped taking the medicine because i knew i didn't need it and in the last 1/2 year i have been working at two jobs never had to go to the mental hospital have an excellent reputation am a good worker and even my moms kind of outdated friends have noticed a change oh and btw i am no longer taking medicines for mental health and stopped going to the psychologists and psychiatrists etc who have not stopped harassing me with their calls and letters that i need medicine and therapy urgently because according to them i will have a breakdown again but thats lies which i know will never happen again as i really am stable.but now the only thing i need help with is how do i get rid of my mental health records?????
btw this is not for the military or anything of that sort but yes they do need records from doctors saying i am in good health which i am in the last 10 years other that mental health (anxiety, psychosis-not schizophrenia though) no diabetes check, no parkinson check etc