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Thread: Hail Satan Now!

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    Exclamation Hail Satan Now!

    Hail Satan Now!
    A love poem to Satan by Wolf Larsen

    The usual warning: do not read this if you have hangups about sex, or if you are very religious.


    I love you like a penis loves a vagina!

    I love you like spermatozoa loves something giant & pink & beautiful to swim into!

    The orgies of hell are the most desired destiny of any man or woman!

    Satan! You are my music!

    You are the greatest love — you Satan are the garden of heavenly delights in my testicles — my beautiful testicles full of knowledge & evil! My beautiful testicles yearning to spill young devil worshipers into every woman’s womb!

    Let Satan be your northern star! Let Satan’s skin surrounding the earth be the soil where you plant the evil fruit of joy!

    Because Satan is our daily bread! Satan is our Savior! Only Satan can save us from the tyranny of religious fanatics trying to enforce their reign of Puritanism upon us!

    Because I love Satan like a baby loves it’s Mama’s tit! Welcome Satan into your hearts the same way you welcome spermatozoa into your pussy!

    Because Satan is a thousand horny dogs howling to the moon! Because Satan grew in the womb of the Virgin Mary after the large black phallus of the Holy Ghost visited her! Because every large black phallus inside of a white woman is a gift from the glorious god of sex known as Satan!

    The interracial love of black man with white woman — and white man with black woman — is the great wave of sensuality that will save the human race! Beautiful interracial babies from our love conceptions conceived in millions of embraces of lust & joy!

    Let us build a Baroque hell of the most sumptuous luxury! Sensual drapes dripping desire & sex everywhere! Let black naked flesh at midnight be your calling! And white flesh will fill your afternoons with everything succulent & delicious & good! For mass interracial orgies now in all of the streets & temples & bedrooms of the land!

    Let men exchange wives under the smiling gaze of Satan! Let immaculate conception bless our naked bodies at every key party! Let us build giant skyscraper love monuments to the greatness of Satan’s eternal phallus!

    Because you know you want your body to be Satan’s sex toy! You know that in Satan’s loins is the greatest orgasm splashing through your body! The touch of Satan’s hands on your body is the most glorious sensual art!

    Because only Satan can show you the most pleasurable eternity! That goody two shoe heaven of boring harps is the eternal damnation of the good! Hell is the great pleasure garden of the bad!

    Let evil triumph with the mass flowering of sin! Give your body to evil! Let Satan & his lover the Virgin Mary be the great sex god & goddess that you’ve always yearned for! Let Satan & the Virgin Mary & yourself be the most delicious menage a trois!

    Satan will always save you from the chaste & boring!

    Let literature never be chaste & boring!

    Let the era of Satan begin! Let’s begin an era of great sexual abundance! The orgy of billions swirling around the planet earth is the poetry that the human race needs...

    Hail Satan now! Let the orgies begin!

    Copyright 2015 by Wolf Larsen
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    Hail Satin!

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