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Thread: People Say I Use Google Translate? LITERATURE PEOPLE, HELP ME!

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    People Say I Use Google Translate? LITERATURE PEOPLE, HELP ME!

    What the ****, I write like I write. I have no proper perspective on writing, I just write as if I was talking fast. Because I'm unhappy, and when you're unhappy you want to make points as fast as possible but too bad people don't understand it. And start thinking you're using google translate. What is it that you read? Oh yeah, english, there must be a problem with what words I use. I can read every hard book you can give me except high vocab reference books, and I will read it without having to sobre over each line or phrase. Give me your hardest book, I can read, but I can't write since I don't understand common values like you. Am I a extrovertive secretly introvertive, yeah --- maybe but there's a lot to understand why I write like I do. Maybe I have no shame in reading ugly books, to even understand grammar. People are distracted by modern writing, historical writing or poetic writing and gets confused about written texts that you read as if I was talking.

    Firstly, british people. Secondly, americans, thirdly, people like themselves. Okay so what, I have no perspective on level of writing and I write as if I was using translate. But really, it all comes down to what points I make. I can read every ****ing thing, but I can't ****ing read reference books because they have too much practical information. OH PLEASE! GIVE ME A ****ING NOVEL OR WRITE DOWN ugly technical PROSE AND I'll understand it. Give me your worst fiction from childhood, your worst ****ing wording that you stopped writing stories and I'll read it no bs full out comprehend what the **** is going on mother ****er.

    Ever read big books? Yeah, they argue a lot but i'm not happy so I write as if I was doing things naturally out of my head. What the **** is wrong with scholars, they write bs highly critical of nature **** that doesn't even matter to the problems. They make it seem technical when they are taking like 0 steps into making their points. What the **** am I trying to do right here, am I a text abuser? No, I just ****ing write like chat messaging but it seems write as if I couldn't speak english.

    I'm not irish, i'm not ****ing using google translate.

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    You write better than what I expect would come out of Google translate. I thought the Irish spoke English.

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