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Thread: Mythology recommendations, please

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    Mythology recommendations, please

    I know very little about mythology, but I would like to begin studying various cultural mythologies (not restricted to Greek). May I please have a list of recommendations of mythologies and books? I would like something that highlights the stories but also breaks-down some of the meaning/reasons behind them. The suggestions may be something broad or even esoteric. Thank you.

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    P-Funk by Parliament Funkadelic, William Blake and the Cthulhu Mythos.

    I also really liked The Silmarillion.
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    There is a book by Amal Bhakta, "Mystical stories from the Bhagavatam : twenty-six timeless lessons in self-discovery", that provide stories from Hinduism that some might call myths. They are some of the most memorable stories I have ever read.

    Perhaps the "1001 Nights" would provide other mythic stories. I have only read a few of them.

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    Bulfinch's Mythology

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    The Penguin Book of Norse Myths by Kevin Crossley-Holland is extremely good. Worth reading alongside the Prose Edda by Snorri Sturlson.
    The Mabinogion is the source of the Arthur legend.
    Beowolf is very accessible and interesting to read alongside Grendel by John Gardner.
    Gilgamesh is also a good read, and Oxford World Classics do a book called Myths of Mesopotamia which gives context to the Gilgamesh story.
    Karen Armstrong's A Short History of Myth is a good general overview of the role of mythology, and if you're interested in retellings of famous myths Canongate have created an excellent series of books where well known writers reimagine the famous stories. Weight by Jeanette Winterson is especially good.
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    Go for the obvious. Homer's Illiad and Odyssey can be taken at whatever level you wish; as a simple good read, or as a text to study and take as far as you want. There are hundreds of companions and commentaries and indepth studies and fanfiction to go at.
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    The Greek Myths by Robert Graves is a pretty good guide to reading the classics. Don't miss out on the original texts though. Homer is essential, but I would also recommend Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides.

    A slightly more unusual recommendation would be the Finnish epic The Kalevala. Keith Bosley's translation is a real pleasure to read.

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    My favorite site for browsing mythology is the Internet Sacred Text Archive at, which has the full texts of many hundreds of books in dozens of mythologies/religions/belief systems.
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