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Thread: How Kalamazoo Michigan Came to Love the Terrorist Testicle

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    Thumbs down How Kalamazoo Michigan Came to Love the Terrorist Testicle

    How Kalamazoo Michigan Came to Love the Terrorist Testicle
    a short story by Wolf Larsen

    Wolf Larsen was having a parachuting lackadaisical with his Terrorist Testicle. The Terrorist Testicle, which he had bought on a talking pumpkin farm somewhere west of your ***, was ó oh whatís the weather today?

    Somebody, who just didnít have enough vaginas to spend, was considering buying the Terrorist Testicle from Wolf Larsen. But
    Wolf Larsen had just come from Kalamazoo Michigan on a spaceship.

    This was confusing to the FBI, which had been following the Terrorist Testicle ever since Paris France was located in China.

    The FBI, which was born from the anus of Edgar Hoover, sometimes calls the Terrorist Testicle to inform it of various sales at Walmart.

    This was back when Walmart was a herpes sore on Wolf Larsenís penis. (Nine months before you were born Wolf Larsen contracted genital herpes from your mother just kidding where do I find a bottle opener for this beer?.) Of course, the giant anus-in-the-middle-of-his-face candidacy of Donald Trump has nothing to do with this story, but itís amusing anyway, because of fireflies...

    Fireflies at night in the summertime is the reason for...

    Copyright 2015 by Wolf Larsen
    "...the ramblings of a narcissistic, self-obsessed, deranged mind."
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    This is such outrageous fun stuff. Like a pimple, it deserves more attention. Let's squeeze it to the top.

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