“As done before and once again,

Our search for a profound insight,

Should send us beyond our limits.

Gone to challenge that boundaries’ end,

And attain that thing we so like,

Quenches not, revealing new inlets.”

There is a rune that was created to symbolize and contain the effects of an

ancient wizard’s volition. Essentially, this rune was a one-of-a-kind emblem

not revealed to the commoner or related to the language the commoner already

used. This secret rune became the central focus of that forgotten wizard’s

spiritual core, as all of his actions or exertions were absorbed into the

symbol. And although it was only a symbol that was imaginary, it worked as

intended, granting greater control to the wizard over his previously unwieldy

and wild-like paranormal maneuvers.

The ancient and now forgotten wizard forged the rune into an amulet made of

gold and he wore it on a necklace. Forging the rune into physical actuality

when it had already solidified in his mind and was used extensively to great

affect only furthered the intensity of his control over the obscure nature

found beneath the surface of reality.

In other words he created an energy well that amplified his dominance over

unseen forces and fused it into a vortex that he materialized with the

shaping of his golden amulet. That amulet was an item that would continually

work as his primary source through the remainder of his life.

Before he died he locked the amulet away in a box, wishing it to continue on

as a secret. And even in death, the amulet contained all of the energy imbued

into it through the wizard. For a millennia the amulet would go untouched

until some year in the early twenty-seventh century when a team of

archaeology professors were unearthing the medieval ruins that the wizard

knew in his own time.

At that time, in the early 2600s, Earth was in transition as humanity

conflicted on a fundamental level with the alien race that was trying to

integrate itself into civilization. Humanity, being prided on its successes

with the aptitude of the individual and personal ownership, mismatched it’s

new alien counterpart in that the alien race was dependent on a shared

consciousness rife with subjugation of the individual for a liquidated

equality of the whole of its people. The alien race had a total and utter

disregard for individual rights. They continuously abused and ignored the

reasonable wants of freedom of the people they ruled over.

This difference ignited a deep divergence that set the human rulers into a

silent war with the humans who sided with the alien race and granted them

greater control over them in the desire to pry the authoritative hands of the

ruling class away. This of course extremely agitated the human rulers as

greater numbers of the lower classes turned to the aliens in their dissent,

eating away at free humanity.

Quantum science had long been a deeply explored area of knowledge and

technology but with Earth’s sparse and infrequent output of elements or

materials containing quantum particles, the actual harnessing of quantum

science to a functional end was rare and the bulk of all quantum science

was limited to experimentation in laboratories where less quantum particles

were required to get results to show.

Long debunked theories thought of as fairy tales about enchanted items,

charms, amulets and talismans and so on and so forth were now, with the proof

of quantum science, to contain truth in them. “Miracles” were explained as

“fourth dimensional manipulations of the third dimension bridged with quantum

particles”. These “miracles” that were once rare and influential in human

antiquity were now being performed under the scrutinizing eyes of science

with repeatable results.

Further research, with the help of ancient objects of spiritual significance,

had revealed that the objects contained varying amounts of quantum particles

“loaded” with information by whoever created them. It was proven with

thorough extensive examination of great numbers of human individuals that

about one in thirty thousand people had quantum particles in their brains and

spinal fluids.

It was thought that the electrical properties and other functions of the

human brain absorbed these quantum particles when the person was exposed to

natural phenomenon such as solar winds that penetrate Earth’s atmosphere or

objects entering the atmosphere from space or other unaccounted for natural


The quantum particles found imbued into ancient spiritual items were found to

emanate a high frequency much like radioactive elements do, except the

difference was inverse of the detrimental lethality of radioactive waves.

Quantum particles weren’t lethal and did not cause harm to organic matter.

So, when that ancient forgotten wizard’s golden amulet in the shape of that

one-of-a-kind rune was unearthed, the archaeology professors who found it

were very excited.

They examined the amulet for quantum particles, finding it to contain twice

the intensity of quantum presence as any other object yet found or proven.

That made the amulet very valuable, both in monetary terms and in terms of

what the item could conceivably do. Since their project was privately funded

and privately controlled on privately owned land, the amulet was theirs to

decide the fate of.

When they examined the item in a laboratory to see what it could do they

initially couldn’t get any results other than a feeling of intense

satisfaction when the quantum particles were activated. Usually the

“information” inside imbued items is simple to read and find with the

expertise of some quantum laboratories but this one was somewhat arduous

to decipher. Eventually they realized that the enchantment of the amulet

was to increase the efficiency of their minds to reason and the humorous

irony to all of this was that it took a lot of reasoning to unravel the

secrets of what the amulet actually does. It became a funny lab joke.

While the future of humanity increasingly came into focus with a great fear

of absolute liquidation of all people into the unfreedomlike ways of

the alien race, the amulet remained in the laboratory as it increasingly

granted it’s users greater and greater intellectual and reasoning skills.

It became so habitual to them that they had to schedule out turns to use it

so that no arguments would arise.

Eventually, as the McCarthyism of the greater humans that ruled the Earth

came into jeopardy under the threat of the alien race who were assimilating

swaths of poor humans at an ever-increasing speed, before the situation

piqued to a point that the human rulers would declare war on the alien race

and their human supporters, the governments of the world toppled and the

balance of power became quickly redistributed, turning the human race into a

dissolving melting pot.

The aliens began to strip whole countries of their cultures, forcing

them to learn a new alien language. “Brain caps” were connected to the

upper spines of the subjugated, wiping their sense of self and individuality

from their minds, turning them into fully obedient slaves commanded through

an electrical network. The great fear of mid-twentieth-century America was

coming true right before everyone’s eyes and those who were concerned were

powerless to do anything about it.

The archaeology professors and the quantum science professors that they

invited to examine the amulet were isolated in their laboratories, unaffected

when the power framework of humanity collapsed. They were a private

corporation made of people who weren’t integrated into the social ladder

of the ruling class. This made them in an advantageous situation of being

obtuse to the great collapse, immune to the alien’s attack on the information

network and their great mind-controlling capabilities. Much to their chagrin,

seeing countless numbers of people become mindless, driveling cattle

ransacked of their free will or ability to think and reason was deeply

affecting and filled them with an oppressing sense of fear and terror.

Televisions went blank as only one message was aired, that assimilation was

imminent and that defiance was hopeless.

What the alien race did not know was the quantum aptitude of the archaeology

professors who recently unearthed the amulet. They called the amulet

“Nuvuxun’s Doom” as the alien race tearing humanity apart were called the

Nuvuxun race.

They named their small team of a few dozen or so people, “Liberation Front”

and they quickly created a network of allies in the days following the “Great

Collapse” as they came to call it. They salvaged whoever they could without

discriminating. If you were alive and not in the clutches of the Nuvuxuns

you were on their side and they would use you.

The amulet became their prized weapon in retaliation at the Nuvuxun, who

acted like a race of androids in a computer simulation. The Nuvuxun had no

quantum science of their own and when it was used to interrupt their networks

and scramble their signals they became like a swarm of enraged and mindless

blood hungry killing machines.

The Liberation Front was savvy and clever in their attacks on the Nuvuxun’s

mind liquidation process, hitting vital points in their information chains.

The Liberation Front would liberate the enslaved minds of many individuals

who would join them in their attack. The casualties were overwhelming though

as the Nuvuxun eliminated an unbelievable number of people in their rage

to wipe out the Liberation Front, but the Liberation Front was too smart for

them to catch.

It all came to a head though when The Liberation Front was able to infiltrate

the Nuvuxun’s inner information network with a solution only made clear with

the use of the quantum amulet. This infiltration penetrated the secret

central function of the mind liquidation network that they so easily

subjugated great numbers of humans with. Through dislocating the power

sources to the Nuvuxun’s central function area they cut the “mainbrain” off,

leaving the entire Nuvuxun network in total disarray.

The Liberation Front found that the “mainbrain” was a single alien being with

the name of Torgehrin and his psychic influence was alarming. He countered

their infiltration and spoke into their minds with an overpowering hum that

rang in their heads. He demanded assimilation, and shook their infiltration

hard, nearly cutting them off.

A great mind battle ensued and the power of Torgehrin was great indeed.

They made a circle in the laboratory with the quantum amulet in the center.

They activated the quantum presence of the item full-tilt and continued their

brain tug-of-war with the alien ruler.

This final battle was harsh but the Liberation Front continued even when some

of them went neural-berzerk or comatose. Humanity depended on them, they

couldn’t give up. They called for a full gathering of everyone on hand and

tried to increase the quantum presence in the amulet but their machinery

was already running at full capacity. Eyes went bloodshot, some of them would

tremble intensely, some would get lockjaw. Everyone was clenching their

muscles. The end was near. It would soon be over. This final scene was

timeless indeed. And so it happened. . .

They obtained a visual of Torgehrin in the final minute of his life,

clenching and trembling exactly like them. His head was massive and he sat on

a throne inside an incubator. He reached his hand out with his palm on the

inside of the incubator bubble then took his one final breath before his body

went limp and his oversized head tilted to the side. And that was all.

Both the subjugated humans along with the commoner aliens all across the

world miraculously regained their minds. Inside the laboratory of the

Liberation Front medical attention was immediately sought and a somber

rejoice in saving the world echoed in their voices. It would take time to

heal themselves of the neural damages they all endured. A whole lot of time.

But they were proud and they were deeply relieved.