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Thread: Recommendations for types of books I'm looking for (Japanese Horror).

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    Recommendations for types of books I'm looking for (Japanese Horror).

    I was wondering if anybody might be able to help me find some books with a few specific descriptions I have. Basically, I'm looking for some Japanese horror books. However, the kind I'm mainly looking for are some that take place roughly in the 1800's or earlier (Meiji period, Heian period, etc.). Doesn't matter to me when the books were written. Depending on the story and situations, I wouldn't mind the books taking place in present day. Some examples are listed below.

    The best I can describe my interests are scenarios from Japanese horror video games, so I hope that some people here may know what I'm talking about (I will also explain a little). One example is the Fatal Frame series. These take place in present day, but the basic idea is that the character has to explore a decrepit old Japanese mansion or village that disappeared some number of years ago. The characters are either looking for somebody or some way to escape. They basically find out that that site was used for some ancient ritual that went wrong and released evil spirits. The character ends up finding a camera that can capture the spirits inside the camera when the character takes their pictures. The characters find lots of clues regarding what happened to the area and the people in it in the form of diaries, notebooks, articles, audio tapes (from earlier investigators), etc. It all builds the lore and history behind everything and they might find a way to end the terror.

    Another example of what I'm looking for is something along the lines of the Siren video game series. This also takes place in present day but takes place in a creepy, run down, isolated Japanese village that looks like it's been stuck in time since the 70's. Again, there was some ritual that took place that turned the villagers into "undead" (more like really creepy possessed people, some with monstrous qualities like crawling around on all fours on walls and ceilings with their heads turned backwards). Most of the characters that get stuck in the village don't know each other and seldom cross paths, if ever, but all are either looking for a way out, or trying to find out what happened to put an end to it.

    I apologize for the extremely long descriptions, but I just wanted to give an idea of what I was looking for. Thank you very much for any help.

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    Can't help with books, but I think you might like the films Kuroneko and Onibaba, if you're not already familiar with them.

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    I've seen Kuroneko although I'm not sure I've seen the whole thing, and I've had Onibaba on my queue for the longest time but still haven't gotten around to watching it. Thanks though.

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