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Thread: The Hand That Alters

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    The Hand That Alters

    A lot of things in this world are decided in the ever mystifying hands of fate.

    Fate’s reasons are not always understandable, but they are played out in silence,

    dealt like secret deeds, deciding the lives of men and women without expression.

    Fate stands on the crux of change, for good or for bad. Fate asks nothing,

    answers nothing, says nothing. And it was fate who was there when Rebecca

    uncovered her gift. She knew it was fate as there was no warning, no precursor,

    not a single thing to envision that this new advent was coming. It was not

    connected to anything in her life and it could not be attributed to anyone she

    knew. She could only accept it as given to her and she could only see this gift

    as the dawn of a new phase in her life wherein everything had changed and life

    as she knew it would never be the same.

    It all came to initially happen when Rebecca’s sisters and their husbands were

    visiting at her house for a barbecue and movies. Everyone was under the arbor

    enclosure in the yard, enjoying themselves at the barbecuer and picnic table

    while Rebecca went to retrieve an empty serving dish in the kitchen. She walked

    into the house, feeling good like her usual self when her eyes instantly

    altered in the way they absorbed the light in what she saw.

    Rebecca rubbed her eyes with the backs of her hands but the soft and dim glow

    on everything didn’t go away. Some things appeared to be shrouded in a previously

    unseen quality that was shown within an ethereal incandescence. It was faint and

    barely noticeable but it was impossible to ignore it. She quit rubbing her eyes

    then went to the pantry where she stored her serving dishes. She opened the

    pantry door then retrieved the largest serving dish she had. There was no glow

    on the dish. When she closed the pantry door she could see a faint glow on the

    handle. She looked at the palms of her hands and they were glowing the same

    color as the glow on the pantry handle, only much more boldly and with much more

    of a fluorescence to them than the glow they left behind.

    She nervously went to the sink and put the serving dish on the counter. She

    turned on the faucet and put her hands under the flowing water, palms up. The

    ethereal glow came off her hands in faint streams inside the water but her

    palms would not wash clean of the glow. She scrubbed them with soap and the

    glow would not wash off.

    “Is there something wrong, honey?” Her husband Jerry said from the doorway.

    He could see her distress.

    “I don’t know.” Rebecca replied. “I think there’s something wrong with my eyes.”

    “What do you mean?” Asked Jerry.

    Rebecca had an uncharacteristic look of concern on her face. She quickly dried

    her hands off with the kitchen towel and grabbed the serving dish. She said as

    she headed out the door with her husband, “I’m seeing stuff. A glow, but it’s

    only on my hands or whatever I touch.”

    When she got much closer to Jerry she nearly choked on her breath and let

    go of the serving dish in her shock. The dish clanged noisily on the kitchen


    “Oh my God Jerry, you’re glowing like a sea creature.” Rebecca said with a

    short breathed weak voice. She sounded like she was on the edge of a nervous


    His skin, especially around his eyes and his nose and mouth was glowing with

    the same eerie incandescence as the palms of her hands. She looked down at

    his hands and could see that they were glowing on the palms like her own.

    She held her hands out palms up and said with a skittish tone, “Jerry baby,

    do you see what I see? Can you see that my palms are glowing? Jerry, don’t

    lie, can you see it too?”

    Jerry took a deep breath and said thoughtfully, “Maybe you’ve got a fever.

    I don’t see anything different or new on your hands. You should take a nap.”

    With every word that Jerry said Rebecca could see a light mist with the same

    glowing quality to it as the glow on his lips puff out from his throat like

    warm breath on a snowy day.

    “You don’t look so good.” Jerry said. “C’mon honey, I will take your

    temperature and you can take a nap on the couch.”

    Rebecca surely did not look well. She had the overly concerned look of a

    confused mental patient locked away in a white room. Jerry took her in his

    arms into the living room and to the couch. He retrieved a thermostat and

    measured her temperature. He said, “Looks normal.” He felt her forehead.

    “You don’t feel overly heated or anything.”

    Rebecca had tears welling up in her eyes, but she wasn’t crying yet. She had a

    lump in her throat and had a hard time bringing herself to speak. She could see

    this mystifying glow all over much of the house, all over all the items that

    anyone would normally use.

    “How are you feeling?” Asked Jerry.

    Rebecca replied, “I don’t feel sick, it’s all in my eyes. It’s this glow. I see

    it on you, I see it on me, I see it on the future, I see it on the doorknobs, I

    see it everywhere. I don’t feel any different. It sort of happened without


    Rebecca looked up at her husband with that twinkle in her eyes and it made Jerry’s

    stomach turn. He said, “Do you see it right now?”

    Rebecca shook her head yes, saying, “I can see it on your lips, your eyes, your mouth,

    I can see it on your breath when you talk. It looks like neon glowing mist. I don’t

    know how else to explain it.”

    Jerry said, “Okay Rebecca, you say you don’t feel any different and it’s only

    an issue with your eyes, then we’ll need to take you to the eye doctor. What do you

    want to do?”

    Rebecca replied, “I think it should be alright to wait for now. I will call the

    hospital and talk with a nurse. Can you get me the phone?”

    Jerry went to get Rebecca her wireless phone. When he returned he said as he handed

    it to her, “Well, I’ll be outside finishing the grill food and I will bring you your

    food when it’s ready. I’ll let everyone know what’s up with you. You think you’ll be

    alright all alone in the house for now?”

    Rebecca replied, “Yeah.”

    Jerry said, “Okay honey.” Then kissed her on the cheek. “If it gets worse or if you

    need help then don’t hesitate to call me back in here and we’ll rush you right to

    the hospital. Okay babe?”

    Rebecca replied, “Yes.”

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