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    I'm French and I have recently became really interested in Brönte's books, and more specifically Wuthering Heights.
    I'm very into literature and next school year I have to handle out a sort of big French essay (about 70 pages), with a reserach question, on a book of my choice. I have to give my professor 2 choices: my choice is to work both on Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice.

    As for Wuthering Heights, I've read it and like it very much but I am not really able to find a research question (that I will answer quoting and analyzing the text) that would be interesting enough for this work. I've noticed that the book contains many characteristics of Romanticism, but a question like " To what extend do Wuthering Heights belongs to Romanticism" would be too vast and not really relevant. I also love stylistics and narratology so I thought about working on the different level of languages, but my professor refused... Besides, he does not want me to work on the era, even if he agrees with me working on the literature movement.

    Do you have any ideas? Maybe there's something more interesting in the book to study I did not noticed...?

    Best regards and thank you in advance for your answers!

    P.D.: Sorry for my English and all the mistakes I may have made (like the "n" missing in "romanticism" in the title).
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