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Thread: Only in Hawaii, A Tale of Dancing and Liquor

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    Only in Hawaii, A Tale of Dancing and Liquor

    “Your bags are in your room and accounted for, Mr. Nurembrach.

    Is there anything else I can do for you?” The bellman asks.

    Dave says in a cool tone, “No. I’m fine. If I need anything

    I will give the desk a call.”

    The bellman bows then leaves.

    Dave is in the patio garden area of the hotel. A

    few hotel tenants are scattered around, quietly conversating

    or enjoying a cigarette in the warm evening air. Dave absorbs

    the quiet solitude and leans on a rail at the edge of the wooden deck.

    Skinny footpaths wind through the well maintained foliage.

    A finely crafted fountain is the centerpiece of the lower garden

    area. Dave can see a man and woman sitting on the lip of

    the fountain, kissing.

    He considers how long it’s been since he’s had an intimate

    evening with a beautiful girl without interruptions. The two

    at the fountain get up and leave quickly. The boy leading the girl,

    holding hands.

    Dave gets the clear and razor thin phone out of

    his suitcoat pocket. It looks like and oversized business

    card more than a wireless phone. The screen is blank. He says,

    “Agent Z. Codeword: Ceiling.”

    A female computerized voice answers him through his phone speakers.

    “Retina verification required for access.”

    Dave brings his phone up to his right eye. A flash briefly springs

    off the surface of his phone and there is

    a light sound to signal that access is granted and his

    phone is unlocked.

    A text file marked “GS16104” waits for him, unopened. Dave looks around

    briefly to see if anyone is watching him. He says, “Open file

    GS16104.” The smooth text pops out of the screen of his

    phone like a hologram. He reads it silently.

    “Mission Data for Mission Hasrolts

    Agent Z, your main objective will

    continue as previously confirmed.

    In twenty minutes a dark haired

    woman who will introduce herself

    to you as Vesla will have information

    concerning a key. It is unknown what

    the key accesses or the location

    of the key. Vesla has the knowledge

    to answer both of those questions.

    Your mission is to get that

    information without raising

    suspicions about yourself. Once

    you obtain that information you

    can then part ways with Vesla.

    Your next mission on obtaining

    the key will be outlined in our

    next message. This mission must

    be completed before the same

    time tomorrow: 7pm.

    This message will erase itself.

    Best of luck, Agent Z.

    Data Control, OUT

    Dave says out loud to his razor phone, “Close the message. Are there

    more messages?”

    His phone answered in the same female computer voice as before, “No.”

    Dave says, “Lock.”

    His phone reverts to it’s blank and clear dormant mode. He returns his

    phone to his pocket then goes to the tiki bar inside the cove across the

    deck. He orders a martini and a snack to hold him over.

    The bartender asks him, “So how’re you likin’ Hawaii? Are ya here to

    have a good time or you got business to attend to?”

    Dave answers, “Ah, a little of both. It’s a business-pleasure vacation,

    I’d say.”

    The bartender says, “Don’t forget the beach concert

    tonight. We will have a tent set up with kegs, liquor and

    barbecue food and a small platform for the bands. It begins at

    10 and goes until 3 in the morning. If you love babes

    in bikinis you should go.”

    Dave smiles, “I will think about it. I’m already meeting

    a girl tonight. She and I will take a walk on the beach

    and give this complementary hotel party a visit.”

    The bartender replied, “You two’ll find it exhilarating,

    the food is great as well.” He winks at Dave then

    leaves his part of the counter to attend to a newcomer

    at the bar.

    Dave sips on his martini in silence. A light and breezy

    tune plays on the PA system at a low volume. He sees a

    young woman wearing a sundress and sunglasses with a small

    leather purse dangling off her arm. She's coming his direction. Her

    long hair touches her shoulders. She’s got on make-up and


    “You are Vesla, I take it." Dave says as he kisses her hand.

    Vesla replies, “Yes, Vesla is my name. And you are Dave, right?”

    Dave answers, “Yes, I am Dave.”

    Vesla says, “I am told you have some paperwork of value for my company

    and that you would review the details with me. Am I correct?”

    Dave says, “Yes, you are correct. I wasn’t aware that

    you were going to show up so soon. I haven’t even

    seen my room yet. I’ll send the bellman to retrieve

    the papers here in a while. Let’s get aquainted

    and have a few martinis.”

    Vesla says, “I would love that.”

    Both Dave and Vesla go to the tiki bar together. Dave puts his

    near empty martini on the counter and orders both of them a

    fresh martini. Dave hands a martini to Vesla and they both take

    a sip.

    Dave says, “How long have you been in the business?”

    Vesla replies, “A few years. Once I graduated college I was given my

    job without application because my father is a shareholder in the

    company. Oil isn’t what you’d say a very open sector and a lot of

    the people I work with got their jobs through family members that

    work there. What about you, Dave, how long have you been into oil?”

    Dave replies, “Eight years. I use to work in an office on a middle

    salary but then I was given the chance to do company research and

    acquisitions. Pay is salary plus commissions and other bonuses. You

    could say that it’s twice as good as my old office gig.” Dave tells

    his fabricated tale smoothly and Vesla doesn’t appear to doubt

    anything he says to her although if she knew the truth that he is

    a secret agent on a mission to manipulate her then she definitely

    wouldn’t continue to cooperate so well with him.

    Vesla and Dave continue their conversation about oil companies and

    other business related chatter for over an hour. They both drink

    numerous martinis, both begin to drift into light drunkenness. Loose

    in the head and buzzing, they both laugh away, fond of their time


    Vesla isn’t married and has no boyfriend as of now and neither does

    Dave, so their attitude and enthusiasm for each other increases as the

    night wears on. They are really hitting it off.

    Eventually, as Dave probes Vesla for information he guides the

    conversation into subject matters that relate to the proverbial

    “key” that is his mission to retrieve, she reveals a little secret

    to him.

    Vesla says, “Well, since we’re on the subject of unbelievable

    tall tales, I should have you know there is this cabin on Tabuaeran Island

    where a safe was buried under the floorboards. I am told that inside

    that safe is a critical machine part that when used correctly

    can convert energy cheaply. I don’t know what it converts into energy

    but that is what I was told about what it does. Personally, I don’t

    believe it because if someone had such a valuable item or artifact

    then it would be a sure thing that they would want to cash in

    on the value and make themselves a fortune.”

    “Anyway, the person who told me about this energy converting item

    seemed to really believe that it was true and I really had no indications

    that they were being disgenuine about it in their attitude or sincerity,

    but you know, I was drunk like I’m getting to the point of tonight

    and I didn’t realize how unbelievable their “secret” truly was

    until the next day when I was sober again.”

    Dave scratched his hairy chin with the palm of his hand then said,

    “Tabuaeran Island? Where is that? I never heard of that island.”

    Vesla replies, “Oh, it’s this charming little island in the shape

    of a ring about 900 miles south of here. It’s a lagoon with a very

    shallow atoll and a road that runs the length of the island. I lived

    there for a time in a vacation house. It really is a paradise, you

    would probably love it.”

    Dave says, “And this cabin you are telling me about, did you live

    in it during your vacation or was it on a different part of the island?”

    Vesla replies, “Oh, yes, it was the cabin next door. My boyfriend at

    the time owned several properties on Tabuaeran Island and more on other

    islands, including here in Hawaii. I was in college at the time and

    hadn’t yet began my work at the oil company. But no, we didn’t actually

    go inside the cabin. He got on the subject of the buried safe when I

    asked about his other houses. He hadn’t told of where the converter

    came from, who built it or how it came to get sealed away in a safe, but

    I’ll tell you what.” Vesla began to browse through her purse, unzipping

    an inner pocket. She revealed a small key to Dave and said, “You see?

    This was the key to that safe. My ex-boyfriend had me hold onto it

    for safekeeping because he said, 'If they ever come to find it I gotta

    have a secret trove to hide my key.’ To tell you the truth it all

    seemed very nonsensical and I didn’t believe that this key was

    truly to a safe buried underneath the floorboards of a cabin on

    Tabuaeran Island, but I held onto this key anyways for the novelty

    of that night and the charm of my ex-boyfriend. You know, us girls

    are a sentimental bunch.”

    Dave replied, “Yeah, I think I know what you’re talkin’ about.”

    With a hint of cynicism in his voice. Finishing off his sixth

    martini he smacked the counter sloppily with his palm and yelled,


    Vesla puts her hand on Dave’s shoulder then says, “You’re getting

    sorta rough, don’t you think you should hold off so we can review

    the paperwork intelligently?”

    Dave laughs, “Ah, don’t worry about it. By the time we get the

    files all sorted out and ready I’ll be sober again. This’ll be my

    final drink for the night anyways then it’s onto purified water and

    rehydrating energy drinks for me. It’s a pattern I got down to a T.” Dave

    winks at Vesla with a boyish smirk.

    The bartender returns, saying, “Howdy partner, another martini?”

    Dave says, “Nah, gimme a tall RumChata, no ice if you could kindly sir.”

    The bartender replies, “One tall RumChata coming right up. And you, lovely

    lady? You want to refill that martini?”

    Vesla replies, “No. I’ve had enough liquor for tonight. If you could though

    get me a pineapple juice that would be great.”

    The bartender says, “Right on. One pineapple juice for the lovely lady.”

    Dave gets a twenty out of his wallet and slides it across the bartop

    then says, “Keep the change.”

    “Thank you very much!” replies the bartender, stuffing the twenty into

    his apron. He quickly makes the drinks to order then replaces the empty

    glasses in front of Dave and Vesla. He says, “Enjoy!”

    Dave and Vesla both thank him one more time and they leave the bar

    together. They walk across the deck and step off onto the pathway

    through the garden area.

    Dave says to Vesla, “You are having a fun night, aren’t you? It isn’t

    often I meet women who are this pleasurable to do business with. Would

    you like to take a walk on the beach tonight, attend the barbecue and

    party on the sand? I was told there would live music.”

    Vesla says with a smile, “Yes, I am feeling good and having fun. A

    meeting usually gets very boring and menial but tonight was totally

    unexpected. A walk on the beach sounds perfect. Perhaps we’ll get

    to the paperwork when we’re done with the barbecue.”

    Dave says, “Alright, sounds great! I will send for the papers when

    we return to the hotel. What time is it?”

    Vesla looks at her watch and says, “9:37”

    Dave says, “Good. The beach party is about to begin and my belly

    is aching for some fresh barbecue. What about you?”

    Vesla replies, “Yeah, I’m a little hungry for some barbecue myself.”

    They both leave the hotel and head to the beach. On the sand they can see

    the hotel beach party is already under way exactly like the bartender

    described it to Dave with the low platform for the band and the tent

    for the barbecue. A small crowd has gathered and the band is currently

    setting up their equipment.

    Dave and Vesla walk around the party and continue on getting closer to

    the ocean waves. Scarcely scattered people dot the beach, many of them

    in pairs, letting the sound of the waves calm their nerves and the

    cooling breeze caress their sun baked skin.

    Dave and Vesla say very little to each other during their walk along

    the beach, content in their silence together. When the band begins to

    play at the tent Vesla says to Dave, “They’re ready, let’s go get us

    some barbecue.”

    Dave replies, “Sure thing. My belly is gonna love that.”

    It only takes them ten minutes to get to the tent. The majority of the

    other hotel tenants that Dave had seen on the back patio were there,

    holding plates filled with barbecue food in their hands, conversating

    with each other. A small bar was next to the barbecue, serving

    piña coladas and beer on keg tap. The band played soft rock and

    folk music, wearing hayseed outfits that looked proper for the old

    Beverly Hillbillies television show.

    Dave and Vesla had a great time, eating well and dancing together and

    conversating with the other hotel tenants. At around 1AM they decided

    they’d had enough and went back to the hotel.

    Inside the hotel on the ground floor is a diner that is open

    24 hours a day. They take a table in the diner and Dave calls

    room service to have a bellman retrieve his paperwork.

    Vesla is a beautiful young woman and Dave is apprehensive about

    having to part ways with her but he has to do what he has to do.

    He smiles inside to himself that he completed two missions in one

    as he squeezes the key hard in his hand under the table. He was able

    to snag it out of her purse while they were dancing and she was

    none-the-wiser about it.

    All in all, Dave has had a long exciting day and he is beginning to

    feel the effects of all that exercise and alcohol. He sits in the

    diner booth across the way of Vesla with a sort of half-dislocated

    worn out look to him. Vesla continues to maintain a bright and

    shiny attitude with her eyes wide open and her mouth flapping.

    She becomes more talkative as the night wears one, always

    vibrant and colorful with her words. The tone of her voice

    has a seductive quality to it with a soothing undertone. He

    can’t help but feel addicted to hearing her talk.

    Dave tucks the key away into his pants pocket while he waits for

    the bellman to bring them the paperwork. His work is nearly done.

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