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Thread: Toby and Maria

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    Toby and Maria

    Those two have always been my very favorite couple. I can't begin to tell you how little pity I have for Malvolio, he is a little man, a would be social climber, and his ego needed downsizing for his own good. If Sir Toby had actually wanted to scam money, he could easily have married some woman with money. That was what almost everyone back then did! But Toby shows his lack of snobbery, and his brains by marrying a woman he can have fun with, and who will have his back, and who also happens to be as smart as he is. Thast a darn good choice. And you know that while Sebastian and Olivia barely know each other, and even Orsinio and Viola are going through a romantic stage, which may or may not end, the one marriage that is based on all the right stuff is that Of Lord and Lady Belch. All we know is that they leave and go back to Toby's estate, but its obvious they go back there to make a happy home. And Maria, I have heard her described as a gold digger, but thats not too logical. If she was sup[posed to be a gold differ we would see her trying it on with other noble men. She doesn't try to seduce Sir Andrew. She just had it for Toby. And why wouldn't she/ they fit perfectly, and she is a loyal type. What lucky people!

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    That's rather nice. The only problem is that we don't see them alone together at any time, so we?

    Of course she's brighter than him and has the best chance of controlling his behaviour in a way nobody else could. It is odd she is not present at the end of the play and almost disappears towards the end.

    Incidentally there is not a big social difference between Maria and Sir Toby. She is not a servant, despite what wikipedia says. Doesn't Sir Toby describe her as "my lady's gentlewoman"? She is probably socially a cut above Malvolio.

    Sir Toby, Maria and Malvolio could of course be interpreted in a very different way.
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