Slowly go out of the city lights.
Only the bright neon lights blinding,
Merging into a thin, thin thread.
Into the night skyscrapers,
The noise of the city was quiet.
And outside the metropolis draws
Bright scattering on a dark background.

by Arthur Tomaszewicz
Luhansk, 2014
*translated from Russian language

Cold stars reflected in the water
Abyss beckons us his dark distance.
Our world, only one of hundreds,
In which we can not see the sun.
In this world, I am uneasy,
I want to touch another planets.
Because there is dark and cramped,
That spirit is calling me to run.
Wander through the world I'm tired,
And every day to meet the dawn,
For me this world has closed doors.
I want to go to other worlds,
To know all mysteries of their,
And here never to return.

by Arthur Tomaszewicz
Moscow, 2015