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    Techno Maze Hall Action

    Mary loves dancing. She would dance anytime, anywhere.

    She goes to dance parties, raves, clubs, dance halls,

    you name it, she's probably danced there. Her favorite music

    to dance along to is techno. She loves the hard beats, the deep

    rhythms, psychological themes, the out-of-this-world sounds

    of a mix on a turntable.

    Dancing to great music is therapeutic for her. It lifts her

    attitude, gets her heated up and active. She makes new

    friends often when she goes out and she's always going

    out in good sized groups because going alone is never fun.

    One day Mary was invited to a techno rave inside a building

    that was converted into a makeshift auditorium. One of her close

    girlfriends called her to pass along the info. This rave had a

    gimmick to it; the dance floor was inside a maze! That got her

    wondering what it would be like to dance inside a maze.

    Like, how much room do you got to dance?

    Mary went to the "Techno Maze" as it was called, bringing

    eight good friends with her. When they arrived hey found there

    was more ravers than the building could contain, so the show

    sponsors were preparing a second stage for ravers outside of

    the building.

    When Mary and her friends showed their passes to the

    girl in the admissions booth she directed them to go inside the

    maze since they were pre-paid and the second stage was for

    late-comers. They went ahead as directed and went into the

    techno maze building.

    The dance was getting an early kickoff and the dance floor was

    outlandishly done well with the maze not being too elaborate.

    The maze was more of a theme to add to the visual appeal

    of the dance floor than it was an actual maze to find the end of.

    Mary and her group didn't mind though because they were

    there to dance more than they were there to go through a maze.

    There were several theatre size screens with images of the stage

    projected onto them, allowing for the music-makers to put on a

    visual show along with their dance music. Another screen

    featured a camera on the dance floor, randomly exploring the

    crowds of dancers and zooming in on anyone who wanted the attention.

    Mary was really excited, more than usual, and her boyfriend

    had to chase her around and watch her closely or else he would

    lose her and get real agitated over it. Mary didn't seem to care

    all that much though. She was there to dance and if she got

    absorbed in the music so much that she meandered somewhere

    without her boyfriend then so be it.

    There was an area inside the maze right underneath the main

    stage that was more enclosed than the remainder of the rave.

    This area was nicknamed the "Hall" as it resembled the grand

    halls of famous mansions with it's wide selection of mirrors,

    finely intriguing wallpaper and it's overall sense of warmth and

    lavishness. Mary took her boyfriend into the "Hall" for

    some intimate dancing and a light make-out session.

    Right at the foot of the stage inside the hall the music was at

    it's peak quality. Mary and her boyfriend danced in the hall

    for a good two hours before getting on with it and going to another

    part of the rave where there was food service trucks and cold drink

    vendors. They had a great time at the Techno Maze Rave and

    everything went well for them.

    Once they got their group together again and left they were

    reluctant to leave but they knew they weren't prepared to

    dance until daybreak, when the rave officially ended. It was a

    good dance to attend and like all raves, each one unique in it's

    themes and the effect on your senses, this one was as memorable

    as any other rave any of them had been to.

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